Now it is said that I am not only trapped by Americans but it has so applied they can do anything they please with my person and these two claims have no basis on reality as these guys cannot build a trap since they spend most of their time on criminal disobedience and a lot of clowning around with people’s feelings relying on their victims to do nothing about their stupidities so they might get away with it. The truth is rather that I have written a Book that is not vulnerable to a process of having everything done but finding out it is not enough, to sit back and hope for some luck of big break and they have been informing me as these things exist by magic, that their civil rights involved a process where they deployed it to make money as well otherwise they shall take steps to ensure I do not have it myself either, hence the fact I will not allow this, coupled with the fact that reacting to their madness only makes things worse, means that my work is an affront to their freedom. This has also now developed into a situation where they can never stop showing up on Media to address me, especially along the lines of the size of their military, about which they have not yet decided what to do with but have already decided it is apt to threaten me with as it were. We then hear it’s a matter of the unlucky disposition between Russia and the USA where people wish they were either of the two all the time but the reality is rather one where they want a piece of what I am doing by showing off the fact that the kind of characters that I consider with an adage due to the fact that it is wrong to label people criminals when they have not been convicted by a Law Court are the same individuals they have employed in their Military which promotes the global peace they think I have stolen from their stupiidties as well and so the overwhelming question becomes what the process of fighting them will be and how they want to be consuqered as well. The matter was never a crisis as such; it has always been a case of the evils that have been unleashed through a process of consistently insulting me to create an avenue that lets people play out some business of whether or not they wish I did the work of God for him so they might do the devils one as well; the none invasive version being that we see their money madness based wickedness show up here to establish a link between my body parts and or my body fluids as a process of making money, so when I walk down the streets I can feel their fingers up my Bum and at least they get it by making me look tired and destitute if they do not have the rest that they have made plans for- none of which changes the fact if they have a business it should be their main concern without me as it was rather obvious as I not half as afraid of them as they have made out.

They do claim the victims badge by saying everybody wants a piece of the USA but we all know when this started people were just cunts and I was breathless all the time because they were going to hurt anybody that remotely agreed with the way I saw that I should live out my own existence – it generally meant anything to do with British in the USA was living on borrowed time, now they hate my Books and have been provoking me into giving them a taste of their medicine as well, so the City centre ones have gone from making out that people a half priest like me brokers equities with as they work in the City and Stock Markets should be gay in order to have a career because they are neither Russia nor the USA, to making out they have developed their stupidities from one of clowning around to tell me if I described them as stupid I would get into trouble for it, to one of building a trap with me in it, which has no basis on reality whatsoever. In the end it’s a matter of being expected to tell lies about the threats the US poses to the rest of the world, never mind the case of relying on me to do nothing about damage done to my property so they might look as though they were something that I should have been afraid of all along, spending my time until I get hold of their own as well – the threat of the US that involves blatantly sponsoring black marketeers and illegal traders and Terrorists and so on which one is expected to tell lies about while they tell their own lies that grow into a threat that gets me involved in a violent situation because they want to own my Books and personality, whereby I have done nothing to offend somebody while they have already moved into my right hand to beat me down in my own bed everyday and nudge me off my comfort zone for no reason as an obsession. As I said, I am not remotely afraid of them like they have claimed I am; need to get off my Books as there is no agreement with me that they are permitted to handle it and try to keep their American insolence off my case as they cannot control the criminals who enrol in their military but want to control an Arch Prince from another Country with a big mouth – I am not half as afraid of them as their stupidities have made out that I am, it was always going to be the both threat of Russia and USA from the very beginning anyway.

There is a part of this matter which says people bring it upon themselves and it’s the part where one tries to understand who does or why they make those cases on Media about how there is a business of Australians and New Zealander and Canadians, concerning which the USA is in the very heart of the Party – this is never true; we have an alliance with the US here in the UK but it’s a very different place; not a place where I do not fancy Celebrities making a case of themselves on my Public image to blow kisses at criminals and somebody will be able to get in and out of my concerns without bothering me like I get to find out they were either from New Zealand or Australia or Canada around here, it’s the one where it wants to have that money that comes from my own personal endorsement given by Government operatives or other famous people, a land full of idiots that honestly have nothing in this world to live for. Their friends here in the UK having picked it up too; so we find they say I am said to be a great conqueror but have conquered nothing, while reality is that I have won a battle where many would have failed because of that old story where I kept the gangs and criminals off the finances and academics and they wish to experiment on something, so they show up with state to hold back my finances and academics and let them back in at an age and time when I have bills to pay, then pretend I have not had enough of them therefore the fact these goons who are usually sociopaths want to know how their job works is also my problem to solve, about which we find they can never stop lying which is another part of their behaviour that many other people apart from myself fancy so much as it were. They do say I talk like that now but started first and it beats my imagination since they are the ones that cannot stop insulting people, looking like they need a convention about respect all together every day – I was not raised to know how the business of moving into peoples right hand to nudge them out of their comfort zone operates so I usually get them complaining about me by making them crack themselves up instead, making them do it to themselves; it’s the reason I find the threat amusing a lot of the times as its usually a matter of the one they did to themselves in the first place as we have never met in person. We are in this current position because my finances have been affected and this means they are not doing these things with their time anymore which they should be – keeping the day jobs and spending time to trouble others like these makes two jobs, tackling me as well is dealing with somebody who does not want the bad things that have happened to him to happen to somebody else as it is not he example that Jesus Christ set when he interceded for salvation of Mankind, so I will want to stop it here and this means a third job will arise. We see the women do the same as well; when it has got the Public image, issues sorted out it will then spend its time fighting a Boy to get it shut down. The disciplining me bit is an old story; what happens with this particular insult is that they will be stuck with me and then the process of disciplining me will become very important after that but then again which standing there to get bruised and battered is not always the last word, there could be complications such as me realising I am now free once they are stuck with me until they are past it or that they cannot catch me if I am always unavailable because I am at work; feeds into the story I claimed to have kept gangs and criminals off my concerns but had achieved no such thing but the same way I ensure they do not build up my public image and get to stab and shoot me when they had detached me from it and I had begun to feel that I need to stop them from making use of it all together – the old case where people cannot simply attend a day job and any other activity linked with paid employment without overthinking it. They do claim when done with years of civil rights based vandalism like these, then provoking people and complaining to the Politicians to get closer to the National treasury, that people like me foster an atmosphere of blame but we all know Russians and their Red Revolution are rather incompetent at Economy but very proud of the ability to interfere with peoples concerns until failure is inflicted while violence becomes the disposition which on the basis of safety and government people financial well being is decided - Americans do exactly the same save in their case, the tool is to develop avenues by which criminals get to spend peoples earnings while making sure that every stupid rouge Nation can show up a busy body opportunism that is profitable if it continues long enough as well - in the end whatever the thought processes on either side, none can deny they have had their time for vandalism and that there is a time for everything under the Sun.