I hear it said I never do a thing on time because I have not got a clue what I am doing the middle some git who wants the prestige of the rich and successful every single second of his time but what is true is that I cannot breathe on account of millionaire civil and criminal disobedience around my earnings and book sales; every time I build the market they have no plans to change their attitude and attract customers if they can insert their own products using media and abuses that make me too ugly to be presentable in public to make it appear that I have been detached from it in a tangible way and their excuse is always that media people have made them feel that way and I am too far below them for them to make themselves feel otherwise. So it has gone too far for long enough and it is better we don’t talk about academic proficiency if we can talk about that instead. I do not think it a problem anyway, it’s just that if I owned a company and did that with other peoples possessions knowing I have 50 people who will lose their jobs if they don’t hit a sales target this week, then I am destroying it and know exactly what I am doing to that effect too. Neither those who broker and develop property equity at the Company with me nor myself have given them an invitation – so I can rip up their insolent rich man’s civil and criminal disobedience personal lives for them of course but I prefer it if people in their world do it and that is why I want to conscript the pornographic Industry to do it.

I understand it being said I never really intend to look into the merits of Labour Party Policies on the economy but that is not true; what is the case is that government subsidises what will make it revenue in order to continue being subsidised in the future near or far and so if they have a way of showing us that spending tax payer funds on poor people will bring this about, I will support their Policies because it makes financial sense; taxes no matter how rich a country is, is ever always few and far between and if you are at a loss what to do with it when it is available you can always leave it alone. They do say I myself am stuck somewhere and need the same help poor people get which is not true either; what happens is that when I do my private equity Intellectual Property admin and it turns out there are certain areas where I take a position against crime, that will attract the attention of an entire government made up of idiots that want to create nice little earners with which they spend all I have to develop a culture of making money for themselves by selling things to rich people and this is what they are and nothing else – one very stupid destructive and unfathomable massive financial responsibility; they even boast about it as power so I am not in any way apologetic for saying so myself and more so especially because I have taken steps to curb a process where people mark others out as stupid and to be avoid in society, hence planned out my confrontation with this Governmental evil very well indeed as it were. When we do look at what they are saying, what it really means is that the Country is not good enough, the foreign Policy is not good enough nor is the domestic Policy and what will do is when a separate one is developed exclusively for their socialist party using the possessions of some important nobody to ensure they are powerful as well and so the expense climbs and climbs and climbs and  am fed up with people getting on my book sales to talk nonsense about their economic Policy, while their stupid children and followers turn up in public places to execute a sense that the media has successfully made them feel a certain way about me and I am so far below them they do not need to change it which is what we are now putting to the test as well; it’s been 14 years and they need to move on – I mean a lot of things people think interest me really does not at the end of the say, for example their Popular culture which whether or not it turns up to get rich savaging my possessions will always one day go its way and leave me to go mine, except yet again I am so far below them the system does not work on this occasion so they make the money and turn up to challenge me then complain about the problems associated with that. At the end of the day the pressures and the insults and the abuses are meant to achieve a process where I am seen having sex and enjoying all the pleasures of the world to the shame of all that is holy and my convent with God and it is being enforced by them at very high levels in government claiming it is the route to customer service that rich people will be happy with and that they are trying to become rich business men and women, the reality will still be that if I complied, then it’s a matter of how on earth I could have when I should have been in Church. Another example is the old story of insults from women and power of mothers thing where men like me are tight about their aspirations whereas if they were male prostitutes that made millions they would still have been successful, I have made an open show of how those millions really come into being and nothing has changed so that even if I would like popular culture at some point we can all see what such a point would have meant to them and hence the reality that it will never happen; I am doing what I am doing with it to keep an eye on it because their civil and criminal disobedience is off the scale and if we end up with a gratuitous nonsense where on one hand is a thriving new homosexual and clubbing an partying culture and on the other is a destroyed literary empire that is mine and will never recover, I will handle the Popular culture at a very grand scale and for the money as well – it is not to say I don’t know this is where they are heading it’s a matter of the fact if the Labour party knew how to spend taxes on poor people in such a way as creates revenue they would have told us all because it would make them popular to do so; hence they have no plans whatsoever for the economy. Settle it in the most basic macro-economic issues and you find that the relationship between every consumption and a forgone alternative is faced with a third factor that they are creating and trying very hard to institutionalise – it is a problem that has no name and can only build up and cascade like dominos while on the other hand it is impossible to reason with them when they are your financial responsibility and think that such a disposition will get them out of everything hence the need to secure what I think about economy and every aspect of their failures because they are chasing power.

