Created and posted Apr 18, 2011, moved to blog on blog date

The great problem has always been how to protect ourselves from being robbed by the young and free men and their boys; for the women it is the point where they claim to be the men who work for the interests of women, such nonsense of which will never make sense and for men like myself, I am perpetually having one thing or another that would be good for the country if I did on their orders but refused to and will pay for treachery.

My challenge has been to avoid that condition of abject lack where they have devised their usual men run political immorality: where they locate people at a time when they can do little about anything or have been pushed into such a condition when they least expect anybody will want to, tell them to give up a cause they have been serving people with that has been pressed into their souls while they were not suspicious of evil being done them and when they have refused, begin to set out the commandeer of basic needs by undercutting peoples with the use of market, claiming that the present world we have today and all the money in it, either through selling or buying is created by them and hence everybody else is a rival except they are on their side and when they have controlled government funds for the purpose of using it to destroy everybody else's business and property and income in order to have power, we know we have reached a Humanitarian Crisis state.

I had finished with this matter and a long time ago did set out what the future should be. It is the younger men and women in whose interest is a safer world that are opportunistic and are the ones that have decided it is through the fact I need to sell books for a living that the balance will be disrupted and tilted towards the violent men who have basically run out of leadership steam and are deploying the best of their powers of paedophilia and homosexuality and so I must declare at this point that this is where we stand.

For now I will not give them back any stupid powers of western government and they can go to hell; I need to do this to keep my head because I am a writer and make a living from my thoughts (hence the reasons I hurt them and the reasons they claim I am unpredictable vicious and very quick to use the stick) because they are too fond of going into peoples countries to set up rivalries with me, win it and cause suffering to many to show what they want to show about a boy that tries to lead people when he cannot.

If they touch my securities or touch my books and thereby my income again they will naturally hear from me in a big way (currently I am cash strapped because they have been doing these things at a time when I never did suspect people were as much as planning them). It does not mean I am vulnerable to goons who want to work for various manufacturing industries usurping my Intellectual property to do so, as far as I am aware on the matter those I have permitted to use my intellectual property because they work for Companies which deploy them have been trying to cheat me out of something, fearing my reaction they decided to deploy them and their insolent creativity fascism on the media. I am still on the issue by the way and when they step out of line they will never go far enough. The blacks on the other hand claim there is racism everywhere but are the ones running the attitudes and institutions-when asked they claim people like me are difficult to convince that racism exists and it will never be the first time they have been so insolently pragmatic at me.

I am aware all these things are happening.