I am aware I ought to mention of the state of affairs that suggests that people should be utterly afraid in the Country and I do not think that it matters as much as trouble maker media have become a lot more concerned with settling their stupidities up on where I stand on the matters either. It has always been simple that there is nothing gained when Politicians get out of bed to stand on public places and tell crowds of people to help rip up my finances because they want to be important – for this reason they do like to say that they do it on account they want to feel they are the ones that run the Country and since I am not interested either, what we must end up with is a condition whereby my Books are sold first before they become important and not after. The reason for this too is that it is a little known fact that what annoys them and their idiots all over the Country about me the most is that I have a certain presence of God around me and their wickedness needs to put it away or destroy it and so many alternative reasons have been devised for that project nobody can tell what they are talking about anymore.

In the end the outcome has become that they have now found it convenient to huddle up somewhere at Industry and send out their toy soldiers to bully people over what is socially deterred of an unacceptable behaviour, to which effect we all know the racists are likely to be very stubborn and violent people who will not listen to me but when I hit the Politicians hard enough, they will eventually, hence an outcome they were warned about, which they like to think hitting them will lead to an outcome whereby the join up with the far right, meaning that they know what the unacceptable behaviour of making people smell so they do not go places and destroying the best of what the Country has in terms of human resources is all about but are still doing it never the less. I do not think that the problem is as much a crisis as they have made out nor do I think people ought to fear them; I understand them to have imposed a responsibility on me to make sure they do not smell so they might go places, which responsibility I do not owe them and will like to reiterate is not my problem too – I have my own responsibilities and besides which they simply need to allow me do what I have to on one hand since it is clear every idiot will come up with arguments about how somebody of my race did something to him whenever I want him to take his conveniences of vandalism away from my job and finances, simply because that will create enough confusion and buy him time to keep doing it and he arguments these goons come up with never end I can see but what does not seem to be noticed is that every single of them is unnecessarily facilitated by the action of a Politician who wants to see my heart rate shoot up for the fun of it all of the time. So if I am not being oppressed by their Media scum and they are not threatening me, they might want to pay attention to the one that actually facilitates their salary and change a behaviour; I personally do not care if they do but people should not be made to live in fear either; I do not owe them or any of their Industry fools a responsibility to ensure they do not get cracked and even if I did, they would have continued their insults about the irrelevance of my leadership with that big mouth.

All together I do not think that it is a crisis; it is much like that case of how all I do is sexual which is not actually the fact – what is sexual is women providing leadership because that is how they work – I am simply that thing people tend to complain about whom people feel they want to abuse sexually but soon end up finding that he controls and initiates every single aspect of their sexual activities and gets to shut them down when he is exasperated by others. Apparently it is good I am not agreed scum or killer like they are, so their Media fools can oppress me with their big mouth as it were, using responsibilities – which insults I can always tolerate for as long as it takes for people to squirm around here anyway, I am responding now and responding to this only because of the atmosphere of fear that these scum have created – they are not my business or concern and I have no duty of service that I need to perform for Industry fools for that matter either, it should be noted. I have my own responsibilities, people I need to ensure do not smell so they can go somewhere and I am sure it is easy for all to see that too and for goons like these to try and behave and above all keep their insults where people appreciate them; it would be nice if they did save the threats as well, as there is really nothing in the whole world that they can do.