I understand it is said I do not care if it mattered that the Country was divided but the Country is not divided because of Political lines it is because of the old reasons why Monarchy and Politicians clash in the UK i.e. the need for Politicians to divide up the population and write off a certain part of it, then we find that they become obsessed immediately after with a need to ensure they tore up peoples academic work and finances in order to develop a structure which ensures that for every penny people make they made at least 50 pence at the expense of the population and so it is the direct physical vandalism that has made people so angry when added to a process in which the Politicians are frustrated and keep demanding more – so it is a divided in terms of when you drop the Ball, I don’t get off the way you rip up everything around here and make me feel tired all the time so I could never recover to support and get you back on track but to take up the job and get it done instead. In my case its more a matter of the damage I have done to their international affairs but we know what happened was to show up at University and work some new forms of diversity on my public image while I was studying, it meant they got goons that would be standing up at the shops passing around blame culture at those whose academic work were destroyed to help them get ahead, showing up to chase my bottom and churn my tummy, ending in building the triangle between market I create for my Books, shop managers and themselves, feeding into the business of earning more at my expense for every penny I earn which will help to support their sense of superiority and so because of this, they spend much more of their time protecting the life they have built for their children right down to what people think of their children on account they are politicians, than they spend doing the government work all together – the point is I tore up their international relations because of how this fed into the work that people do overseas to keep criminals travelling to their first world countries while they perform such behaviour on the assumption they have been doing it all by themselves and the next time they followed me around at University, I am really going to try and live up to my threats of giving them the trouble that they so desperately seek. For now, I intend to ensure they got organised for the job that is such a problem for me and a convenience for them, stop following me around and keep a distance from my Books; so its all leading down to the clash with Media and Politicians story to ensure this vicious nonsense ended and that this outcome was the case. In the end its always been this two groups of people and the Politicians have been in Politics for years but have not settled up on the way Arms of Government work, so they go there all the time to behave as if they were rabid dogs and I were a piece of meat, feeding into the fact it becomes impossible to work hard enough to keep a livelihood above their civil rights practical jokes that they foster with speeches that incite people to tackle me every day, ripping up my academic work and telling me I had set up a Good business and they want to be rich with it first before I did, then blame it all on the Monarchy while even if the Monarchy did, its not clear what business individual members of the Legislature have with me all together anyway. their American friends will be the part where I got published online and they have spent most of my time getting me to listen to Industry idiots that are making money by controlling me on account I am solving problems while making sure the problems never ended, those who wanted to rip up my life and career to make popular culture were a problem I had to resolve in order to create the Books and those who have showed up around my Books without a plan in the world to get a copy of their own are a problem in their own right making sure the Books were a problem for me and then we hear them begin to speak of what I must do because I want to earn some money while the insults continue to get worse and worse – so the same case of American idiots getting organised for jobs that have made them so insulting and keeping off my space has become a very important point. They do claim  have not got it sorted out while we all know their dependency on tax payer funds with those gimmicks we see them exhibit as if it was a real job in terms of a job and not the effects of being allowed to select what they want to do being the layabouts that they are is not a sustainable way to view a system into which everybody pays only a small fraction of income. We know pervert Liberals and Democrats who never check their ranks for the criminals that turn up among them whenever they protest the fact others have something they have not shared, are very fond of this sort of nonsense and the reason we are having these sort of conversation is still that they had become quite accustomed to claiming my actions even my academic work as a means by which I try to make sense of the stupidities we see them exhibit, the Americans hanging around neighbourhoods ripping up family financial structures, so they might get everybody depending on stupid celebrities to share the fame.

They do say they are putting up a good fight and that I am losing everything I did in the eastern part of the world which I am not; it is still the old case of people picking up my work over the need to make money taking advantage of and abusing Mr Problem solver as they are the only ones that have got a taste for the finer things in life, run off with it to places where I cannot stop them to get rich quick ripping up my whole life, putting the feet up at some tourist arrangement and pass insults at me that people are going to run with all over the world and then there is my party piece where they get jobs in which they were paid more than 6 figure salaries and when asked to sell products set about peddling and spreading my personal life and public image for the public to access. It has always been something I can stop by making sure that stupid industrial narcissism targeting me and my earning structures were dead and buried and at no point were seen as practical jokes and the conditions are still the same for them as well i.e. need get organised for the job that makes them so important I basically live in hell, show up here only if interested in reading my Books. I did give away some information because it would help to save lives if I did apparently, I have no idea why the biggest problem I face for giving away the information just happens to be those who claim to be Liberal and profess the disposition as champions of wealth and social inequality issues was their own. I understand it is said that my problem is that people feel truly desperate because of me and I know that they do for my part, it was my intention to make it so when I look like I am about to lose a whole Royal Estate and then a Literary Estate I had built for myself all together to add to that as well; so they are desperate because time is against them and I will never be taken advantage of in terms of how much time they have left in the professional world and how much time they have left on the Planet all together and its all an affront to what their stupidities think their newly developed freedoms and civil rights actually look like, they are desperate after telling me the reasons they were going to win is that they can show up and hang about my Books until it ended up in their minds and became their property if I had refused to hand it to them and gone off to do something else on account their villainous insanity really needed it, they are desperate when following up evil the way that it approaches you would mean lobbing off their heads as trophy at the Office just so I might be able to concentrate on my writing. Talk of a servitude of American interests ensues while the mentioned entity of both the Government of the USA and the American people were rather aware I am not their employee.

It feeds into this case of the crisis with China that I never mention but we know what happened was that China set itself out as a trading Block, I set out Hermitage Canopy Interests with them and Liberal USA took over, insults and abuses ensued and China became a better replacement for the Japanese economy while any issues that arose will be the fault of the British, in much the same way the Japanese Economy was used as the Pawn whenever their need for the insulting popularity gimmicks they enjoy so much was going to make me breathless and sick each time I had returned from any issues associated with goons trying to show me if I started a fight with them concerning the fact I did not go along with their needs and demands over my work, their money would never run out, always such a show and commotion set out for such nonsense and that big mouth blowing off all over the place to distract from the academic work and we soon have to get back to the root cause of the problem and find that it happens because nobody paid a great deal of attention to their ideas about women, so they want people to make public statements about criminal feminists – it will then ensure that when people try to protect the self from criminal feminists the Liberal American goons are better off at the expense of such persons while defending self from them means the criminal feminists take a turn, as for the sexual abuse issues they work so well at whenever they are involved with the Japanese, should I do a thing about that, they will rip up my whole life and update their public persona with my public work and public image to preserve their jobs and tell me my main problem is that I describe them as a bunch of fucking idiots. So fair to say I want them out of my business with China as it is clear nobody is in control of anything anymore these days while their stupidities generally perform these deeds to claim they run the world with a big mouth; the goons who would never do a thing concerning their need for destruction with Countries they really care about are out there now decimating Fish stocks and endangered Species, destroying wildlife Habitat at will and they had signed a deal with Iran that ‘big bad Mr Trump’ now wants to break to pieces.