Of course I am aware there are better ways I can conduct my business other than the ways I have chosen – hence the process where those who keep the Queens sexual desires will take it away from me yapping; it would have involved showing off my status which then creates a process where people follow me because I have something special and the only evil black people can do would be concerned with being fans and then I would be strong and then people would be able to see they will get beaten up if they started a fight but of course I don’t want that either if I rather can beat people up over vandalism of my patents and my market instead; they need to get some help, they have a problem it would be better for them and better for my right to earn a living but we all know they think any problems they have is one I created by existing so here we are. The black ones are all very well of course but it is the same old game where they can do and undo due to the social and spiritual and religion conditions in the UK but I never asked them about it either, since they started we have found out which is which too and that big golliwog mouth continues to blast itself off all over the place as well looking for more. This kinds of questions normally come up when they are issues with respect to Journalists being able to manipulate me into giving up government work so they can run news and get ahead of their colleagues etc but of course the reality is that they insist and abuse on account that they think like they boast all the time that they have been able to secure themselves a position where it is possible for them to manipulate me into violence for their sake and the truth is that they have never really manipulated me into anything and as I said before, they have a problem and need to get off my income and seek mental health help for it because I need to exist as well; otherwise what I don’t want to do is what I will be forced to do i.e. list them as a problem affecting my company and set an objective over it which must be solved as a issue and then there will be no turning back – I will reduce them from that nonsense about being various things they are not to the simple journalists that they are, common news reporters and no more as it were and for now they continue those things even when they are the ones reporting that the government is hounding me over benefits. They all say their popular culture goons are powerful and there are of course Politicians that enjoy spending money on those while crippling mine; stage one clearly is not over yet i.e. complains about benefits which does suggest they are tired of spin doctor racist government themselves.

It appears to be a fact that is paid rather little attention that the reason these trouble makers are so able to make success and riches by their stupidities and problem and more so around here is that I am not enforcing as much the fact that they are aware of and if provoked can talk well about problems that my media based Court face for them for example and do so on a daily basis if required like we have to learn they think they can make others to seek power and force people into civil rights they invent all the time without reason – the reasons for delay in doing so has been the Politicians of course however which it is all still inevitable anyway. I have not in any way therefore fallen into a condition of identifying with them but I guess that is the purpose of the insults and abuses anyway, i.e. to ensure I identify and get around with bad company; hence that sense they have recently begun creating of being able to manipulate me financially and thereby push me into gang type or other extreme forms of violent activity, which of course it seems they do not notice I am aware too that its purpose is to ensure that they find another things to do to make money only by seeing that others fail at what they do; hence the endless need for somebody’s career that has already been done and certain insolent vindictiveness that should help cover their tracks by making sure they are mentally sorted out before they do those things anyway after giving a long thought to how wrong it might be. Of course they want to help me, I don’t want any such help in any case either and can understand it is getting violent with media too; I mean the Arch Prince that does not give any to their daily abuses can be pushed into gang violence and forced to fight for them while they flaunt their money and feel decadent; it is utterly incredible. I am largely only interested in the welfare of my fans anyway and will ensure I can always sort out security for that and so their inability to stay their society stupidities and popular culture involvements out of coming between them and the book sales will prove to be an even bigger problem for their middle and lower class nonsense yet. They always say their pop culture goons are powerful until somebody becomes really obsessed with the need to control the lives of those who threaten him before it becomes real.

