I am now said to be very good at making a mess of other peoples show business career and I could never understand what it meant anyway, I just know that since these goons have some media to play with I have to come up with a new plan on how to run my life every 24 Hours and since that is the case have difficulty understanding which part of their incredibly stupid show business careers I mess with while they are doing so. The reality of the matter is the connections that these fools have after they wish to make money getting all over ones publish image and it concerns those who have had an interest in keeping me angry whenever people provoke me, which then improves the probability of my body type getting involved in gangs and criminal activity which facilitates the kind of social atmosphere that Celebrities and Journalists want to work in, so when I say it is a social issue they are at the pinnacle of behaviour which expresses the fact they have no conscience, when I say its damage to my Books, then I am committed to respond to it and spend my time in ways that I have not made plans for i.e. goes without saying if I see that stupid culture and society the business of complaining about me over it will be moved up a notch and I am pretty certain it will add up to the last time that they get to see it as well. I have not paid my Bills properly in five years because of these idiots and in that time they have not forfeited a single months salary on my account but still have the effrontery to come up with these kinds of nonsense about messing with show business careers – we see the same nonsense on the streets everyday as well, very abusive and never stops but when it does they want to make away with history of robbing shoulders with me. So its terrible crowd the Celebrities and it is usually said people cannot separate me from them and it is a mystery to every one at the Monarchy but the reality is that the Politicians love to impose them on me so I want control, I do not fancy them in anyway whatsoever, it’s something women do to facilitate sex if I wish to speak of the way it shows up in my mind, outside of that, not all women use it to facilitate sex, only the loose ones. For what it is worth, I could never make out how I interfere with their show business career when the conversation they are having is legal in context and we have not seen them learn legal studies in Drama school or Music school or Acting school or Journalism yet as it were. The story they are most proud of is one of enemies I made at the Monarchy while reality is the same case of having Celebrities imposed on me, so we find people who do that always save some of the security they are providing at Buckingham Palace for their own purposes before they then attack me and the whole thing comes to public light all together – they are supposed to do all they want to do and then end up somewhere with the Media and the Celebrities, not end up somewhere with fucking famous idiots talking nonsense about which show business I interfere with because I am lucky as though they can always continue to be surprised about how little they know of me for eternity if they wanted to; they do regularly imply that the Americans will come to their aid of course but it is an old story about Trump being racist as they know it would be crude to just say it’s a matter of men on the republican side and women on the democrats side as such but never the less which they have their problems and my Books were never one of those; speaking of which about my Books, it seems that the business of making sure people do not take advantage of me if I worked for them always has to grow into something about a position I adopt with respect to the place and leadership of such individuals, never mind the fact they buy shares in the companies they work for and spend peoples time pushing up stress levels over dirty popular culture, stock market trading and politics, so that the women then fight back and the fall out is that I end up picking up National Unity bits endlessly – my Books being about stability but because their ego is so big it can get on to decide with Publicity that people may not earn a living when media and celebrity does not fancy the jobs that they do, my Books are now about them; so we find the idiots complain about hurting bottoms associated with those gangs and crime issues that build the kind of atmosphere they want to run their careers in showing up at the studios with them, on account I wrote a Book on the basis of the fact a group of goons are always building crowds that will dominate me spiritually first before I am allowed to complete my academic work which then eventually successfully damaged my academic work and allowed them to build up the part of my career which had to do with it into an atmosphere that their foolishness and children will want to be a part of in order to be successful and each time I get them out of it so I might concentrate on what I am doing, I need turn my back a single moment and they were back in it again, then I have to fight off popular culture, stock market and politics vicious cycle all over again as disobediently as idiots who claim I mess with their show business stupid careers could possibly make it. All very well bragging like we hear them do endlessly but the one they were complaining about had to do with Politicians helping them show up here to express their stupidities all over me and count pennies until they ended up with millions as though it were magic, messing with their show business careers. So they do say that I encumber their fame and yes I am, since every fool in the land now has an interest in making sure when I am provoked I stay that way, which interest in now being worked on every time their stupidities have that show business career to play with, knowing it is depression in the making to say the least and it is psychosis when advanced and that when they play up other stupidities about insults along with what they had taken from the victim by performing it, which is then linked to acquiring riches and fame the result is schizophrenia; mad, mad and incredibly stupid show business career, wondering what sort; in the end wish I had an ego big and stupid enough to say people cannot earn a living because I do not like their jobs while the society ones will not keep the fingers off my Bum thinking the problem I have with their position and leadership at Industry is unlikely to build up into real crisis for their stupidities until I had done it.

Eventually they speak of some journalists getting involved with me and how it creates problems for others which does not make any sense if the fact that all these nonsenses need to be stopped and each occasion of getting involved with me should end with a clearly set out process of them purchasing and reading my Books, was removed from the picture. The other part of it being that Journalists get involved with my Hermitage for obvious reasons by following my social media profile and those who have not followed it are a threat to those who have, the ones I have made an exception for have a relationship with me that concerns the eyes of sexual predators in the city running rings around peoples bodies all day long.