Now I am aware of this talk of Campaigns for a United Ireland in Northern Ireland, I have no idea where some people get such ideas from for my part, since Northern Ireland was unable to be part of Ireland some hundreds of years ago but it seems will have a better chance of being a part of it in the modern age. Besides which the idea of a United Ireland and a campaign for it tends to suggest that Ireland is disunited as it stands and so this remains a question by itself. I always say personally that when such matters appear on the table Geography is more important than politics and ideas that fools may have; because of course we all know I am a Christian so it would not matter to me if women are of a certain type in Ireland and of another type in Northern Ireland but of course we all know that in their Political scheme of things, if Northern Ireland which is a politically extremist version of the UK as a Polity ends up a part of Ireland and one group of women within the two are more sophisticated than the other, there will be problems; problems that will exist with the men and with the women and so the question for the United Ireland goons is what they think they can do to manage or even resolve such problems because it is the kind that will extend to the academic performance of their children and the prospects they have for the future as well. The same matter applies with Argentina where some people think that Argentina is a country that was created by God and dropped from the sky in the full view of the world with the name Argentina written on it, just like people in Ireland think the UK is not worth living in because one family governs it for eternity, but in the case of Argentina specifically, the Falklands cannot exist because the name for it is the Malvinas; all these ideas come from people who are advocating the interests of a territory that was only created in recent history and none as old as the territory of the UK itself more over of which in the case of Ireland, the territory was created out of attrition all together and they are there in no position to judge. Now there is this issue of what I say about territory issue and the results of instability that comes from it which of course is not actually true; the truth is that people think territory issues exist, in my eyes they do not – what I have done is a simple process of providing for fans of mine that have already taken up parts of my work and deployed them to provide themselves a way of life all over the world, the territory issues would have involved media idiots having sex with state officials around the world and especially royalty or their children in Europe because they think that support will come from there to help them confiscate anything I own on account they have some process where profits depends on what I own being made to behave in a certain way for them, which of course is a matter that ought to be completely ignored. The last matter of territory therefore will be that of how the UK stretches its influence to clash with that of the US and I simply find it difficult to figure what the meaning of a statement I make which says their problems and that of their politicians is none of my business really is. A world where really stupid Americans who fail in everything imaginable becoming my boss or my leaders does not really exist; I mean the contrasts are that for example the Duke of Cambridge is a year or two older than I am but has already toured Africa and the Far east, Australia, new Zealand and Canada but there isn’t a pocket of devils anywhere in the world that the US government does not give money to, with the result that we have such outcomes as we do have in Syria where twisted mad idiots become the president of a country, kill people and tell us all about it with twisted stories that bends our minds and cause us distress – I cannot make out exactly why I did need to make such a fact obvious. And of course there is the other issue of UK civil service and peoples nepotism from overseas which I don’t mind either since I have already made it clear when it happens to have been manned by them at a percentage of 60 I will launch my own assault on the UK civil service, otherwise such idiots are supposed to realise and their politicians too, that the civil service and the NHS and such bodies are mainly manned by what happens to have been absolutely every political party in the Country; it does not end here either because their provocations and insults have already led to the story of developing economies and the UK where we do localism for what happens to have been one of the richest and most successful economies in the world but when we leave the left hand side of them it is not enough and I have to take that away as well, so I guess the general idea must be that I am not yet evil enough to impress them so far but I am trying anyway though. All these are activities of stupid light weight shallow political idiots and for the media ones especially I do wonder what they are up to anyway since I can still remember vividly at what point I took away those stupid joys of naivety with which they want to see me work oppressively so that they can get the feeling of being carefree and taken care of from a process where I do, in order to abuse royalty and I bet the basis of their altercation with me is still that of provocation on grounds that I am doing something that appears to be superior to them when they are white and I am not and therefore matters should happen the other way around otherwise I am looking for trouble with a big mouth and for this specifically I intend to shut them too. They always say my dislike for them is completely unfounded, they say I am simply one of those who want things that belong to everybody for myself but of course it is still the case that whenever you think about going against the rules, what you do it pick on an impossible opponent provided it will not cost you because you have got a scapegoat and for the Americans, those are not working hard enough as their insults propose to make me yet. The level and degree of equities and securities of mine that they deploy without my consent and without taking care of me or buying the books to consummate them and the level of my property they deploy for their purposes to be rich and the help and co-operation they get from some royals and politicians and the expenses of it was one side of the story but of course the other part of it where the intense abuses abound in order to extract more from my reputation and my personality creates that really need to make them find real jobs by collecting their assets and giving it away, to be more specific giving it to the sex industry. It ought to be mentioned for reference purposes, the general mode of conversation no body that takes the form of my person happens to have asked them for remains that of leadership weakness, which I always guess is not just because they expect to wreck my family and personal life and then in the spirit of the moment of doing so preserve theirs and feel good about it with a big mouth but also that they believe the medial names they call themselves when they kill people is enough, such as all that noise about Christians being the bane of prejudice and the problem of the world, where they feel that if they murder people their alternative lifestyles will explain it, when everybody knows Christians are always fundamentally unarmed and thus in their view no body would have noticed they are murdering unarmed people - I will never stop hitting and hurting them each time they do things to me I do not appreciate or have made it clear to them I do not actually like done to me, so of course I will be vilified by politicians for it because Politicians love to play games as it were, however it is my view that when I do this, as they grow up or indeed develop into their various medical criminals that hurt people, they will most certainly remember me as well.