Now there is talk of the economy of course and I have no idea if they are prepared to talk about Lower class vandalism when they do either, although the reason for it as ever is still the media controlling my office. The facts of the situation of course is largely that Lower classes spend all their time doing damage to the economy as revenge for what people have done to them over their behaviour towards others but the middle class ones decide they will get on my work and do anything they like and if I have an opinion they get down to pornography, hence the reason I make sure they don’t and give me the good behaviour I need instead. Apart from that we are talking about the fact I have only done some factory work in my life and factory work coupled with radio all day is something associated with the Middle Class and not the lower one and that is why I cannot get a job, they always follow me around and target me to ensure all I do is seen to benefit the Lower class and that displacement means I can never communicate with employers or employees on any occasion whatsoever, then they sit around and brag all the time and even chose new privileges and make up stories as usual they tell themselves and believe in which has to do with harming me and yet everybody knows the heart of those stories they tell themselves are about people knowing their means of getting rich by being wicked because they are not stupid. So the problem we have then is this new politics of their style I have to contend with that gets off every day to incite people to rip up my book sales, using emphasis to make their point with every single word in every single sentence they say while in an argument with an opposing party in parliament and it is this behaviour and destruction of my work to ensure they took up my literary empire and damage it and kept it damaged because they have told the rest of the world already that it does not exist, in order to keep it that way with that big mouth that leads to the problems they have to deal with today which of course will certainly get worse because it continues to happen still. They will say I feel I am right with everything I do but of course unusual things should happen on parliament everyday like an Honourable MP inciting people to rip up my book sales all day long, without reason except the claim I refused to play ball with respect to what they wanted and now they cannot use me to make progress with their foolish careers. They will say the two issues are that I have handled and used their cultures without consultation on one hand and on the other gone off to make friends with The Royal Family to provoke them; reality of course is rather that they do it to take my literary empire and rip it up, then turn up to keep it that way on account they have told the world it does not exist and that is why their stupidities are always profitable and insulting people always makes them better off but the reasons that they have done it is that when you make friends with the Royal family a collection of Politicians depending on whether or not they are in government will stifle your finances and seek consultation, like tax payers funds had become their personal and private property and you can already feel that they think it amusing too. Then we hear them say it happens to unravel things I have put into place to stifle African economies for example, whereas in actual fact I like the idea the world is more open to African trading and it is rather important they stopped talking nonsense; I mean I have warned before I am good at making sure people always get only what they deserve but black people who hated my guts when I was a teenager are now my Fathers that control me, so it is a truth o dare situation and was their foolish idea in the first place by the way – one of those things they do to take away peoples thriving enterprise and make a mess of them because they would look good if they did gang violence and then complain like it is cheap and I have already done my worst and will give them back anything they have already lost over this matter with a big mouth; I am comfortable with African trading and like the idea of a world that is, after all the prove of the pudding is in the eating so that it should have been mystery that with all that need to get around to tell communists that they are preferred choices to the US so that they can to tyranny if they wanted and kill people and even get off to kill Americans as well, which of course Communists cannot show enough times they don’t want in order to make them change it and in like manner of which when done they will use the US for whatever they pleased but for me they will do my stuff for me, it was always all together that easy. I am comfortable with a world that is okay about African trading because it is good for UK trading as well – however only the Middle East has turned up on my websites because I would have preferred the Middle East instead. The part about black women handling me is their favourite of course; same old story of how I will get to ensure that black women keep their insults in their families without touching them because I should not be seen to have done so ; They speak of African culture of course after they travel to the UK to settle up in a Country where women have bigger roles in society in their view and it does not get better no matter how much I set myself up as the guy that promises to help women so people can do their stuff for them, even when they have to sort out problems they have created for others to have their personal lives back for example but of course that would never have worked on account they have a Labour Party that spends tax payer funds to help poor people, so they think they have it all figured out and have me all figured out as well. So it is the same old story of preventing a process where you end up in one of their homes like all that bragging about being treacherous women that handle men and pass them around to have sex with and stuff because it will certainly make you a murderer and that would have been a new one and of course there must therefore be a way of shutting them up without touching them – not like they are beautiful anyway and most of them are fat because they live to eat. Hence where the fact I am okay with a world that is comfortable with African trading applies with respect to them, so that we can find out and more so how they will do my stuff for me which I don’t mind either provided I can trade in Africa too. I am aware it is said I was meant to have said these things very much earlier in the day but of course the fact is that Media does not control this office; the practical side is that if I did people would not have understood I am studying law and the only job I have ever done is factory work which is largely associated with the underbelly of the employment world of the Middle classes and not the Lower classes; hence this is my work history and transferable skill and as long as those insults from Labour continues there is no point of the government spending money on me when they could simply have told somebody to get me off their back with a job or something and that of course will create a dangerous precedent with respect to a fair and secure society; hence I must do it myself and will rip it up for them as well, provided it continues – however Media does not control this office and I do hope like the MPs and my book sales, the first part of consulting Parliament if you are personal friends with the royal family having not ended very well so far, I will not be required o prove a thing or two on that.  