They love those tales about respect issues and it is such a big problem for Mr Middle size like them and their insults and alternative lifestyles obviously but then again they are still masters of seeing people face the same challenges they do while consistently seeking a privilege that runs along the lines of calling them boys and girls because of the comparative age difference, then turn up to tell all these tales due to the fact they were actually hoping there will be enough respect and corruptions of involvement that will allow them to get away with it and the damages it does. We have reached a stage in the UK where Politics is all about the Labour Party at this point; the start and end of Politics does not concern other peoples societies due to the fact it does not matter to them and their spin machines on media that people have to chase all of the time so this is extremely respectful as we can see but considering they hope it will go on forever it is imaginable that this is how people take up a perfectly good country and find ways to rip it up over a greed born out of their stupidities. They do ask why they do it anyway but it’s the same old story – when others are leading they can never be satisfied unless they are leading and now what they must do is ensure others cannot do anything when feeling  dissatisfied when they are leading and that is how this respect story becomes so important. It happens because they are always conspiring against the rest of us and the primary prognosis of that is largely to take what does not belong to them by some violent means that will ensure they have it without being inferior enough to ask or beg; hence their Politicians expect support when and if they claim older useless people deserve jobs more than the young because they will soon retire, whereas we know once they get the money other people’s children will never be able to breathe for reasons they are making sure their children do not endure the kind of life they did and so it becomes a vicious cycle we could really do without. I don’t want them playing with me; my idea of playing with them is writing it and selling it and then a judge points it out to them at Court just before they or their silly children are taken off to prison. So that when they speak of how everybody has a need to get involved with me it reaches a stage – as I did suggest, I have my own ideas of what playing with them should be and so I do not want them to with me either for my part; it’s never really playing in retrospect, it’s just that their conspiracy and violent and twisted nature always means they feel when younger peoples are successful they are laughing at them behind their backs and need to be placed in a condition where others can laugh too and so that is where their problems with me have developed from. Obviously they are now selling up the part where they have a problem with me when my company exists in my head at the education system, at the time it was a story that developed around the future of their stupid children so they might never have to look into their behaviour to improve their customer relations and I don’t think it’s a problem as I can always wait for them and break up their companies for every public show it makes to extract my equities but it is hard work and I don’t want to be doing it all the time either. That I have been laid low by them especially the media is utter nonsense; it’s just reality when you kick them often enough they will be able to claim victim status and get Politicians to support them bearing in mind access to media means they can get people to decide their version of what you have done to them is false and that means there will be nothing that deters them when it comes to handling your person or possessions or public life; so they do say I behave towards them like I do because I don’t know what they are really like but I have always said they can put it up where it really matters too. This s usually where they say I enjoy corruptibility of media but seek to decide how it is supposed to turn out but there is no such thing, with reference to the Court which is what they are talking about, they can look at the goods – female journalists, certain pop stars, film stars etc but touching is out of the question and they have a criminal and civil disobedience here that means they think these rules do not apply to them and their stupid get rich quick industry and advertisement and fame and fortune and popular culture and political fools girls and boys and so on – so a few moments ago we were talking about a prognosis they put up that everybody wants to get involved with my life and even that did not throw up a hint. I hear they speak of the damage I have done to Government grandeur but I do not know what about it anyway - the reality here is that there is a serious problem with Middle aged men in this Country and the abuses and insults and violent damage is something he that has done a thousand times can always do a thousand and one times for every single 24 hours of the day, so that idea they have especially at Politics that these things I have done will be rolled back so government can function properly remains precisely what it is at the moment i.e. a dream; they are mentally disturbed you see and rather than see a psychologist, they are convinced it is some kind of social service or public service or indeed customer service that nobody here has ever asked them for but cannot be free from putting up with as it were and I suppose I need to prepare for the time I want it to stop and it has no plans to do so as well especially for the whites, the blacks are not that much of a problem because I am black which means they have had to find other more perverted ways in order to do it at all - I never said it was a problem, it is a question they raised for which I have given answer, I have no plans to listen to anything they are concerned with or have to say, all I want to do is read my Bible, do my Church things and my academic work and any jobs that I may be required to attend to for my financial well being as there is nothing that says people need to be financially troubled when they are Christians, in fact most Christians are academically proficient people and speaking of which I have now reached a point where I do not need to scuttle my academic work due to their involvement anymore because I have enough footing to run rings around the global jobs market and wait for them there (they have not got a foggiest clue what academic work is used for and the main problem is that I am hurting all over already). They do say they want the UK to become a republic and will soon teach me a lesson over how I do not respect that fact but I do not want my public life and Christian activities and prayer time and temperaments to be corrupted either, I cannot see what it has to do with whether or not the UK is a republic, except that I know all the hatred that are channelled at me are because of my faith and its effects and so I really do not appreciate idiots feeling they can take up my time to talk so much nonsense in public about the UK becoming a republic anyway, for every time I put up with insults and cooing and booing and distant violence and abusive trends that make people look decadent and help them fake it until they make it, I will always never fail to have a chunk of that society of wickedness and I know it is the reason they hate me so much i.e. the things I do with it minus the hurting people and finding out later that doing so can be sold on as prerogative to Industry fools bit, to be famous like their pop stars (the republic UK story does not throw anybody off around here - it’s the old story of asking a Politicians not just why he handled public finances to prop up a pop idiot while he wrecks yours because he likes to dish financial oppression on the religiously devout but also asking him if he is prepared to look into how the crimes he has committed which is not your responsibility is going to be settled to give you closure and normalcy and how they say it’s a matter of challenging their powers whereas we all know it’s a matter of