The idea that media is taking over my career is utter rubbish as well; nonsense all together, maybe the ultimate desire of parents that betray their Christian children to the world in a bid to get rich, which no parent will get from me in hell, so they can continue doing the life style thing and telling lies as much as they want. However for the media it has become annoying and confrontational i.e. the outcome of all they do since it is impossible to steal my career is the creation of another meaning for every campaign and product I put out at my market place and it is becoming really intolerable because people ought to give up trying when they have found it is impossible to take up another person’s career otherwise accept the truth is that they are bent on being cruel and violent to the person, not tell lies until they can creep behind him and murder him to take his career and of course I will handle them in the same way too for my part without question.  The meaning of what I have said is rather simple i.e. they think they want a society where it is acceptable to grab other people’s property if you are bigger in size than they are or basically just stronger and more superior and I know in such a society a Christian like myself who has a literary empire he is already being prevented from earning money from by their stupidities has everything to lose because I cannot get into enough fights in the world to create a sense that I am scary – I will always look like the beaten every time, hence something needs to be done about it and as far as I am concerned they have got the cost to pay for this and I do not have to worry about them and cannot make out why they suppose I should. I am aware they say I am not innocent in the matter anyway and yes I am not innocent in the matter; the insults can continue and I will become a fully developed misogynist in about less than a decade. Everything I say falls on their media deaf ears as it were because they do not understand me and feel that those they understand are scary and dominating, what I want from my actions at present is to ensure I have an understanding with the society of men and that the women are made to work really hard for everything and for everybody – hence my question is whether there is something about them that I need to be afraid of because I am really keen that they move their insults off my television, move further right and get on the streets to take me on or leave my work and anything that is an effect of mine out of a list of things they suppose they can touch or handle before it goes bad as well. Some say my actions are harsh but they are not in anyway; reality is as they put it, that I annoy and provoke them by building a shroud of confusion around everything so they can never explain themselves to anybody and I can murder people and get away with it but this was something they started on grounds they have got media and like to bully women not to mention find problems that can surround their lives with and deploy to wreck the lives of others to secure privileges for salaries they already have in their Bank account, then have explanations for it that makes sense by explaining themselves away using the lives of those they have assaulted as well and become completely confident alongside their Politicians that it will work against absolutely everybody. It is the reason they like to hurt me and run off to get politicians to roll with it about which I say it is good for those who roll with it but when they do realise it is a fight and should not expect a conversations from me like they normally do; I mean finding what hurts people is something they do like their lives depend on it and doing so of which is half the story since the other half is that they want to touch people there all the time which is why when they do not find one in a person’s life they create it and so when it comes to touching people where they hurt which they want to do every second and some people just have a pleasurable one that is bigger than others they are completely deaf and never listen which is why I want them to lean to the right or I will. The main prognosis of these things is that idea of hurting me and running off to Politicians to get them to make laws that will cover it up so they can dominate, dominate and turn out to do things to me which has two dimensions of which one is an evil thing and the other is to cover their tracks and the purpose is to get rich every second of their time – with the emerging prognosis that it is impossible for anybody to understand what I am saying and hence the outcome of genocide, otherwise it will cost me everything including my breath because they have media and are such a handful of cowards who talk too much, hence I have set mine up as well and they need to clear it up each time they want to say anything, if that is not evidence enough that given a little bit of the chance I would kill them and if threatened at my home I will kill them I do wonder what is anyway. For now it’s a case of questions about how any attention from me is perfectly okay and whether there is something I need to fear from them since they are so stubborn; there is reason behind their actions – people shouldn’t say there isn’t one.  Obviously what we have gained from it is that when you let it fly then it is the road to genocide, when you do something about it your life will not be worth living and the reasons for it started from the fact I am a Christian whose life they can pervade for trappings of power they can use to get rich because they feel it is a good explanation for an act of theft of all I work for and anything that comes from my aptitude, so that when immoral Politicians go along with it they become surprised at the outcome they later have to deal with and pretend to fight for my civil rights before I was born which is another story all together complete with its fraud prognosis and violence and everything else. No normal person would do these things and climb on another person’s earnings on a daily basis to create the idea they are also more worthy to walk the earth as normal living, peaceful people – no normal person would do it at all or entertain the thought of it, I mean I do all I have done but I am still aware all I know about it is what they show me, the idea of understanding what they are is to see how these behaviours develop and then imagine a reason for it and the purpose behind the thoughts of the people who do them with their big mouth i.e. the only simplest logical