So this is the economy and an end to the delusions. Now they do brag that they have done my stuff for me and my entire career has always been done by other; that is not strictly true because as I did mention before it is not clear why anybody would want others to set them out as a problem that must be tackled because they are the reason they cannot make a living – they rather think popular culture and music vandalisms have covered their tracks and offered arguments that provide accusations that cannot be vindicated on their part, reality on the ground being that I have set out warnings on pillaging my work or setting off that idea I have websites or books that others can use when it is not strictly true that is the case; so enforcing patents on my work will be the next stage of action to take on the matter as well and it will be global and very savage indeed since it is clear that if you get off and read up peoples books on a pulpit so the rest of the world can get the gist and never buy it and he has to sell the item anyway, then any reasonable person would see that what he has to do is securitize you and that very event as a trading problem; it is never something normal people would do, nor do those arguments and complains they put forward make sense to normal people; I for my part have been clear about my warnings to their MPs and of course also clear about the fact they are mentally ill and need to get help from the correct places and stay off my book sales.  They have not done anybody’s stuff for him; they have only failed to wreck the special relationship with the US, made an enemy out of me because they cannot keep their big mouth about whether or not religious people like me have the right to exist to themselves and of course are completely deluded about their importance. I don’t think that it is a big major crisis – in the end it comes down to such matters as barriers to employment these days being perception and they bully people and push them around so hard that people cannot detach from the atmosphere they have built around people which then means their community croons can say something and then it can become a rumour and then most employers will believe it and then somebody will never get a job. So in order to ensure that I can take up the civil service and hand it over to my media based working court to play around with since I have also had that for quite a while now, bearing in mind that detaching them from those communities they think they have settled into so they can do it again, this time without the usual police racism or stop and search policy and so on, since it does not hurt badly enough yet to take a look at how long they took to settle into the UK to avoid provoking me like that and does not hurt badly enough yet to realise I want to keep abreast with all that happens in those stupid local communities they feel belongs to them so they can handle me and call me names and make out all I own and work for is at the disposal of their girls and women 24/7 – so it has been a simple issue and I have always thought they do what they do because they think black communities are their property and we are at a stage now where the big question is exactly how long they took to settle into the UK which has then encouraged them to take those risks as it were, some question we will get an answer for as well. I shall be controlling people’s right to employment soon enough for my part too and it will be a case of media people say the rest of the world believes and it would not have been the first occasion either – I mean these things are profitable to them because a government can force you to treat that guy that sits around the street corner smoking weed as a personal friend, so they can make others look like that before they chose self improvement all together of which is a worthy use of time and I am supposed to have been the Christian who cannot back up anything he says on account he is supposed to worry about the welfare of the west which means idiots can turn up to start a fight, get beaten and send their stupid children to complete what they could not do. I know they think they have built their corruptions at UK armed forces but it is not the way my stuff is either and I love to play them with my video games too; usually when I play the first ones they will say I played the Armed services and then I will turn it around and play them and the armed services will have the last laugh or sometimes the armed services might have done both. I mean they speak of racism but people deserve jobs better than you do because they are older and yet would never deserve it like that for their stupid children who by the way never get jobs unless they are taking it from a hate figure. The idea that my anger is largely misdirected being utter nonsense since I am a Royalty that runs campaign for Royalty and hence in that condition it is difficult to actually offend anybody and that is why I do get to criticise the actions  of the heir to the British Throne and get away with it – like people will change the world and ensure it crushes me and all that look like me thing, where they feel like squeezing my skin all the time and it’s those kinds of death dealing derogatory nonsense they are known for and like the African ones think it was that easy and they were doing my stuff, they are all incredibly full of themselves. With respect to this happening in Royal circles; first of all I am just one of the family and I seem to be the guy in the worst financial condition of all hence I am treated like some child that everybody wants to handle and show something or take on a walk etc – there is no such thing as people taking up my job going on there, that would be a collection of goons twisting things and they do it all the time and so I let them do it so as to find out what the purpose is; after all it does seem that taking away another person’s source of income is something members of the Royal family normally do in their view, so when that does not seem like it will happen any time soon they are rather off spinning it and spinning it and spinning it and so it comes down to telling me they have been playing with my job for years and it has now reached a stage where it should belong to somebody else hence the question of whether peoples jobs are a plaything and that is their idea of handling other human beings but they will spin it still and spin it and the need to keep this up and make it work will degenerate  into the need to do damage to my earnings in order to keep it going hence the question of whether other peoples earnings are a plaything and so it goes on and on like that but this job is not moving anywhere. Then they say I do not carry out real royal duties which is utter nonsense because we have already been through the part where young people must be allowed to finish their academic work first before Simon Cowel rolls into town and I have to suffer for people to be famous and I have chased it right through to the Pornography Industry as well and if they wind me up will do them again. I mean the general idea is usually that the boys are teenage sexists and when it starts to play out as bullying for the girls, black girls who know gangs that are supposed to collect peoples income for them and pride themselves on working with politicians to tie down such men in order to do it aside, what happens is that you get involved and then Simon cowel comes through and offers some means by which they can ensure all your have right through to your personality is being deployed to serve girls and that those girls would be working in the sex industry as well – so if they wind me up I will do them around this one yet again; I am not ripping my yarns and showing usually lack of respect for the fact others have a job to protect me here, the reality is that they cannot all just turn out on public places to take my stuff and do it for me while there is a chance they are due for punishment for some wrong doing and yes of course it applies to the Politicians as well with respect to ripping up my book sales.

