Now the story of always being dominated by black people isn’t actually based on truth or reality; what is true is that black people want to be my parents because it would be pleasurable because it will give them the energy they need to face each day and so we have all sorts from South Africans to Ghanaians and Liberians and every nook and cranny in which black people live in the world in the UK expecting that from me because they never give those insults a rest as it were which they themselves know is unworkable besides which I have never set foot where they come from in my whole life anyway and have not go a clue who the hell they are. So the question has gone beyond what happens next when I get hold of them and set them on their own fool’s errand as well every time they do it here and has moved into the regions of how twisted and evil exactly you need to be to settle that the idea people in the UK are never fully in the 100% condition of their identity when they come from none white communities could be a means of dominating and having power over others, especially those that are more important than you are but in your opinion do not deserve to be? We are not mates you see and they don’t get involved with any of my concerns and get away with it; so I am going to start off by using it to do the work so that when I withdraw and let them be as well they can tell the difference. It’s never true they are a problem; it’s their nepotism and prejudices on which their health and well being which leads to physical appearance of superiority depends and so have I gotten hold of every nonsense they do with it right up to corridors of International Communities to the effect of such outcomes as the claim they get the better of me anyway never taking hold because they are now dressing well so they can stop embarrassing others for power even when they don’t have the money to dress well with; they don’t get involved with anything here as we are not mates, unless they get involved like so with their stupid Politicians. The other side of this story containing the bit about problems I was supposed to solve so popular culture idiots can feel comfortable is an old game of a case where my Royal Estate ends up in the hands of others – the usual way is when I am not doing the job properly and HM collects it for another but they can manufacture the prognosis by themselves obviously and all I can say to it is that my actions are not hurting badly enough yet as it appears to them I share this office with them as it were. It is never true I live like a white man – the reality about these black idiots goes beyond punishing Christians that don’t fancy their devil worship with a civil rights fraud that situates them on media so that for every bullying the result will be a self improvement that can create good history being stolen by them from somebody until they steal everything – it shows its hand the most around this sense that if they don’t punish me they will get media and government and society to do it and there will never be peace until I am punished on their account but of course before then at zero level they are the twisted evil people who serve Satan with strange practices to accompany and I am the Christian that looks like I should be making contributions to my race by letting them do evil to me which brings about riches, so I got hit by them and they want to be able to do it whenever they need after that without reason or purpose: The result being what I have become today i.e. Officially untouchable which means Politicians and media are all over the place about how that should be the privilege they were getting. Apparently the idiots as a society and community are cracked it seems and it does rather show they are not as clever as they claim they are.

14/1/2015 – 15/1/2015

This story goes on and on and on and on endlessly on media about a Judge that made out the fact a teacher slept with his underage student was the fault of the student and an angle pointed as well in my direction a matter of what I say to undo security for others; the reality of which is that there is no such thing and the story about what the judge said can be tiresome as well because it will not have been the judge that said it first – I am pretty sure the girl’s parents did and I have to as well but it is nice when it ends up in Court of Law and the Judge says too; I mean there is no other way in which we can identify the warning signs unless we listen to professionals who have to deal with facts that have emerged from such issues and not pea brain Politicians especially the female ones whose career are held together more as a matter of treachery than any form of professional behaviour; so that if you are 15 and want sex but are worried about having it with men because you are scared of men for obvious reason concerning the insults and abuses of your stupid parents that you like to emulate and have been doing so for all of your life, you want sex so badly you cannot concentrate on your academic work so the teacher looks like a good bet and you cannot tell if that is because he is emotionally fragile or not since it has always been about you and so whilst the rest of us would wonder what the hell is going on with you when being groomed violently and sexually as we all know they do, an emotionally fragile person will solve a problem for you and for himself if money cannot buy the answers or apply both processes thinking you can work things out together and the age difference between an adult and yourself is not that much, so when the judge says that but for the fact this is how you lived, an emotionally fragile man would not have had consented sex with you, it becomes a big thing for Politicians and media for over 24 hours and involves me too at the other end. They do ask those questions about how people may be emotionally fragile; as if they do not behave the way they do most of the time because they come from homes where domestic violence is prevalent or do not know they know more about where the anus and penis like their insolent parents of some men that are unlikely to hurt them than these men know about themselves before they realise time has gone by and they are teenagers in need of sex from men and start to get around scheming especially in school. Then again I always aim to be helpful; so if you work 9 hours a day and have been for the last 20 years 18 of which you were married and now your marriage has recently broken down and you have to hold yourself together by yourself, do your laundry all the time and your cooking too for example and at the end get out of bed and get to work for 9 hours a day for another 2 years; so when you are groomed violently by these idiots and their daughters the likelihood of anything coming off it is very low; I mean I for example have gone from the Christian that must be allowed to get a job and keep it only when I am out there having sex and binging and generally making a mess of myself and it has now developed to an all time low of the kind of guy that should be having sex with their daughters in order not to hurt them because I cannot due to the fact I am having sex with them in a condition where they are superior and so the insults never go away and they claim it is something else like politics for example.