So is there anything salvageable about their Politics? Of course not; I mean if we are not talking about civil rights fraudsters that become the very meaning of corruptibility with other peoples personal lives and every filthy thing they want to keep private because the idiots are trying to make money, then it turns to other matters concerning how they represent the real views of the majority population which has no basis on reality since people always tend to vote for what will work for them on account they know how matters of economy always end not least because their lives when it is about church and academic work and trying to be competent enough for the best jobs instead of popular culture and sucking up to rich people by seeking out people that can be bullied to make them feel good about themselves is under threat from the same Politicians who promise legal equity and equality. Where wealth inequality is concerned they are worst thing that ever happened to this world and always have this Politics inbuilt system of utter destruction that is never deployed against rich people despite all that hype – so when they have done it to me right down to black who need to determine how much money I earn in my life time to keep alive the sense white man is the problem black man faces in the world, there isn’t a thing left to be salvaged of a strand of Politics that chases others with insults and abuse which leads to a result where they are in control of every means by which a literary empire makes its profits so that they might share with the poor, become rich and ensure their wealth is safe from everybody else and carry on like that because you see they think they are both the revolutionists and the voice of the majority too at the same time. So their media idiots do issue the threats all the time but it is the same old bullying that you end up asking if somebody can make it stop so when terrorists hear that they will likely attach what happens to them at the hands of Muslims to provoke to a point to me all together but for my part the day I will get hold of them and beat them up seriously those gangs will not be around and then they can get me later when I am prepared for them – it is an old tale about social scum and their insults and abuses never mind the fact they are missing me already at present and all those noise about how I cannot back it up will simply see me do them again as it were. Of course the only relationship I have with media is that of being a victim of bullying and nothing more, it’s just that the threats after the bullying to make me react to them because they need it like a fix is what leads to the bigger issues; so I really don’t feel bullied at all and that is why it is not a topic for conversation in a larger sense and so those who complain otherwise were there while they used the civil service and the parliament and everything that they should not deploy for personal gain to create the fear I have of some things like failure of financial difficulties, they were there but thought the politics of bad things happening to you before you are allowed to get on with good aspects of your life was a good thing because those who think it is wrong are not doing what happens to be the Political thing for them to do. So these idiots mostly do what they do in order to get into an area where they have instant resolve that means they are so linked with the fraternity of their Country that they can marshal forces and deal with an imminent or an invented danger as the case may apply with a sense of duty, while those that are inferior such as me will have to make do with the next best thing i.e. it will affect me anyway; so of course we all know how it will happen when I handle them yet again – social scum.

Their excuse is that some people take the issue of tyrants and anything that represents inequality and barriers to democracy more seriously than others but of course we all know democracy is one thing and government is quite another and these social idiots will be the biggest beneficiaries of an unstable government system and they are therefore as such happy to create an unstable system that will give them those gains too and I am simply of the opinion that letting people be people and government be government is the way to ensure those their stupid body language concerning how a flat for retirement after years of service is not good enough if they can squeeze a mansion out of government by clinging to my book sales revenue. So there is nothing new about it; only the same old case of the English proving on the left and right alike to be the world’s best toy boys who have no regard for the decisions of the Monarchy especially when it is concerning a person and I will never get tired of dishing out the punishment; they need to keep their insults where people appreciate them and stay off my book sales earnings – we have had Scottish independence referendum because of them and there was one referendum in the Falklands before that too and now talk of another in Gibraltar. I hear I need to do something about my language of course which is actually not how I speak and talk in public anyway and then there is the other matter of what my sense of family is which has not yet been cleared up as they still have access to my Court and other women I consort and people have to be intrusive to a fault for that, their neo-modernism and various other abuses that mean they like it but will only have it if they attack and abuse and bully and intimidate and make a mess of, which does nothing to detract from the fact they do their intrusiveness to push open markets for their organised crime products they have heard me clearly that I do not want to experience the foggiest sense it is happening around my Literary Empire and then the bit where I have an inability to be a happy person comes in when I actually am – I mean if I am not, Mr Obama and his incredible destructive idiots will ensure I am because it is the only way to beat them down as well all the time.