Now I am said to spend a lot of my time allowing Celebrities to take advantage of me and its not really fact; the fact of what is happening is that Celebrities have continued to pillage my life and work on account that having a Public image makes me some sort of great servant who just get around knowing what they should be and then being made to tell them all about it if the pressure was right. Since they had started, they have become the ones with a Public image, while Industry goons who make money for the purpose of fighting others have been the ones bankrolling their insanity; this is just the almighty fight that they suppose will ensure they were not vulnerable to the sort of Public sensibilities which they have themselves built. It is the destruction of my property that gets me responding to it most of the time and it now seems that the results associated with the processes of moving them on will not come through in a single day.

We have always had it this way if they are not complaining big time; the ones with money want to experiment on how to be more important than you are until they are more important, the purpose being that you did not get to chose exactly when you made money and what it meant to you to earn it, while those that do not have money also want to be more important than you are; so the outcome is usually that the former wants to own your public image and personality, while the latter wants your money in order to be more important than you are. So we do hear them so also that they would fancy a point at which the whole thing comes to a stop as it is sad and traumatic which I understand but it is not up to me, as I am aware what passes on their left hand side and right hand side because they have jobs is mental illness and they are aware pushing other people into social issues the way we see them do me as if it’s the air they breathe is a very nasty thing to do – I have been getting jobs of my own to express the fact there is no unfair advantage going on here like they claim and what they have done with those jobs is build up community of idiots with ideas about what to do to me, making sure I smell like what I eat all the time.

The threats are good and well but I am not the one complaining as the whole thing has now developed into a case of the fact they can fight when being bullied but for messing with me no amount of action taken when they are bullied will ever be enough – so an end to what they consider traumatic and sad here will best have begun with the business of shutting down those stupid communities that have ideas about what to do to me all the time – hence it does feed into the Private security Industry bits where they understand their goons express stupidities that are completely relentless over other peoples personality and public image and even personal lives where their 50 year old neighbourhood school truants are involved as well but will take up another two years of my time to set me up for it, as if it were fair that if their stupidities wanted to plan a life at my expense, this was the correct way to do it and so for each abusive handling of my person, I will sack a piece of their private security industry, if they touch me over the smell problem, I am really going to start trying to hurt them mortally.

They always say that these matters go round in circles because I am a wise arse who criticises people for the way people handle women but cannot get my head around the problem; the truth of it being that they never ever handle any women who behave badly in anyway whatsoever, those get away with everything, so what they do because they have no evidence of this bead behaviour they speak of, is handle the women who don’t and it starts with such nasty nonsense as they do to me, where my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and then they must have built a community of fools with ideas about what to do to me hence I have been detached from that personality and they can get rich with it – they grow this nonsense to a stage where they history of trading their insults at me is such that their whole stupid lives are now built on seeing me drop out of school while they got ahead in life garnished with an ability to track which history of insults they need to ensure they can turn customers off my products and onto theirs using media and society, hence it is already their civil and human right that the destruction of my property which was set to create this nonsense should not be avenged or punished. They do say very insultingly that they can when American led a group of idiots they want to be, rely on me to do and say these things, which is a very good result but in like manner have I warned them about acting as if the service process I set out for Books I have written is a means by which to communicate their money sourced insanity at me all the time – likelihood being that since I do not work for anything this regurgitating stupid, I am going to make them suffer intensely in order to make it stop.

So the wonder is that of why Celebrities have behaved towards me in this way but it’s the old stupidities about there being parts of the world where I am not an Arch Prince, so they can be me in those parts of the world, which kills my income like no Man’s business – much the same way that each time they set up venues where they engage with Members of the Public they can be assured that I will not be disturbing them while they are doing it, until I set about changing it, which I am about to very soon indeed. I do get asked if it has been this easy for me but it has been; we are talking about a group of people who do not think and are rotten to the core, hence the reason I always emphasise not allowing negative bits to determine behaviour pattern – I mean it takes pictures of itself on my Public image adorning my corporate identity, Royal Public image and Industry colours while blowing kisses at criminals to sell products to a high end crowd, which is much better than work and does it so systematically that if I tell them or get rid of it and find new ones because they were either being disobedient or had laid down a pipeline for a period of time that runs into years; nothing else supports this sort of behaviour except the highest levels of social corruption in any municipal environment. So it has always started with the little stupid things Politicians do to disregard other people's difference, freedom of worship, religion, academic pursuits and career.