I do get told that I am nasty and cruel but its really difficult to locate what must be done as a service when what people need is a process where I go back to when I had not written my Book, to give them the information by speaking it on account they have no wish to pay for their own copy and to read it; when their media started these practical jokes it was a process of taking advantage but since then it has developed into something about my Books being a threat to them and therefore a need to set out a day of violent reckoning which I cannot stop them building up because they are really convinced they could be a threat to me if they wanted to be. I am not worried about it as such; every time I handle them until they fear me as well a group of idiots with Media jobs will put it at their disposal so they might start again, so its come down to the bit about dealing with endless problems while they mock me and the bit where I will now set out to find how they defend themselves when they are being bullied so I might screw with that as well – contrary more so to the endless problems beating me down as such its just become another question of what they should expect when its their turn. They always say people do not hate me half as much as I make out but so are we aware their love is professed on my public image and through media all the time leaving things to be desired for a single Man with a Royal Estate to look after and cannot be caught dead following me on social Media as such bearing in mind they are better human beings and more important than I am and its nonsense they have gotten quite used to. Its never true the Books run my life either but its been the yardstick for their stupidities showing up all over my concerns to ruin everything I have and its a very perverted situation to have to deal with just as we see them start to talk about the consequences of my sexual habits too. They speak of how I am getting into trouble at the Monarchy and they have a future with the Prince of Wales none of which are true; firstly of which trouble in the Monarchy was due to their stupidities having a go at me so when I handle them they want to get me into trouble with soldiers and HM Guards but are still performing the same behaviour to my detriment looking for more every day. Where they think they have a future with the Prince of Wales reality is on one hand that they are not as good looking as soldiers, they have not noticed this even when they are fighting the photograph Industry over image augmentation – they have still not realised that photographers and the media do not fancy good looking Celebrities as much as they do cosmetic celebrities whose images are likely to be entirely their property and for my part, there is no way that their need to address me incessantly and to make reference to my Estate is going to drive them completely mad. They do claim there is no dignity left because of what I get up to naturally which is utter nonsense; there is none left for them as the natural course of events should be people meeting an author and wanting to find out about his Books not wanting him to go back to when he wrote it to give them the information directly and it is just a very small example of what they to do spend every 24 hours making sure nothing happens as God intended, nothing works the natural way and we see it each time people label women toilet women, so they ca pay woman half as much as they pay themselves and I am being persecuted for running a Book sale business on s shoestring, they become the biggest allies of the trouble makers and we find that the times they attack me the most at the times when others are pushing back and they have made an advertisement from the fact that people are – so we can see it’s what they do because they are beautiful and self-aware and have already started talking about my sexual habits which is not going to get them anywhere as I am hardly that stupid. They speak of how I spend most of my time passing information to the Police while reality is rather that they know what is right and or wrong especially because they fear the wrong ones being done to them and want to do it to people all the time in the same vein, then we see they fear the consequences as well and want somebody else to suffer for that making up stupid excuses in the process. The point of course of my case is largely that we do not stand a chance as a Country when a recession shows them how rich people live so they can get the same things too and then you may spend all your life making sure Companies do not outsource jobs only to find that they are at logger heads with producers because they want to produce the same products as well, then when the inflation comes up the business of behaving in that way not being their responsibility will take a turn for the worst, a back breaking work that is never going to pay you a penny, wholly reliant to exist as a matter of how stupid they can get at your expense. Then we hear that blabbing that I am the biggest supporter of wealth inequality in the world, see what happens when fools gather up and assume themselves to be leaders all the time apparently; reality of which is that if a million people know that a think belongs to somebody and you were to take it from them, you would abuse the rights of those people as well and when you get into trouble claim that people worship rich people; what these idiots then do is run off those media abuses and popular culture canopies of narcissism and sales that helps them vote for Politicians that are doing it, to talk nonsense at me about how I support wealth inequality, then ask what I want when I have played it out over and over again, that a Monopolist has advantages and disadvantages, so does the natural monopolist and the free market operative i.e. it is not their own to decide as it were but the note here is that they are the ones voting for the wealth inequality alongside the tribalism they do not have money to support by which they conduct raids on other peoples property with access to Media, not other people doing it to them. The story about how they nearly cracked the wealth inequality problem if I had agreed to co-operate is another gimmick I really hate of course since they were the Arch Prince that was going to work himself to the top, then stand away from the money so others might learn how to get rich but not surprising in any case since we see socialists come up with such stupid ideas in every turn and we know if this is not chased up we may end up with another world war at the beginning of the 22nd century, to talk rubbish at me about how I need to invent the answer for the problems of the world as well the way I invent it for mine unless I am selfish enough to let it burn with that big mouth that makes it ever so difficult to avoid a process where their family learns of the shit others put up with because they have a media job when they have been hospitalised. There is talk of course of how this is a matter of Political power about which I wish to know as well if their stupid job gives them the power too; so obviously we know its something Politicians do when they spend time on local enquiries and gather facts to debate laws in houses of Government only for a fool to get around an idealistic madness that robs them off any dignity they have left – I wish to know if they wrote my Books and therefore have the right to handle it like we see them do, if their stupid media jobs or celebrity madness has given them the same power as well.

The Celebrity madness bit of which is nothing new anyway; we can see their main preoccupation today is a matter of the things I do to support anybody I get into a personal and loving relationship with and besides the reasons they complain for forcing homosexual violation on me all the time, we find that even the bit where popularity goons take up their lives and run it for them at popular culture to pay them a certain amount from the proceeds was not a part of their main concern as it were; when I say they need to find their equities where their savings and mortgages are located as that is really what belongs to them, it seems as though that was not made simple enough yet so far. As for the wealth inequality itself we all know companies have departments and technically each is manned by a University graduate or a technician which means that if these departments were to be owned by separate people each graduate would then own their own business but we now live in a Country of idealistic fools who want to punish me with their big mouth through processes where I am forced to give up what I know as it were and hence it has become impossible for somebody to just decide they have opened up their garage as a place where they sell products to neighbours for as long as it lasts, making recovery even more complicated than it should have been bearing in mind pack mentality CEOs will never pay women the same as they earn and the government will never be able to decide on a minimum wage for graduates but the bit about this need to vote for and foster wealth inequality that really gets to me is the way these fools need my Books but do not have the time to buy and read it hence invent other ways of getting the information with their stupid media and celebrity madness they claim add up as jobs, about which I am soon set to stop them from being famous as well considering over 90% of it is about damaging my personal finances which is actually nobody else's business all together, talking nonsense about how the Politicians are set to use the little power thing against me while they encourage and watch with and we see the same behaviour at the shops as well to encourage thieves going in there to take whatever they like and secure a window they can getaway by.