prognosis of the thinking behind these behaviour is that whenever these fools see me, they feel like causing me harm and pain and they need to get off my television and get on the streets and fulfil it as quickly as they possibly can as well – I mean I have made it clear if people dress in a way and feel it is their culture and it hurts me I want to stay away from it and want them to keep it away from me, so when it finds its way into my prayers and personal life I am responsible for my actions thereof. We have reached this stage from a long way; the beginning of how bad it can get started from the distant fascism where they get on media to scare me, open up my spirit to push it out and put it in, then we got past the part where I needed them to come round and fold  fist at me for it as well, onto the bit where I said things to hold out because people handle another person’s livelihood in such a way on grounds they have something they want to work out with him, hence nurse the process of meeting them at some stage to work it out, now we have reached the genocide and life not worth living because I do not want genocide stage as well and it cannot go on like that either.  I mean are they women? We all know women are always nervous and tend to deal with people from a distance and so that idea when people decide to do things you can prevent them from doing it is something that women tend to do, not all women of course as it were but it is the general idea. As for the idea I bring it out of women and get people to chase them around, that is utter rubbish; I think that like the stuff about wealthy women they need to beat me to hence all the violence and insults I will nip very soon because it is causing too much damage and thereby becoming a self fulfilling prophesy, I do look after it very well and those who want to chase women for sex will always do it anyway and find a suitable excuse thereof too. They have this real difficulty telling the difference between me a statesman and me a person, so they well think how I say it is what I will do which is utter nonsense, so yes it applies most of what I have said is to do with the males ones, for the female ones it seems the main issue is that bullies normally do what others have done to them, so I will find out soon enough where those people who do those things to them are in case I want to get involved as well; hence my plan to end the reign of idiots with a twisted sense of what is right and wrong turning up all over my affairs and business. As for the media, there is nothing complicated about it i.e. the talents that make me royalty: the manifestation of it being  the people I look after in my personal life which they regard as a sense of security that they want to own alongside their stupid girls and so they are now after years of vandalism and destruction and how royalty must be vulnerable to media in the 21st century, have reached a stage where they have arguments with me as well, get involved via corruptions of involvement and try to make or change my decisions regularly put up violence that ensures when they get angry I do something about it and I will meet them soon enough as well, I will have them blow me their share for their part – nothing more than this; all there is that the securities I have placed out there from my office especially for women who do the news because they are exposed to the plans and desires of these idiots who go from wickedness and violence every second to the point where you make excuses for some of it just to survive and then moves to the point where your mention of religion simply stirs them to take that security as well by violence and pretend society does not punish them because it pampers them so I can find a way to join the side that does anyway, not that it spares them as much as they claim as it stands by the way, were never placed there for them and nobody thinks it is a mystery that each attack at me is a factor of how a certain group of women that have had enough of them spend a lot of time steeping those their stupid lives in one fight after another. All these matters I write books about have been there for as long as we can remember, none were ever done by the stupid media cowards but now they feel as though my affairs have become such a major concern of theirs it is very important to them that I reach a stage where I run faster than I can breathe so they can dominate me, it has never been a new story about the media and their threats are things I really want them to actualise and get off my Television to do so as well, so we can find out. For years now it’s been one behaviour alone that they do not seem to understand i.e. see a celebrity and say piss off, see a politicians and say you do that – idiot; it works really well with the American fools because they soon have to deal with so many problems, that big mouth of feeling like hurting me whenever they see me or anything that belongs to me as it were.

I am aware that of the idea the way I run my affairs is no way to run my affairs but what I do is not necessarily a way of running my affairs, I am working not running my affairs when I know I am a none bloodline member of the royal family but say something in public about getting involved with Pornography. The fact about it is that whenever people make videos of themselves having sex they become completely convinced that the purpose of it has to be that of wrecking my public work and my reputation and my political alliances and my diplomatic work. So even when I do not want all that biologically social experimentation in public, I get it anyway and have to accept it because it costs me so much that I must tie ends by making sense of it and of course it will gradually get violent based on some prognosis that my entire life will be determined by the fact they are bigger than I am and can beat me up if they want to reason being so they can extract from me what they want to extract since the free air itself is dependent on their actions in their view. The royal family does not think such things are a bad thing either, they do understand I use it because it costs me so much and therefore becomes a preferred alternative to opening my sociology and criminology text book etc, the problem ironically comes from the fools that are responsible for the problem itself who will make out a Queen wants to be served sexually and then before long they must have supplied the sex and thought it is another person’s problem and of course I am usually the attractive target.

