I hear the Politicians claim they will never rest until I am properly disciplined and made to behave, so I rather like to think it tends to mean that the need they have to wreck peoples finances and groom them for rape by society people is that they are sexually frustrated which gets them spending less time in bed, more time at work, makes them incredibly stupid and leaves them with a talent for damaging other people’s livelihoods, whereby each time they select partners their victims end up with twice the problem simply for being a talented human being, hence meaning that all will be well once they are given a good fuck as well. I do not think that the matter is a crisis, they love to assume I think they are very important because they are full of themselves but it is a another lifestyle choice entirely to have to respond to that nonsense about standing up to them when I know I would not stand a chance if they attacked me violently, by seeking a means to detach them from the Public Offices for my own purposes of making sure I kept them off my property as well – so they will always be a handful of twerps that show up at school to create me setbacks that allow their foolish children to pass exams and get ahead in life. We are here because it can never lay off doing something that appeals to my tummy over claims it owns me when it owns nothing around here and I have informed them to keep away from my Books and stop following me around if they were complaining about my responses but what they have chosen to do rather is threaten me. I mean most of their problems are self-inflicted as we know that it takes three years to graduate from University but half that time will be spent bullying me, so the effects are my fault as well and the idiots needed my time; so we can clearly see it needs to know I am on the side of freedom of democracy so it might be able to invent stupidities that it then gets to ensure I am paying for every day, the threats did happen yesterday as well speaking of which. They always say I will get out of it only when I had gotten myself some very big help and it is utter nonsense as I have mentioned I do not think the kick you in the teeth when I do not even know who you are on account you are down because it is something that is in my nature to do Politicians are rather very important people instead of a hand full of twerps like their media fools who pretend they are gods over their jobs and then set out to destroy other people’s finances like we see them set out to stop my Book sales because my reaction to being insulted, abused and bullied was exhilarating to them, even those who have by their good nature allowed these stupidities to continue without punishment until they got used to it, on account most people largely think just the same as I do, that a job is next to sacred and that taking away a person’s livelihood is never worth it, do not behave as though they were gods over their jobs either – so they do have a badly misconstrued idea of what I am capable of and so they think I will need big help to sort out this mess, when I am poised to rip up those stupid careers and beat down the Politicians, then get away with it before their very eyes – we all know I can do it by setting a bench mark, a bench mark that makes it quite clear that even if my Books are about them, they did not write it and therefore do not own it.

The reality of this matter is this business of showing that I am of a different social class to their own of course; they cannot stop getting  up public places to speak of lessons I will be taught because I was told to allow people deploy my public image to tackle wealth inequality but refused to do so, which is the main foundation for the insults of their foolish children on the streets – so it becomes very important to pay attention to the fact my finances have been affected by it and therefore means they are making use of my time with regards to the fact they are very stupid and selfish people with a talent for damaging other people’s jobs, whose behaviour is mainly a matter of sexual frustration and that the fact some of them have settled up on the social right hand side, while others have on the social left hand side is not to say that what they have said or done is the norm; it does not have the means of capacity to pose as much of a threat to me as its big mouth has suggested that it does. They do claim the Politicians and people have grievances against me I would like to see it as well; we know the Politicians ones are about how my work and Books is all National sensibility because their city centre pests in suits would like to express financially profitable stupidities all over my concerns if they did but it is not, it is all my property, their insanity spends more time insulting me than it spends time working on its job and the purpose is that Royalty feels superior because of its attribution to fraternity of Country and that this is a superiority that they must have as well to feel good about being living breathing human beings, lending me nothing but pure misery – the people on the other hand will be the ones who show up to tell me how to exist because they have societies and Communities and it happens while I do not even know what their names are, so they have been complaining about realising that I would have no trouble ripping up whatever it is that makes them such a problem and in this case of which is the community systems that supports the stupid abusive culture and society that they control, sometimes even making it appear I was in a relationship with them and then got divorced from it, therefore they meet people we knew and tell tales about me while I have to tell my side each time I meet those people as well, when I do not even know what their names are; they have now gained a breather from that and have started a new one, telling them to keep away from my Books and stop following me around simply means they need to threaten me and I do not think I want to ensure it ends well for them too for my part all together – after all it’s not the 1980s and 1990s anymore, where the media fits into the picture being that the media helps them recover their civil rights from victims of bullying that they have orchestrated, looking for more of what they are complaining about. They always say I will get into trouble which I will not, we are here because they had found somebody they could not bully in the sense of detaching me from my comfort zone over my livelihood and then moving into my right hand to be important to me and dart off from there to the city centre where its stupidities can get rich quick being a real man causing me as much pain, suffering and turmoil as possible when they do not even know what my name is but already know my demeanour looks like one that should belong to people who have conquered when they were the real conquerors, so they have started blowing off their big mouth all over the place making it look like a good idea to beat up the journalists about which I for my part have gotten the journalists issuing the threats instead hence we are making progress. Will I need some big help to tackle their stupidities as it were? They do boast that it is what oppression looks like but they cannot oppress me; I am simply not deploying my body type or part of society to sort out any bullying that makes them smell like their loo and each time I have to secure my work and ensure people who get involved with it had not lost a sense of what I am doing due to their involvement, insults and abuses like these, whatever they are doing to secure their person and property will not be enough to achieve the security. If what I am saying is expensive for them, the sensible thing to do would be to stop following me around and to stay away from my Books. It still goes back to the fundamental issues concerning their insolence and its corruption of involvement inviting their own stupidities into my concerns, where I have a Court because I will always feel safer with people who do not have a specific career issue to worry about like the Female Journalists that helped start.