People are now concerned that they have failed me or something but I am rather concerned this does not become the main issue besides which I don’t feel that way. What really happens is that with Government business the primary concern is to keep society trouble makers working corruption at the Office and to keep culture trouble makers getting all over their popularity to deploy State Office as a tool that covers their arse while they make trouble to secure fame and fortune on the Public image of those who own it but now it seems that doing such a thing only earns you a result where the USA provides a certain kind of leadership which facilitates corrupt FBI and CIA gimmicks with Private security Industry fools who watch you on CCTV and perform all sorts of abuses on you thereof, the abuses being a given since they are respectful of nothing in their stupid lives but we are entering a stage where it is corrupting my State provided security which means that I cannot be an Arch Prince anymore – the outcome of this is that Celebrities are set to be the biggest beneficiaries of these insults having a real Meaning because they have always wanted somebody to vouch for the fact they wanted to occupy my place in the world by destroying my finances and Bookshop to acquire it and HM has recently given the order for me to attack them as well, which I have pointed out here because they are also starting to blab as though they really want it to be become a governmental and Political process too, bearing in mind the problems are blowing out on them back at the USA, as stupidly as it should, especially the part where defending oneself from Russian onslaught generally means that the bullying gets worse and the only thing Obama had achieved at the White House was to get these goons discussing their problems with respect to my very existence, meaning that they got to solve their poverty problems by being me, while general disposition was to punish any who had in the past been part of oppressing the black race, which involves making the British Military and security operatives feel fatigued at all times, hence what now needs to be cleared out. They claim my Books are an affront to their freedoms and it wasn’t during the first 2 years of Publication either, it was 6 years later, once they had built themselves a Publicity which gave them this stupid disposition that meant it was – so the bottom hurting which has been learned by private security industry idiots associated with their security services nosing around my concerns in this Country to make a mess all the time is now affecting them well enough for their stupidities to think that bullying me gets me into a fight or gets the problem resolved in one way or the other and this bullying is going to result is war on Celebrities for my part as well, especially considering if I said the Hollywood gits were utter scum, there will still be Federated bastards in the neighbourhoods and on social media talking rubbish at me to churn my tummy and tell lies at my expense for the purposes intended.

The other goons do say that I am a coward and that they were the only ones that could see through it which is utter nonsense – I do rather enjoy when they hurt themselves getting involved with the security services to spend everything I do to look after myself fighting my battles. It goes without saying the dirty undisciplined ad-hoc process of getting involved with National service through secret services is nothing like the business of being trained and raised in an Academy where you don’t understand the life of those who must find a way to live safely in an environment where they don’t have private security and the Government provided one is not at their beck and call, as yours is mostly a matter of dealing with it before the honour issues overtakes you and then after getting off passing the exams at school as well. They seem to be completely oblivious to the fact when I ask them to shut down their stupid comments, keep away from my Books and stop following me around, I am actually talking about a time frame for tackling the issues that create problems for me because they live in homes within a certain income bracket and spend all their time being important by changing my life through insults, getting imagination up my bum and putting labels on me – it needs to stop before I sack their own as well, so I do imagine the other fools blabbing about cowardice that they can see through to since the last time their disrespect went through the roof on account they passed exams in school, do know exactly what their stupidities are talking about.

Their American friends say they have put me through incredible suffering and the results of removing the paranoia that I confuse people with all the time is now beginning to come through and it is a foolishness that replaces respect for what I do like the above claim I am a coward feeds into the fact that the cost and benefits on ones career is usually a different thing as compared to the fact the USA wants to be in charge, which also feeds into those insolence associated with their bad upbringing which they claim adds up to influencer markets that is about to get me taking a stiff position concerning those who play practical jokes on my Bookshop and make my whole world toxic on social media in order to make such a massive case out of the fact they are a handful of arse covering pricks, once they were done making the trouble for the families. My position is still the same as such; that unless the stupidities they build up for me in the form of Publicity is what my Books do, they are talking rubbish. We all know that my Books were helpful and supportive and that people who suffered heart disease read it and found it helpful for them at the initial stage that I had completed it, before the Celebrities turned up to confiscate and commandeer it as a tool for enhancing their decadence, which will not stop if it is not made to stop the way that I would want it to stop, since from my point of view it still feeds into the way I was taught since childhood at Church of how everything I own and work for will vanish if I spent time with them. It is usually at a point like this that they want to make statements clear about their case for corporate power which is all very well, I really think they should have mentioned that it was corporate power the entire time, rather than blab nonsense about causing me enough suffering to clear an air of paranoia I have created to confuse people with, concerning which I imagine I am confusing people to grab attention perhaps or maybe become the centre of world, while we know they are clearly out of their corporate power depth at this stage. They do say I give corporate power a bad name which I don’t, if it is not about the idea that since their businesses have helped to support the Country, the Government should allow them take whatever they wanted, never mind the part that applies specifically to me in terms of how if they wanted what belongs to me and are clearly stronger, it should be their own already – corporate power needs to bear in mind it should not be screwing with me as such, it has enough money to afford buying and reading my Books which do not cost an arm and a leg, otherwise I will have to consider where it usually ends up as the threat I am facing here i.e. the part where violating people is linked to market profits and sales success – this is a Hermitage and unless this place is quiet enough for people to read Books that I am selling on the basis of providing full free services to rely on their good will for the purpose of securing an audience, I will continue to view their corporate power and its stooges as a real problem that is clearly running a business.

The Government aspect of this for both corporate and public matters has been that the way I run my concerns makes it difficult to follow up which is not the case as such. I am supposed to put out everything that needs to be out there and people may get to cherry pick which one best works for them – the problem is these other goons who are working corruption with their Offices and jobs, so they tended to get all of it including what they did not need, all of the time, while the other group of criminal fools closely associated with such nonsense hang around on the streets deciding for us all how we should feel about private security. My point here is that I need to prepare properly for this fight with Celebrities since saying the mainstream ones are a problem just means the low lives who really have nothing in this world to live for tackle me, pass insults at me that make them feel important and update their stupidities at my expense to access my Public image, a Federated fools, so the business of people feeling I have been let down will likely serve a distraction: all is well, save the goons who play practical jokes with my Bookshop and I really need to take a position on that, while corporate power now understands where I stand if this place is not quiet enough for me to sell books through goodwill hunting, having waited for 12 years in order them to move on over time without success. I have been asked if I have any prognosis for this behaviour but it has always been plain nepotism – using the work of Armed Forces to get rich quick to such an extent there are now questions as per whether you have not been using that of the Head of State as well, for my part, my bottom hurts because they are running influencer Markets, does not show its all corporate stupidities, it rather would have tended to show others were fools in their view. Then my party piece, the ever reliable goons whereby I came up with a plan for a livelihood and some products with it, thus the first day of outing is quickly followed with a publicity that says their children can so the same too, right up to the stage where the children end up somewhere between me and racists asking for their stuff, while the only answer to the debacle is when they were stuck somewhere until they were past it and the daily onslaught ensued. It’s the same as the idea I spend a lot of time making a mess with the Media and thereafter want everybody to see my point of view which I don’t – the Media helps me to protect project pipelines, but we can see that Project pipelines around here are now being controlled by the Kardashians, who regularly set out making me a deal, like every other bits that will not seek medical help instead of bothering me around here with their insanity - and my business works online, and any company that follows it will get a response from me and one of their companies have followed and they still own my income margin, on and on and on and thus the Americans got involved.