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The only reason I would be concerned about those who create problems for themselves based on the successes of others, for the purpose of power they can oppress those that are more important than they are by the deployment of their laziness with is simply the matter of business and money and the process of being in a place where I can do nothing to defend my market because Prostitutes with alternative jobs and their mad men have got me where they want me to be generally, which is how they have come to this strange deduction that I am some kind of object of blame when things happen to them in the course of getting rich and whenever they want to get rich and of course of which I am always a target and they can never have enough money.

Usually they believe they make so much sense out of everything when they claim the economic situation and the leadership I provide is clear prove I have no idea what I am talking about but which the Irony is that they don’t what they are talking about.
As far as I know, what people want is power, power to go out everyday and fight for what they want. They on the other hand will vote into government office while their abuse of people shows no signs of diminishing, Politicians that spend tax payers money to prop up businesses that are making losses then spend more of it to employ people in the public sector and make a name for themselves to no known end; and these jobs will never last either way those who have them until they retire, their reasons for leaving people with such uncertainties at high economics being that people can change jobs and will change as they go along, which then breeds the questions they hate me so much for in the case for example; my question being that they the men and their insolent croons and stupid girls and boys have jobs too and there is no reason they should not be changing that.
They control peoples lives in order to make them academically and career wise completely powerless while they on the other hand have no means of applying career power to anything because they are stupid and know only violence and oppression while telling me they will create such economic conditions as they will ensure crushes me because I refused to have sex with them to leave people with jobs that will never last, while making sure they don’t have to change theirs at all at any point whatsoever for which the problem we have now is a function of where they had begun to grab other peoples means and other peoples business sense to increase more profit for idiot that don’t know what they are doing all the time, which is how they come to the deduction that the government should not be cutting the deficit too deeply and too fast.
All while their insolent stupid kids who have been passing exams for the first time in their stupid lives because they have been given a hate figure thus pushing people out of their studies and passing the degrees with the good feeling gained from it, just to be the ones that have degrees first, have been creating a condition where their distractions violence and wickedness on other peoples academic work and activities as resulted in a condition where they pass the degrees and now have to face up to me in the real world for pushing me out of mine.
I.e. those who need to pass their degrees to do their jobs fail it due to bullying, the excuse being that they are Royalty and those who need to pass degrees to start looking for work pass theirs so they can start looking or which while the government funds it, I mean which one should be the governments priority? It will certainly end very well; I will have qualms with being the one responsible for destroying the economy by defending myself-now that they have got degrees and still have not got jobs with it as it were.

In the end violence and dealing with it is something we all do at some point and at some age-except they re decadent and can send those who are more important more powerful and more intelligent and usually such as stupid and will know nothing of it until they act as though they live in other peoples lives like they do today on my work and my income making up stupid suppositions about what does on in under developed and so called developing Nations; I did mine as a teenager but at 21 got pushed into it again first by Mr Bush and Mr Blair and then Obama and Brown and all the idiots who believe in saving those who could have done well saving themselves from trouble they pushed them into when it is too late and all the things that should not have happened to them have happened to them anyway, otherwise they will keep pushing them into it until it does and if they save themselves people will scramble for their lives to have power while women will use them for all sorts of rubbish because they had bad experiences, who had lots of excuses for doing so but everybody knows the purpose was the fact they get their Salaries on a platter and felt like making sure my job was not paying me while I was having to do it with no way out. The superior apparently just linger on the violence for ever and the rest of us, we simply have to take it a pinch of salt and accept there are other things we can do which some of us are good at in the end anyway which we can protect from idiots in the industrial world.

For my part I have always been the one people locate as what needs to be murdered for the future of all; so we all have our challenges.