We hear this story ever so often that my biggest problem happens to be my views about homosexuality and that it will get me into bigger problems before I had thought about changing it. So my views on homosexuality are not controversial ones either, I do not think that it matters to a stage of publicly organised conversation if people are homosexuals but I am a Christian and do not tend to think that it is a righteous act anyway: it is outright evil that we are talking about here and homosexuals are dealing with their own personal struggles just like everybody else is – that said, I am not going to get into any stupid trouble with them, I already know the primary premise for homosexuality to be that when people do the right thing and are persecuted for it, what they then do in turn is broker power with the devil and prevent it from getting out of control, so a Christian thinks according to the Bible which is not what we were talking about before they said I will get into trouble, that it is Christ that saves and just as we can see that everything they say and do is about insulting me until they know where my anus is located, the homosexuality does not save, only Christ saves. It is okay for people to be homosexual if that is their choice but it is also important for them to stop claiming they are doing it for me, we are in this situation because they continue to run their civil rights movements on the premise of blasphemy and the creation of their own private Jesus Christ who is marked out as a good people in the local community that gets killed by the bad people in order to save everybody else, just like we see them broker power with evil and it becomes the premise by which they want to decide how others are to behave considering that they do have needs etc; thus they get to this point where they have marked out some persons that just will not die after they must have prepared a life that is to be free on the basis of bad people shedding his blood; so I am not likely to get into any trouble with that big mouth at this stage considering also that they are not necessarily nice or reputable people, save I got into trouble with them on the Media where people will not a Men and their girls who are out of my league having sex with my personal space and public image, leave the information I put to culture and society to run a Book shop on account that they have got a job that gets to their heads, and we can see tell-tale signs that their own will end just as badly as everybody else’s did too. Hence apart from the need homosexuals have to do their homosexual activities with my life and my body and my personal space because they are desperate to make it feel comfortable, there is the other talk of the pressures that I have to deal with which show I am destined to be homosexual as well and it is utter nonsense; it has to do with idiots who have money and got rich by being stupid, so before they were homosexuals they are champions for tummy and anus whipping members of the public on account that these fools had money, now like we see all the time, their needs are greater than everybody else’s needs all together as well and if the insults mean that society goons and community idiots strike my bum all the time while I am to get into trouble if their bum is struck once as well, we can see where their stupidities is heading and where the fact I have mentioned many times that I have had enough of them fits into the picture. As for the rich by being stupid people; its usually a case of an obsession with a need to ensure their money is the most important thing to other people and it does get to that stage where the vandalism and destruction of other people’s property to make it happen is forgiven to a point where one can no longer protect his Empire with his own pocket money anymore and this is when it goes beyond just saying that considering normal people do not behave in that way, the government has work to do, especially when it comes to public welfare and becomes a case of wanting to know who the fuck they are and whether I had a part to play in the fact they either got the money by taking it off bad people they work with to oppress those who want to earn an honest living or got it by being just as ignorant and stupid; so here we are with the pressures that will make me homosexual burned up – I really have no idea why they are obsessed with the theory that I am set to get into trouble with them or how they hope to work out such stupid trouble anyway. The government prohibits the upper classes from being homosexual and they stick to the rules and do not become it; when everybody else’s bottom is chased because of their insults and they are the ones that become homosexual if their own is chased for a bit, it is difficult to see how it translates into a process whereby I get into trouble. The insult that I am not upper class is a typical example; where it is not their House and it is not their realm and it is not their public image and it is not where they had childhood friends, not where they grew up, not where they attended School but it bothers them so much what I am or not; so it’s the nutshell of it all i.e. it is in such trouble that it is about to get itself closer to the prison service but it is still convinced that it can get what I have to offer from a superior position, thus I can only get into trouble with them on the Media.