The activities that have become more prominent as practiced by Americans, either for reason of their civil rights disposition and forcing me to care about what happens to others because they want to make money with it or indeed a case of freedom and a Royal estate they can confiscate has always been met with the same feelings and reaction around here i.e. it does not trouble me in any way when we know the primary prognosis for a Politician to hold a government office in the US is that of being able to practice some power witchcraft and this is our problem because they cannot keep their eyes and feelings off peoples private parts - they day it is democracy and freedom I say it is the means by which people get murdered, all of it right up to popular culture fame and fortune where the most stupid of them who link the need to do so to a process of getting rich live out their nonsense and believe they can threaten anybody. In the end confrontation is always developed around having a cause that belongs to somebody else at a point where you were meant to start gaining from it whether it be financial or not or a moral disposition that needs to be made to get past its sell by date because everything that catches the attention of the public within it has been extricated and deployed for another purpose which they claim is a sign of their democratic power and all those nonsense about civil rights to ensure their alternative lifestyles are tolerated when it is actually a menace thereby brewed but their need to ensure you provide a service that people want but prefer something else at any cost takes it to another level because they will chose no other mode of existence and they cannot, all of them from celebrities to Politicians and popular culture idiots achieve these things without actually handling my products, so it is always a crime every single time it happens and conflicts with their need to be famous while they make noise about those who want to break through democratic markets which for me does not forge a good enough excuse for it either hence the reason I handle theirs and keep the matter out of the law Courts all together as their big mouth leads them to make those stupid threats that need to be proven all the time. In the end, even the problems I case that encumber my academic work and office are the problems of the Politicians and celebrated idiots and I do not have to, which is why I have to have a certain management of it and use it as a means of bringing them to heel any time I want – they are not famous, none of them are; I mean I can only tell a customer it is alright if I know I can handle their companies and celebrity careers and Political offices each time they do mine – they just like to think they are, especially so for the Women they unleash on everybody else on account for whatever money they have got and the Industries associated as such. Even now Racial cohesion cannot be settled on anything other than blacks and whites coming together to give the British a Bloody nose in the US and that has again been developed around crushing my book sales and the assumption they are not looking for trouble which is not surprising since I am already ever so well informed about their twisted and evil nature all together.

I understand Politicians are having difficulties at election and I will get into trouble for it yet again but it is not an emotive issue; I am in charge and they are not and I do love my would you could you questions that it seems the self harming goons like to trip on all the time – I used to have very bad things to say about authors whose books I didn’t like when I was a young person, I never thought it was actually possible to feel like harming authors who write books I don’t like at all, so I find it ever so difficult to locate where they get these things from; I am in charge and if they want information I did write books as it were. The alternative is to continue playing the games; insults and abuses lead to consequences and they must continue while another explanation for the consequences are sought, nobody here is getting into any trouble that they cannot make.

I have never thought it a serious matter, there are simply so many explanations for these kinds of things but the real one is the same old one i.e. Politicians set out community development projects and spend tax payer funds on idiots and they want a reaction from me to make them feel superior and connected and so to that effect they have found out there is no way that it is possible to get on media and make their career their own, so they must handle my possessions physically which again robs them of the protection of the law all together and I pick when I want to deal with it at my own discretion as I have never really signed a contract with their stupidities which means they can handle anything here. It is not my money, it is tax payer funds and if it pleases Politicians to spend it on them I have nothing to say about it but it the fact they have is to become a bad thing to such extent than those who think so need to back up their big mouth too and maybe we are still here because I have never actually put it that way. They do like to think they are famous but they are not; it’s the fame of those things that cause people to kill people and nothing more – I know they have their own ideas about me and it is largely that I am the thing that is used to make their leaders feel good about themselves and the test at present is whether they wrong and whether I am right. They do say I am not the innocent party in the matter too for my part but I normally handle that culture and society of theirs because I am being competitive too – and for the ones I have seen in my life time, I have seen Islamic extremists murder them and say something about having everything taken because the idiots claim the Islamic people are making out others are more important when they have not seen what the homes of those they claim are not important enough to lord themselves over peoples as well really looks like; so it has always been a matter of fundamental importance to locate things that they simply cannot do without, then collect it for a white friend, otherwise the probability of having any peace and quiet is zilch, zero, nought, it does not have to be a complicated matter as the need to make your feelings into a plaything always tends to mean that you end up with a white friend even when you are black so they can play games.

My point is that these issues arise because of their version of what is really happening here and the truth about that is as simple as the fact Politicians did not spend my money on them and if it costs me that they spent anything on them because they are trying to feel special and connected I have no idea what they are complaining about. In their defence they like to say the way I react it amusing and addictive but then again so has it also costs them everything in such ways as means their Politicians have to spend 12 years and an entire career to explain their actions when they fail to do their jobs on account they are amusing themselves in such ways with stories about the problem being that of wealth and social inequality, so I am not actually of the opinion these self harming idiots are amusing themselves as much as I am anyway; besides which everybody knows if I mention it this way they will try to find a way to stop at this stage but that is never going to happen when I need to amuse myself so much as well.