The Politicians that help it go on, on the other hand will speak loads about how I am responsible for the problem that their economy has got which makes no sense whatsoever since it was their children that started a game of how I need to control my mother who is betraying the Christian to show the world which side people are on which is then progress etc, control her since she is stirring racism because of me or else and now their Politicians who have ever supported nothing but the idea their children can do whatever they like to me while I cannot do anything, claim I am responsible for the economic problems as well, on account they are being racist. Not the first time I have intimated them to the fact their behaviour shows I am alone, likely to be unprotected by the rules of this land and should never have my decisions questioned, this time I guess the economy as it stands is not hurting badly enough yet, so the general idea of all that issuing threats and talking too much is to suggest that if brought here I will not rip it up with my own hands anyway; break it down and box it and flog it really cheaply for my whiles as it were to cool down my mind. To this they will say I  have been allowed to get out of hand otherwise it would never have been possible, when in actual fact the case is that nobody told them to do the racism thing which proposes to tell people where they can go and nobody gets to tell me where I can and or cannot go, since I came to this country and tried to stay out of getting involved, what has happened since is things taking unexpected turns for the better where I found myself in the Royal family for example, I have put all I have in it and have to call it home, nobody tells me where I am supposed to be or they feel my stuff too. I mean the general idea is that when people take such things upon themselves the reason is because of the colour of their skin or the colour of mine hence the big names of racist and so on, having been the colour of my skin is involved of which they cannot see it is abusive and really insolent. So far what I have done is create this sense that their industries belong to me but the process is so convincing that people hardly believe that it does not, when they had decided not to believe that it does on the other hand of which what will stand out will be my literary empire which will make my books a much more attractive thing to my customers, which is precisely what it was built for – I have not done anything to harm them yet as it were. I mean if you do put the racism thing into context anyway, the fact remains that if I did Intellectual property administration for all the manufacturing companies in Europe, can somebody really get to tell me I couldn’t on grounds he is being racist or does he believe that contrary to reality there is anything he can bloody do about it?

The general outcome of these things are supposed to have been of course that people come to their country and learn things about them with which to make them vulnerable but nobody told them to do the racism game either. Likewise the claim that the price I make people pay for their actions towards me is too high, which it really isn’t since it has been years and a daily occurrence thereof, that people continue to have a behaviour towards me which means that I have much but cannot protect it and that any extremist have been shown that it is easy to simply take away from me anything they want to, without regard for what the extremist might use it for, which is an example of the things I will tell people not to do with my work only to have them become even more stubborn and a process resulting where all of them get their hands in and do it and we are not talking about how it reaches the stage where seeking more privileges for salaries they have already got paid to their bank accounts is to affect my health and safety and well being directly and more so because they have got media, which works only by handling my person and property where they are unfathomably stubborn, so when I tell them not to do it, they do it anyway and all of them and so many of them do it and yet still want to do it - then there are others that pick up on this behaviour over seas and make out it is what the UK is and like these goons make people into extremists all over the place, which then does them so much good all together as well. It’s like the stuff about the Middle East and a process of the fact everything that moves is being killed there; the general idea being all the time, especially when idiots want to speak of how the UK overestimates its power and how countries only get into a Union when and if they are in the same area, otherwise they will make sure wars are fought over the sovereignty of small countries etc, that people suggest the UK were the clean guys of World War two and so when they play around with it as such they end up with insurgents everywhere. As such when people ask why the UK hates those who pick on underdogs so much; I mean why would anybody want to get around traumatising people by telling them they kicked and underdog, it’s like he has taken everything and now he is leaving you with the leftover of the memories of it but even greater is the issue of the question of whether I can kick the other underdog at the far left hand side as well, you know the one whom when I kick will make me feel no liabilities for doing so etc. We have always known that the US is the flashy one and the UK is the cultural one as it were; the US does not have a multicultural society, it has a free one where people go there and fly the flag like everybody else – here if it was not multicultural enough that the Queen was leader of the Common wealth, there are also thriving multicultural societies of Muslims and others like the Chinese and other far eastern countries etc - multicultural societies with deep cultural links overseas. So it is never funny when people kick underdogs in the middle east for example and then suppose everybody wants to hear about it, more over of which just months after the UK trade envy got to that region to seal a few things concerning trade links we have worked so hard for in those regions, its blown up because somebody else thought democracy had to happen and had given no thought to his own actions and everything that moves is getting killed, while fools gloat on the chances available for the powers of men to happen in a free and democratic world that shall be brought about by those that can get it done who cheat them all the time by hiding the fact they can successfully which shall not be allowed to happen anymore.