Created and posted Sep 13, 2011, moved to blog on blog date

The idea that I am rather very fond of and regularly lose my temper which harms me, my job and Policy making is not actually correct. I do not lose my temper and never have-the issue is that of a collection of people that want to have the kind of peace that my Christian faith gives me without being a Christian. So what they intend to do is make me very uncomfortable over a long period of time keeping records and making scandals of that on a daily basis so that when they claim I lose my temper as compared to them, they might have become better people. The same were responsible for savaging my finances because they have a problem with walking up to me to ask me nicely for what I have got, so if I have no alternatives and then have to put back in order what they have damaged then it means they can see what is happening copy all of it and make sure I am not the one that goes down in history as the person who owns or did it. So we have now come to the point where their Politicians complain of being whipped by me with the use of harsh criticisms whereas their insults and the process of threatening me with their stupid gangs every time they do continues to happen in public places especially when it applies to interrupting me when I have something to say. While their media idiots on the other hand have been barging into my life completely determined to have a corruption of involvement where they do whatever they like with anything they want around here and they exist and carry out such acts in places and conditions where I can do nothing about it while they are still a part of all I do and a part of my world. The result being that they have begun to increase their threats along the lines of their desire to own all my personal and private property and of course will soon have to move left where that their stupid media is, people just shouldn’t say I said it; if they want to can make it more serious by turning the whole thing into a comparison of private lives as it were.
The same applies to those other claims that I claim to give things to the Nation but take more out of it. The truth on the other hand is that when they see peoples business empire that they have created and put away trying to find money to invest in it, they will scandalize the person until they start to scandalize it after they had completely decimated the persons private life as it were to do so, hence why I have stripped the empire and am now selling its equities in a format that will help me deal with the problem of the fact that these kinds of behaviours also meant every idiot can turn up at my place to bully me to know what goes on in the minds of rich people and then get connected with the help of those who always have money to invest on other peoples property and money for marketing other products which are their own on other peoples market place.
The way human rights issues operate in the eastern part of the world on the other hand as it were, has more to do contrary to claims of people becoming more democratized, with the fact that here in the west when people set you back as a function of your person which isolates you from your mates and leaves you with those you will have trouble fitting in with that they can later harm for black mail if they want because for the most part power is not structurally centralized although if they want to target you with centralizing it they can just for you, you are ahead in some way and only need to decide how you want to live your new isolated life but in the east this is not possible because they have a communist system, so if you have friends there, certainly you know somebody has the will to physically harm and other and you have every reason to help your friends, none of which has anything whatsoever to do with democratizing communism and those who raise and bring up such issues over and around me understand me perfectly these days on no uncertain terms.