They do say that my behaviour will cause people to justify violence and it is utter nonsense too because the truth is that whenever they see other peoples kids the general sensibility is that they are not looking at people if they can become more concerned about how big people children are and how it means they are animals and now that it has been seen they are not killing or hurting people to make others feel special. So that when they say that they have always behaved in that way until I came along it makes even more sense because since I came along they had decided to take it up a notch i.e. they want to be connected with their cultures again and give up the modernity claiming it has become important again to be in areas of culture that means kids are never right and they always are, so that when they see those who face the same challenges as they do and are not living with their parents they feel like handing it to them to grab their income and public life with media, so it is actually the case that they find the wars and terrorism as amusing as they set out to make them as it were, contrary to the stories they tell us about it being so desperate apparently they would like us all to put ourselves on the line to look into the matter while they name their actions consumerism and try to ensure it never ever stops.

They do say I make people feel like having babies all the time alright but it is the Royal renaissance and its rebirth that causes that but it is their insults that actually burns their bums and turns their tummy upside down – then again we all thought it was going to end with a hatred for the physical appearance of a Christian which is a function of Bible reading prayer and the experiences that he has had with God being that their Satanism and the Politicians and Media by which it becomes important will have a problem with it but it was never enough, right up to a process where they are attending church and keeping me out to make me the one that is accused of doing the things they are doing a failed bid at being extremists expecting the damage done to be forgiven whether I like it or not with a big mouth and has eventually led to this point all together. It has never been an issue either; there is a reality that says that you can only cease to feel shamed when you wear an expensive three piece to look after your fans signing books if you live your life apart from these fools but having been they have located this as something that means they have power getting involved with you is covered with Machiavellian plans and tends to get the better of you all the time; so when I handle the culture and society I am being competitive as well and it’s all about the feeling but the advice is that they need to stay the hell away from me, especially for the women otherwise they can keep having babies.

It has never really been a problem as such; I know what I have mentioned seems like a really difficult thing to deal with; for me its second nature – I mean the reality here is that we’re are dealing with twisted evil and very lewd men and women that exist borderline of the underworld and like to live on the outlook of other people’s lives; in their minds it is perfectly justifiable action to assume they want to have sex with your sacred personage, then set off to take away your job and your income and your personal life and everything else after that, just so as to put themselves in your face all the time until you have sex with them or somebody else does it for you; so it does not mean that Islamic extremists are the evil that is happening here necessarily as such, if you listen to what the African ones say and their vision of the world and the whites and their vision of the world and so on and you understand it is actually a movement, then you will be able to see they are on a crusade of their own too. I simply want them off my book sales and my Company and threatening me will always open up a new kettle of fish as well; so far I have taken away their organised orgies and homosexuality and it can only escalate from there too.

We do hear the talk about conservative Policies meaning such things as people having the right to spend their pensions as they might like, mainly because my Literary Empire will be used as Governmental buffer to ensure whatever goes wrong is fixed and hence am in trouble; its utter nonsense – where the Policy fits in, is more concerned with the fact people hardly do me any favours, they are always seen around my public work and public life and in each case filthy and embarrassing and nasty but the problem being that they simply cannot leave me alone otherwise – outcome of that is that businesses think trading involves deploying my Royal Property and each time I stop that the consumers take up and American idiots lead the consumers at deploying my Royal Property and it never ever stops – while Popular culture idiots and celebrities perform the service of ripping up the lives and possessions of those who do not co-operate with the needs of all these fools as a whole. I do not think it is an issue, its just that when I handle that stupid culture I am being competitive as well, I have finished with them at this stage and need to start to reason with them about how they will stay away from me and all my concerns not because I think they can be reasoned with but because its more expensive for them and more painful for them that way and less violent too and the benefits just keep giving. It’s nothing complicated; same old story of each time it is the case that your time is taken up by things you feel you must attend to but do not have the time, it is other peoples shit you are interested in, in my case the celebrities and the Politicians and the Industries are really into giving that to me and complaining about how I feel my business involves handling other peoples companies and the reasons have always been as simple as the stupidities of power where they feel that if they exist in a condition where they are above the rules, when they get rich doing so they will really be above the rules all together and like to target me for it but assume I do not think this is ground zero as well for my part. It’s never a complicated issue; they like to mess it up for me over the mess they have already made of my academic work and book sales – so the implication is that I am never financially better off no matter what I do but everybody knows they are not either, they only like to play games of a little give and a little take and call my bluff and try to bash those you feel are responsible and the biggest beneficiaries are therefore anything to do with drip-drip-drip bad publicity for me media idiots and they can be Politicians or celebrities and main stream media goons and traders and so on. As for my academic work – once I have moved industries and media and Politicians and celebrities out of my life I will complete my academic work in about 4 years and everything else will run smoothly from then on, trouble is that of how much time I have left before I am officially a pensioner to do so and so I like to measure it on the basis of my book sales and what they have done to bottom out the numbers on that and leave the story of a disgraceful living I am having to them as issue they can raise and then I can act as well. So I am done with them and will not be damaging academic work to try and purge them for the next set of trouble they will start but will try to make it many times as painful as what I have already done. For now its reasoning, reasoning, reasoning, reasoning – I need to leave my life apart from celebrities and popular culture and media and Politicians and Industry – it is not as though my books are not about religion in the first place anyway as it were.