greed and a process where they handle people they believe they can fleece) - the part about me that really annoys them which seems to be hardly explainable is the part where I put my possessions out in public and yet if they handle it they will commit a crime; it’s the grand old case of the nature of their wickedness and the fact they have the choice to practice it and get around their immoral city doing so without me or my mind which actually does not belong to them to be updated like that every day over claims they must cut me off from God and ensure there are no more light getting their faces, so that top lawyer loses his firm and because he has all these temperaments and personality, he has a personal life and thinking space others want to live in to make their problems go away, so they would you could you question when you see it happen - each time they see one it is as though somebody has set off a threat to their freedom by telling them what to do, so knowing it will encourage extremism to do such things without knowing when to stop as bad people are watching you because you cover your tracks with media however on earth you do it anyway as we can all see as it were I have reached a stage where I set them difficult questions too - so I am not a happy man because of their need to abuse religious and pious people; in the end it’s just a recession not the apocalypse and people do have the right to recover, I am Royalty for my part of course so I naturally have a perfectionist eye for detail and that is the secondary reason they hate my gut so much but having said so have no plans to keep their civil rights away from my concerns lest I handle it - that in itself is another would you could you question that their Politicians are paying the price for, so that they can make money. They do claim these realities were the issue at the heart of the matter all along and even when it was getting around that I have sex with seriously and mentally disturbed women because I believe I will get zing from it or whatever else power that comes through it to get rich but of course I never answered it as I am a person and some days are good days and other days are bad days and if some people have a media job for the sole purpose of making my days bad days because they have become addicted to finding it amusing and various other reasons they develop as they go along, then a conversation about it would and will make no sense whatsoever all together.

I understand the story that women are going to launch an attack of me at some point in my life, they have brought up examples of Law Courts setting out they have the right to lodge historical cases for financial support years after divorce but I would never know what it means for my part; it is the same old story of Media bullies who have found enough alternative explanations for their actions at the expense of the victim that they believe I have become the coward they used to be scared of but are not anymore while they are on top of their game and all I can say to it is that it is the old story of culturally armed men and the lies and conspiracies and girls seeking money issue, where the rest us say its recession so we go back to drawing board to sort things out while they say new facts have been revealed concerning people’s lives and valuables that will set the stage for how rich they will get bullying and intimidating those whose public life they wish to cash into – so it is their cultural armament and girls looking for money that will be on the line over the matter and if they think they have the guts can get off on that media and issue threats at me directly, where it really matter. So if it is my Court they are referring to, the relationship I have with them and the look but don’t touch the goods prognosis are a matter of the things they do to protect me but that has become of so little insignificance and now I have to be concerned about cases appearing in law Courts concerning men and historical financial support for ex wives because they feel they can bully me into divulging anything. There is really nothing unusual about it only the fact that such things happen on account they have been creating the notion I am terrified of them and turning up to enforce it too and so need to know their cultural armaments and girls looking for money is the next thing that will be ripped up Media idiots and Politicians alike and if they feel they are up to it they can get off and stand on that stupid media and make those bullying and threats where it really matters so we can find out if they are not going to get to beat up as it were - I mean I do take a look at myself in the mirror and do see on some basis that at any rate, there is really nothing about me that encourages all that distant violence as it were.  I don’t think it is a problem; it’s like the old story of the age of the internet giving me the chance to write books that turns up to complicate their lives when they want to bully me to get rich but how I got published which I am because I am self published was searching for book printers within the catchment area of South East London – plan was to get them to print my books for me and make copies for me I will pay them for and then I get to open a shop in which I will sell the books, I found one that has their business on the internet of course so that was jackpot and I could work from home, so have no idea what they mean age of the internet and it is the same with those claims I am not a real writer too – the one where my literary archives are not book prototypes but chronicles and my books are not novels but autobiographical journals where every paragraph is an equity that can be developed several of the media and trade contraptions they make life hell for writers to create which makes them writers too as it were and of course if I say so they will go off an develop my equities too, leading to the same old story of whether I have asked them to develop my Royal Estate for me into one of their stupid products but it is not an emotive issue, we see the Politicians and the Pop stars all the time at it, ha, ha, ha, how else does he want it done for him and then when they are not laughing we need to leave the EU because the EU is doing their own for them too.

Now on the story of being insulted and abused by the Court, there has never been any such thing; the reality rather is that they do think of spending more time on pleasure than they do on business and it is not how I feel for my part for most of the time. So the matter is always better understood when it comes to Politicians and their story about settling who is boss between me and elected leaders which has nothing to do with anything as each time they feel free to set out public campaigns that rally mobs and help them intrude into my concerns to vandalise what they like then stand up in public and rob it in my face and call me names like boy to feel like fathers and all other forms of subtle nepotism and racism, we will always end up with a case of what happens and what does not happen, rather than a case of what I said and what hysteria things must be made to run on recently. Industries however always say I need a closer relationship but it is not actually good for business i.e. what I do is run a Royal Office and set out what motivates me in a book for my fans all over the world to buy and motivate themselves too, so for the Politicians I don’t know what brings the vandalism on, perhaps it is all about how desperately people need my work and the things I do that are free of charge and for the Industries it simply is a matter of what point a 180 page preview of a 300 page book means that the product is forfeit for instance. They do mention others that I do nothing about of course but those are a group of idiots that will never change and can only pull of tricks of handling possessions of Royalty to exasperate them and sell things quickly to people to get rich within their own side of society and make themselves as a whole poorer for it, not least as the patents of my work are so air tight because I am Royalty and know everything about how that works.