They do speak of the matter of me and the unemployment support thing since they have no plans to keep off my customers as it were but I have never in my life seen such a collection of lazy millions clad idiots like the ones that get involved with our Political system in my life; it’s been six years since the economic crisis and they do not in any way think that all that rubbish about a need to control me and take up anything I own to deploy and get rich so they do not have to go to an office to work for their money is actually such a bad use of their time; so it rages on and hence I am really concerned it will get out of hand too i.e. we give you the benefits and you behave. Of course naturally in the end the outcome is that you become obsessed with self protection and so you get your benefits and securitize your business but for me they say they will build up anything they wish to on media with my work and make it happen anyway and we all know we have already been there anyway – hence it can only get worse than where we have come from. it is an old story about an ill informed civil rights that they make up because they cannot stop pushing people around and it does baffle me as well for my part, even though I do understand that if like I read the Bible and pray all the time they were to spend all their time pushing people around, it can become second nature for them too and so this is where the wonderment of where they get the energy from really comes from – besides which I was always going to wonder anyway if I rented homes from them which I will do again in a heartbeat so we can always tend to hear how much I hate men seeking fame and then thinking they should at my expense like stupid children doing wicked things they know they will be whipped for. So the way their case works is that they so find others who are far stronger and more proactive than they are with pushing people around and then get into trouble and turn out to find other people to bully as well talking nonsense about a civil rights that other dispute and so what happened to them must be made to happen to such persons to make them understand which will never go away and I cannot have enough of unpicking as well, bearing in mind story of my being dominated has reached a stage where there isn’t a place in the world where it is not known that such nonsense are all made up. It is always all fun and games as usual, until somebody has a real need to control the lives to those who threaten him – always pushing people around until people push them too and then we hear the stories. They speak of what we do which applies as the idea we are superior to them of course but that always happens on the assumption that you want a useless low life journalist or Politicians or whatever else to force himself on you until they wreck your finances and start to change your thinking pattern – apparently it seems they do because they think they want to cause gangs and bad company to notice me then get off to tie down my finances and spin it off all the time – same old story of envy freaks and how they get themselves into those matters seeking power and turning out to make my life a misery measuring out relative comforts and privileges in a condition where everybody is useless because they appear on my television everyday or are found somewhere in the houses of government for that matter too; on one hand it serves a complement that I have something they will never have which they envy and on the other it gets too much as they do turn up here all the time as well. They always say most of what I do affects my life of course but it does not; mine is a half priest government office and I can make millions if I wanted from that position without turning out once on peoples media, hence it is difficult to understand how it affects me when I act on the fact that I have never paid for or elected it – it does not affect me it affects them and I am not giving it back in hell.

They all love doing these damages and especially for the Politicians, they are not paying for any which does mean they have secured a disposition that is above the law and of course are now complaining as well since I have figured out an alternative about it that will pay more than what a Law Court can offer on account I have the means to do so. It is always all fun and games yet until somebody feels like controlling the lives of those who threaten him; I have only ever done factor work making files and folders and artist equipments - there is no point of a government that incites people to damage other peoples book sales while putting them on work programmes because they are a burden on the unemployment support system and nobody will ever know what the real purpose of the twisted evil lower classes is on the matter either anyway; THIS SORT OF ACCUMULATED NONSENSE DOES ONE MORE THING FOR THE GOVERNMENT AS WELL I.E. DISLODGES PEOPLE FROM AREAS THEY WOULD BE CERTAIN TO FIND WORK, SO THEY CAN BE SUPPORTED BY THE STATE FOR A MATTER OF YEARS AS WELL FOR GOOD MEASURE.