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I am keeper of the British Armed forces, I cannot perceive any anxiety anywhere.The issue here is that these trouble makers are too insolent for their own good.They are always looking for somebody to blame for their own failures. When I provide renaissance for the Armed Forces, they get off to the UK ministry of defence to create corruptions and that is just the UK alone, after which they set about bothering other countries and then getting even more frustrated without a care for the mess they make in diplomatic circles and yet when I have put all the information on my website, it becomes a means for taking advantage of me and getting off on public places talking rubbish. Then there is the one that gets them into trouble of getting off addressing me as if I am their equal and more so all the time in public places, which also makes it very difficult for me to concentrate especially on financial matters.

The quantity of older men in a programme of destroying the lives of younger men and then inserting the futures of their own children in place of where their lives and work and all they hold dear previously was is incredible, the number of young people who will not look for a better way to protect their future because they can take advantage of younger men is also incredible but even more incredible is the amount of funds they spend doing it, after which they realise they need jobs at the other end; I find it impossible to understand where they got their issues of Western anxieties from anyway.

Take inflation in the UK for example: they claim the reason it is so bad is the government's Policy on VAT and the government's austerity measures but in actual fact everything done to run the country in the last couple of months reveals stages after stages of the economic social and Political mess that they have been supporting, voting for and bullying the rest of us into going along with, complete with economic blackmails by which negative market equities can be created for the UK in favour of Germany, so they can make out examples of economies that will recover if they play according to their plans and rules; having realised this sort of recovery will never last the coalition government has sped up its austerity plan and taken that aspect of the economy asset for asset, pound for pound away from them (the bit where all people do is get money buy and sell buy and sell with no future, with no business sense, with no chances of business continuity, just the fact that if money was given to them to keep on doing such things then keeping them means the economy has a means of support over the circulation of wealth during the recession, providing some kind of safety net whenever economic success must ride on the success and value of the currency in the international market until the main economy recovers but they have given it to certain strategic places and countries and Polities aboard as though it was theirs to and are now flexing the powers of their societies and Unions to influence the government when they have nothing to bargain with) which they claim is wrong but we still never get ideas from them except what to do to achieve intimidation and then sit back and talk about things rather than do something about them, looking for people to pervade before you happen to try at all. feeling bloated with power and gloating over how much people want to pay them some attention or another. Now they are concerned about inflation and their fingers have pointed to the governments austerity measures and the Policy on VAT already with no plans for change on their part.

So the list goes on and on and on.

They love to shove me to the floor literarily because I am doing better than they do-so I take it with a pinch of salt, this behaviour encourages fascist violence and I deal with it, now they are using my books without buying them and goading me with media and Politics which will be their undoing as it were; I mean they as a globe, as a Nation of people could not take me on in a fair fight but here we are as it is with everything else.

There are no silly Western anxieties; personally I am of the opinion that because of my work and it's importance, there is no way I can break free from this hell hole and go somewhere else to live my life, except and until there is absolute destruction and waste. So I feel they are wasting my time.

Of course if I mention American interests I am perfectly aware of what the adding wood to their fires effect would be, especially in terms of the continual dream that a British Prince will do something democratic that American idiots can take over Later to expand the interest of their country. Naturally the cultural violence is supposed to follow this whether or not there has been a chance of success-which has its own Price anyway by the way.