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No government would levy taxes on people that they cannot afford, maybe it is the Labour Party that needs to stop ruining peoples lives so they might start all over again and other people can then copy or see what making the money they earn is all about in order to do it as well.

It is not somebody else’s fault that vices exist, in fact it is the acts of those who just want to see somebody desperate but cannot access what they own because something or somebody is stopping them and the pleasure they get from it, not the confiscating of everything others own including their health to make up stupid ideas about how some brave vices to work for what they need so that vices might thrive.

Besides which only I can have my own life and there is no such thing as sharing it but the main issue is that when people do these things and it hurts, when I tell them it does they ought to stop it, when people do these things and I realise I will have trouble funding my needs when I tell them they should stop it, otherwise there is no such thing as setting out economic security contingencies without scaring the horses in the city. The plain issue here is that peoples' wickedness must be allowed to pay off in the right way, otherwise such nonsense talk will eventually lead to a a fight in its own right all together.

They need to leave the will of God alone; what a man sows that he must reap, its the way it is. I am fed up with people having opinions about what happens when it is planting time and somebody sows themselves thistles and grasses and weeds, then when it is harvest time they make out I am so close to God I am a magician that can turn the weeds they sowed for themselves into wheat which is soon followed with intimidation that was build from making me do things for them with the benefits of my faith, while trying to make sure what the world believes instead is that it is something I can do and not what my faith blesses with me, which then also applies that the reason I mention faith is so that I might not be fleeced of what I can do for others.

The purpose of the treasury is not for people to get into somewhere to talk nonsense like 'the building of contingencies without scaring the horses in the city is impossible'; if they want a fight they turn up here, otherwise the more that continues the more the fight will come to them wherever they are; besides which there is a big problem of making my work so many times more difficult because I have been given a Royal Estate that the person that gave it is not going to take it back, less over the intimidation of hoodlums in government and now that I have that job to do first of all cannot get another job and then also have to find a way to make sure it pays me, now that it has become some kind of social thing that every body can partake in;-this is another story in its own right all together in any case.

The look on the face of that guy that was about to be made a Prince which everybody knew about but didn’t quite make it and the homosexual feeling they can ask over it and the confiscation of all he does to get himself to recovery, watching, stalking and following him everywhere to do so; the look on the face and terror in the eyes of the person that has been forced to share so much he is desperate but is still being made to share is funnier than anything because he understands what is going on all the time but above all is more important than getting a day job, after which somebody must plan economic issues to suit them because they have MPs that are prepared to raise a conversation over it with other people in Parliament, which then means they become more and more important as the day goes by:-talking about it from the office of the treasury is just the last straw.

They love the idea of claiming they do these things because the Queen found an illiterate, took him off the streets and gave him a Royal Estate when their silly PM was the first to know about it and took steps to ensure it never happens and the result was that I got my Estate and the person that gave it will not take it back and because of them I have not been paid for my work for the last decade, while they have been having their salaries on a platter and claiming expenses illegally.

So the bottom line is that they feel they can get people to believe that they don’t know that when they distract a Chief of staff with their stupid insolent nonsense about the glory of men while he is trying to complete a programme of study, it will cause him to fail it; so they can get into government and represent the interests of hoodlums in revenge for an illiterate holding an important position.

I don’t mind, there will always be a collection of stupid evil cultural scum that have objections about me and I have been assessing what they can do regularly. The problem here is that they have opinions about my faith and my income because they are useless and cannot do anything otherwise and these kinds of distractions and destruction will continue until I begin to eye their salaries myself at some point.

Who on earth will give me a job or listen to the fact I have had my income completely and consistently destroyed? Today they arrange an interview and in 2 hours they find out who I am and call it off and word spreads as well that I tried to find a job in their company-no body will ever understand.

As I mentioned only I can have my life and I need to sell my books and raise funds for what I need.
These guys specialize in nothing else but grabbing what belongs to others and expect violence and social unrest to be the way people deal with them when no body is interested in their evil politics anyway and those who supply them get away arguments which turn the good people who are prepared to let go and work for another one into victims of delay based denial and then playthings of tyranny all together, will pay just as well as they will and all their friends, corrupt fools and thieving idiots; it is what it is-war on social, sexual and financial corruption and then when I am done maybe they will leave me alone.