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It is remarkable how the sexual abuse of people as a function of every other form of abuse and vile treatment without actual sexual contact never gets discussed by these trouble makers, who always have the audacity to hold other people down and brew it into their lives, who claim they don't need any religion to tell them what is moral and what is not as if it was actually about them.

But even more vile was the conference itself like the usual war on me and my income they seem to be getting used to in the new year that they hope to win on both sides of the argument; they particularly felt like discussing Hezbollah in the Middle East but are never interested in discussing their socially organised con activities and the provocation of religion perpetually by persecutions that they cannot uphold and therefore continue to wish and push for a process where Political authorities get on their side for it, all the while controlling the finances of religious people with their tricks, bullying which has another name and argument in public at all times and media. All for no reason at all but mainly because if religious people fight back, it will become made by them into a fascist fight without end on account religious people will have destroyed their wickedness and the only way to rebuild would be to give up their faith, with excuses made up as they go along which they name power and rising economic relevance especially in South Africa and therefore become so confident in themselves that they believe they can go around ordering people about all over the west; that is before they complain groups like Hezbollah do Charity but it is nothing compared to the devastation they cause.

I for my part can read how much of it has to do with the way I manage my personal problems and how it has come to mean when they have secrete powerful gatherings, decide with it what they want to do with peoples lives and go out helping people with money after destroying the finances of those they wish to attack perpetually, it means they are good people; after all the eventual result is that no body is ever quite able to explain why the do the things they do to them and none of it is abuse or relevant abuse until and except it is sexual or violent. However the fact it ties people down and endlessly unleashes the worst influences in their society which they seem to have a lot of respect for, claiming it is not an evil thing when it destroys people finances and health and then mental health and then their lives which is a lot of suffering because they have made it such that it refuses to attack them and are so confident of this that they can use it on others claiming is not abusive or violent and thus cannot named devastation, which when compared to the amount of work they do on poverty HIV Aids and Starvation makes absolutely it worthless.

It is Hezbollah and Religion that seems to be their problem all together and of course attacking my books is always their strong and favourite point: I mean I understand I am the only person that has ruined their evils and then beat their fascist fight without end by the way, they have even become used to claiming it is my Royal Estate that is their problem whereas I did that before the war in Iraq and the killing of Iraqis has not gotten them back from where I placed them-not that I will let it in any case anyway.