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All there is to it is that there is this ever present big issue about the 'in your face' thing, with respect to my books and the things people use them for and more so to rob me of any sales too, top of the list of course being the changing the world in their taste thing. It does not trouble me as such because they are really immoral people and so if they decided to get off their wickedness and then thereafter do revolution, it would have been a completely blood less revolution that was just change and not revolution but it is rather revolution that they always want so that is the one they will make sure that they have. If I am angry about anything, I am about the disrespect for my right to earn from a job because people are changing the world in their taste and I will for this hurt them seriously before it gets any better as it were but where I am sure I am likely to live up to such threats in itself is all that rubbish about putting an end to being the oppressed by having their own people to oppress aka I am the Christian, they are the ones that wish the Anti-Christ rules the world but are then enforcing the will of the anti-Christ by making sure they are oppressing the Christian, getting oppressed by the anti-Christ, then hurting the Christian to do revolution in order to pass the baton of power unto themselves, which will mean no body will intervene when they become powerful and oppress the Christian with a big mouth.
For now I have gone so far as to take care of that bloody coward stuff about how their daughters and wives bully me because they are bigger than me and of course with respect to which if they want that stupid left they fucking know where I am and can come and get it. pushing me any further with their stupid cowardice by which I write books but because somebody handles printing machines it ends up in china where socialist idiots are making films and does revolution all over the world, where every idiot wants power bearing in mind they have access to me through rented accommodation security operatives, about which I am certain the Politicians will rob me off as I can perceive already in the new year and then I will go hay wire with whatever is bothering them as well. They claim they were once nice guys and finished last and now they have somebody to take advantage of they must make as much as they can from it, I say they want to be bad and I will personally see to it that they are as bad as they can possibly become.
Next I will be enemy of the US which is a place that no body wants to find themselves. The US where people get themselves messed up in Islamic terrorism and then set about getting into a state to solve the problem they mean.
These things are not unusual; I am supposed to be able to sell my books, I am supposed to know what I am doing. What do people mean making changes to the world with my literary work, I don’t know how to look after it when others touch it? I mean you are going about your business like everybody else but because you are a Christian some idiot turns up, gets help from provocative Politicians and keeps ruining your life daily on Public Television and everywhere else because he wants the rule of the Anti-christ and expects to be the homosexual when that happens so he can be rich; as I said their daughters and wives can bully me because they feel they are bigger alright but that is as much, they know where I am and can come get that stupid left if they want.
As for the trying for as many people as possible rubbish, it is the biggest nonsense ever too. There is no such thing; the fact here is that just because any who follows or admires me has this problem of being in a place where people attack them for being in a condition where they can take advantage of me but do not, does not necessarily mean that any scum must turn up to have access to me rather than buy my books if they want to get involved with me so they can get in touch with idiots to whom they can sell me out to be rich and famous, believing that no body will ever get offended by it. it is the real world we live in not those that stupid fantasies which have no limits. The only thing that annoys me about what they do and what trouble they get into is that excuse they create for a product all the time so they can extract lots of money from my market place, which they do according to the wickedness that stirs inside of them.

All there is to it is a simple problem in the form of the fact with everything I do comes the rhetorical message as insolently as possible on Public Media which asks where I had stolen that and has what I have worked for taken away from me which is what Politics helps people to with excuses that cannot be exhausted these days, then there is the other which has to do with the fact what I have is not my size and the effect on my work and earnings is exactly the same and then the last which have to do with being poised in a place where each and every single thing I do is blown away to the world as somebody else's doing-most times of which I catch on and recover but they had taken the money already because they deserve it more. So evidently what they think will keep me from doing the damages I can do in the circumstances as well is prostitutes and Pornography.

Now they claim everything I do is provocative; I personally guess so anyway because I might be a writer but soon I am finding my self in a competition with a Politicians and his winning is predetermined anyway, same with media and every other idiot there is but the damages they have done to my career to make it happen of which is just one of those things that happen in life, like the wind with a big mouth.
This has led me to set myself up for failure, then find out how the entire world will make me fail. Of course they find it insulting and I find it amazing that public place media racist idiots should find anything insulting.
Their Politicians on the other hand like to make so much noise because they can provoke others by spending their career on society idiots that will vote for them, when they have such things, claiming that if it is not given to them they will become criminals. This has also led me to ensure that since my Legal career and academic work is already being spent on idiots that want it spent on them to prevent them from being criminals by those who want to push the Christian into gang trouble and fight gangs for him, I need to spend my writing career on the same idiots as well and now they claim I am worse off, which I don’t understand; since I am now in a position where they will tick me off the wrong way in the coming year as well, since it is impossible to fathom what is so appealing to them about being seen to show conspiracies mustered against me from their evil secrete societies on Politics and Media where they help culture idiots to spend peoples career and think theirs cannot be lest the country be affected, so that I can spend it on expenses incurred for spending my writing career while they spend my legal career on fools that I really should ensure if they threaten to be criminals are actually criminals indeed as they want it.
I am not worse off I am only warning these media and Political bully cowards-who think that because they tell people they can bully me and get me to make up a name for what has happened to me such rubbish might happen in reality; not leaving me alone will eventually lead to death and I will not be responsible; for now they are the ones that have jobs where people talk too much around here and should be dealing with all that power getting everywhere when they spend my legal career on society idiots that threaten to be criminals and I spend my writing career on those as well, not tell me about threats they can pose to me with a large gob.
As I said, they want to be bad and I intend to personally see that they are. Their sibling based discrimination is exactly what it means:-their desire to be criminals and I can always give them that, no such thing as fear. Besides which it blows my mind how we royals are responsible for racism in the world but when it looks like we are blamed for it sibling based discrimination takes off and it becomes something unfathomable because everybody tends to see it as something outside the normal way in which the human mind should operate.

"We know how to spend other people's career to feel good about life". I do not mean money as that would be conventional, no, I mean get into peoples lives spend their careers and treat them like children; because that is their power. I would not know about it anyway but I am pretty sure those who always claim they are good people do, although they never put it that way in public after these sociopath idiots of theirs have followed me around everywhere to demand from others a bigger version of what I get which is mentally disturbingly embarrassing.
The name of the game always seems to be that I am meant to be terrified of my own imagination (aka laziness; as though we are equals)-to the point where I avoid it and stay away from it completely (the irony of it), otherwise I will never get a job and any job I have will never pay me. Hence I am always bumping into the suggestion in what happens to be my own life and work not theirs.