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It is not true that I do not have anything better to do with my time than get stupid girls out of trouble; the problem here is that my sisters are so vast in number I rely on their own discretion to avoid being taken advantge of with my big heart, so in actual fact I am not interested in what any idiot thinks about it. In any case of which it would not have to become a problem if they do not abuse them because of their silly desires knowing I will have to pick up the cost so they can feel a man is wasting his time doing things they do not like.

My party piece however is the things I get up to when people do all that they can to ensure I am not selling my books; one moment it is supposed to be them and money for which no body has the intelligence to escape it and the next, they have got the money, at my expense is not a bother as it were even though the fact they have it gets to mean they are superior to me as well, its something else that they do not have that seems to have been the problem.

Keeping me from releasing money from my own empire through selling my books, getting rich at my expense more so while doing so and making out lots of noise which suggests superiority to me will never end well, especially from the US.
its still mine all mine and that nonsense and its follow on insults have nothing to do with how to go out and try to make a living, not here anyway-never have.
This and is not the correct Parameters by which people can be rich and famous or either of the two.

I do not want to have to destroy other peoples business because somebody will go from earning millions to sleeping on the streets somewhere, somebody will loose grip on their medical bills somewhere and die, somebody will loose a family somewhere, somebody will suffer somewhere-it is not a good thing or good feeling to be destitute but with a habit of destroying mine this will change very soon and very unpredictably as well as I can see.
I mean I don’t have the right to go around destroying peoples business but they cannot exactly tell the international community that earning my income and keeping me from earning it is a respect for the human right to provide for yourself not wait for aid from over seas can they? They cannot exactly tell anybody that they deserve to have a privacy when they go around fighting me because they claim to have privacy to fight over like royalty does the way I do as well and that theirs is even better can they? They cannot exactly tell the international community I rob them of the right to make friends with whom they wish when I have been for a decade now through abuses and insults, the beacon by which they can see their way to making the kind of rich friends they want to have can they? And the list goes on like this on and on and on and my income is a plaything because I work for the state and people can force me to share because I have everything. I have my license to do what I like now provided by them and at some point will stop issuing the warnings.