I hear they say I know this because I groom people too – utter rubbish of course since the reality is that I rather show the fact I have a tendency for it – I mean if you have had to deal with 12 years of people turning up in public places to get somebody that is more powerful to collect your career for them no matter what they have because life itself is all about them and so on, which is becoming socially and culturally violent as well; I am doing away with the facts because I intend to be the one collecting those their stupid careers and confiscating them instead really soon. The other story of being emotionally fragile as well does not apply either; what is happening here is that the Politicians have become so fond of rewarding twisted evil idiots who do not believe another person is worth a smile because it is all about them and their needs for being bitter twisted evil people but they never ever reward me for showing signs of behaving in that way too, instead they reward them at my expense and so I will never stop because they continue to make that noise which means the more innocent I am is the more I trifle with their trappings of power hence why I am attacked without reason or purpose and I will continue to nurse the hope one day I will be rewarded for putting up a facade of behaving in that way too. I mean they do say my views on sexual assault is appalling of course which is utter nonsense - I mean if these fools see a popular culture industry idiot with some money to spend on somebody that wants to make him ten times what he has pillaging my property to show her body in public, it will become their main pro-occupation to the point of issuing threats in my direction whenever it feels as though there is a slight sense that is going around that I am not co-operating with it anymore and then when finished they turn up here to pretend every single thing they do interests me; we are looking at how that will have likely given them the opportunity to go out there and get any man into their lives that they fancy and some of them are actually children, who do it because they see their bloc head parents from whom they get their stupidities do it. We are talking about the fact I spent all of my teenage years putting these trouble makers and their criminal and barely criminal existence some corner in my life, only for them to spend the three terms in office of the Labour Party under the leadership of Tony Blair to undo it without reason except reasons they make up as they go along, so I only thought I should make these trouble makers get a taste of public life, reason being that I know I can furnish their lives with violence and look the part of the Royal Prince that I am ruling them, while these idiots have got nothing for their part in the matter - we are talking about the result being the kind of entrapment which means I look like I could do better but I am on benefits which means every fool that drives their cars by me wants to get their fingers into my anus but before then the entrapment itself was their major preoccupation and I cannot even as we speak keep them off my book sales as well, bearing in mind more so as we all know they can never ever listen to anything anybody says to them, nor have we ever ever seen them turn up from the blues to know people so intimately for the right reasons; so what they mean is that when they push people into a condition where somebody has consented sex with them while they are still minors it implies that it is a matter of the views people have concerning sexual assault which justifies my position even further as well - because the more their trouble makers have a public life so I can furnish their lives with violence and rule them is the more popular culture they will make with a City where the good suffer and the evil get rich and have easy lives which means they are on the side of wicked people and can do and undo with me as much as they please, especially when they are women considering there isn't much publicity out there concerning the wickedness of women as a society which basically means they can do whatever they fucking well please - so here we are and I can now spurt as much strange views about sexual abuse as I like and nobody can do anything about it in the circumstances too. As for those who think about doing anything about it however I have only one piece of advice; these fools are fighting for their lives and any tool that winds me up will be fighting for his or her own as well in a very short period of time; so I can always be helpful by reminding them homosexuality and decadence and binging and clubbing and all those rubbish we see them do before the city is a please for the hard hearted who cannot exist unless they steal my earnings is not exactly my cup of tea as I am a devout Christian but they are always welcome to continue and then behave as if every single thing their stupidities get up to with that media salvation actually interests me - those who want to do something about me need think first, think of doing something about them so they can test how far they will go with it too; it has to be this way because if it is not they will lead my people somewhere and kill them and it has happened on several occasions in Asia and Europe and some high profile ones in Southern Africa. So we understand this will have meant I walk the path of the coward who steals a living from women of course but they will have been referring mostly to those other men who are likely to tell people they hate women but I know it is because they are ignorant of these facts and so I have no plans to furnish them with it either, as we all know they have a tendency to become career criminals over them: the journey to this point was never a complicated one - they started with stories about how they want to determine how much money I can earn in my life time, they said their kids were more special than I am and that is why a few thousands a year can buy me all I need and not everybody needs make millions and so that was the part where I could express facts about how much I think they are bluffing but they took it one step further and have since built a brave new world on it i.e. they like to attack me because I am too pure and they do not like people that have not done a seriously bad thing in their life times; so I had to set out that thing socialists like to do with capitalism the one that is a threat to religion and morals and everything else and tell them I am going to break it and because of their insults and big mouth about how I can do no harm I will have to hit much harder than this - I mean the argument is always that I pay no attention to the resolve I give to those who act in ways I do not support while I pretend I never played a part because of course when people are wild and nasty other peoples lives are ruled by their activities; having said so it is impossible still to fathom how people think you are interested in every sin in the Holy Books on account they have appointed themselves a career to share everything that exists between you and your friends; their popular idiots have made millions by this being as notorious as they possibly can but it is not enough and this at least is undeniable.