The story of stealing the careers of journalists and celebrities is of course one of those issues that forces you to take a look at the nasty habits of Caribbean and Afro Caribbeans who live in the UK and screw around as much as they like, thinking their very nasty habits has given them the means to control everybody and at the end get fame out of it too – for of course it is so easy in the UK to do so bearing in mind if they vote for Labour the government funds it and you stop short of calling the place a very stupid country for obvious reasons. We Africans and black people have generally never actually been interested in them but these abuses and insults can no longer be ignored here. I mean what is homosexuality anyway and what does it do for anybody? It does not mean I don’t know it is a means of expressing some trophy victory over moral people, I am asking because they tuck their careers away and ensure their own homosexuality does not affect it while other peoples own is ripped up and nothing you do to protect it will escape being handled by them and they claim its democracy and my activities are clearly not hurting badly enough yet as it were. One moment they need to be white in order to function and others have no right to exist, the next the answer to their problems will be if something did something about their African identity that was damaged at source by some ancient oppression from white people and it goes on and on and on endlessly, now I steal career from journalists who have a great deal of trouble listening to what other people are saying to them when they have needs on peoples possessions – apparently they were the nice ones too with a big mouth. They say I would be flattered if everything bad about me was fancied; so they have settled on masturbation, pornography, mutual masturbation and masturbation in public story – which I present before employers and journalists and even The Queen, it does show they have found their Nish as it were since we still cannot tell what homosexuality means and or what it does for anybody as it were, when you do their own too. Obviously the more people complain is the more they do it – ever so difficult to leave people alone and it is a public service they are performing too spending time reading English dictionaries to find insults as it were all the time sort of behaviour. They do claim it is about revenge for what Americans largely think are the group of people the British should be concerned with as a matter of international responsibility but then again this is the big question, are they wrong? I mean I am not unhappy or miserable when they say I am attack in revenge for it in the UK as such but it remains to say these guys should never expect to get away with democratic insults messing up a Royal hospitality and damaging the business of those they think they are superior to as an excuse for their wickedness which has thus found a condition in which it cannot be challenged – they do it and realise they need wealth later to talk nonsense about rewards for their disgusting habits to be found in civil rights and trappings of power for Politicians who think you cannot challenge them as well because democracy does not necessarily have to be a moral thing and it can never immoral somewhere else as it were and we all know what the reasons are too; like both God and the Devil do not exist and its intensely personal with a big mouth.

It is not a problem for me in anyway – it’s like that story of powerful women concerning which they cannot keep their insults elsewhere it may be appreciated; the reality of which is that I am not scared of people who wouldn’t do certain things in school that they feel they can now do in the real world looking for more trouble and when they feel like it regularly visit leaders of democracy shake hands and say hello and get after moral and religious people as well, soon they find it has taken up all they have considering people are able to get by being moral and religious on account they are a walk over and then the Politicians that never ever listen will deploy tax payer funds to bail them out in some way as well. Having said so, the tax payer funds is not my money but you soon find their bloc head children especially the males speak of somebody whom when bullied changes election results, how they will not attend school if they don’t have a hate figure and of course the fact those who get tax payer funds help are fundamentally superior, so it becomes a real life issue and not just a matter of imagination before we thus hear the complains we hear all the time. So because Politicians always give them that money and claim they were not aware of the facts later, I too have made them famous which do them no good because they are ugly. They do speak of being Citizens and discovering who they are which has nothing to do with the truth of the fact they organise themselves into town halls and Churches and sit there talking nonsense all the time which is then built up into an atmosphere they can deploy to oppress anybody they want and I am clear I don’t want anything to do with them i.e. when you sit down and think about making people complain about the coming end of the world and then take stock and decide on the next best thing because of course they always say nobody knows what they are up to, these powerful women whereas you know they can be successful if they worked hard which they have the energy for except that they never do unless the platform is built on the lives of religious and moral men. I don’t think it is a problem as such they always say people like me tends to mean others cannot change their ways if they are evil and we know that either way what they are after is revenge for the destruction of their evil cultures by somebody whose Royal Hospitality has been abused by them along with all that bragging about their power leading to a need to take action because it destroys finances and create a crisis for the population; I think the fact I want nothing to do with them because they are evil and have had their tracks all covered up by attending church to counter any such argument or thing that may suggest or point it out is good enough, so I think that changes their way as well. It’s not a fundamentally complicated matter; it’s the number of women I meet and the number that tell me I need to be straight and I cannot work out what they are talking about unless I put in context the process whereby they share skin colour with me and I am being trapped and they have built up an atmosphere of sex that is being forced on me which I can carry around everywhere I go, sex that is being forced on me which I should comply with first before I am allowed to get a job which then develops into a means of selling out some moral person to the industries to get rich and so on: so for now they brag it is the power of their wickedness that I have no respect for but at some point I will have enough of it and they will get into trouble again – at the moment I have done my best being Royalty that does something about pornography Industry which is actually messy stuff because of the tendency for it to mean every woman I meet is then detached from me and made into the older woman who fancies younger men that got along with some idiot linked with pornography and popularity in some way who will use it to control her and seek ownership of what belongs to an ex that was not a real man as well and so on – when it winds me up yet enough they will get into trouble again. We do hear that I am the subject of someone else and know not what freedom and citizenship is but of course the truth is that I am Royalty and HM has a leash of me and there is nothing else but – I am subject to nobody.

The case of some need to deploy my markets to make other businesses more profitable so as to attract investors does not in any way make me jittery as they have claimed it does; the reality is that they have no respect for other peoples businesses because of the kind of things they talk about in popular culture, things they boast to their stupid friends about before they turn up to live it out to keep up an appearance and so they feel that seeing other people’s business and seeking to deploy it to their own ends makes sense as something workable. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s just simply that if somebody does not wish to spend 40 of every 100 words he has to say about something that matters to him talking about it or not he wants to keep off my possessions they can do that and if they don’t want to they will stop it but the last things they should expect from me is a process where I am lazy about it. Yes they do say I bring it on myself by talking about everything and anything concerning the business but of course the reality is still that you need a privacy to write a best seller with so that they can plagiarise to make their own side line money and make counterfeits to get rich quick – in my case they are getting in there early, they are after the potential itself all together, so that my privacy is degraded to a point where they are following me everywhere and at the end of which they pretend nobody knows why they are punishing me with their stupidities like that especially when they claim God and the devil do not exist and that they are atheists; I mean at the end of the day the devil bit shouldn’t matter to them that much so I assume I am free to bash it – generally it is usually a matter of choice until gambling like these are done with it to provoke those they can handle. It’s like the old case of my twitter profile where they think when I follow them they are my personal Gods whereas I do because they are not the ones that are mainstream popularity idiots who really enjoy destroying people’s lives and making a public point of it to express the need to have their decadence and every single corruptibility that can be imagined but they are the people in the middle still and feel they can tell me what to do in order to preserve a general sense of fun for society and so on, so I keep an eye on them so we can find out exactly what it is they want and what those insults will eventually achieve in the end too; it has never once meant they are in any way superior to me. They do speak about friends and allies of course of which having my finances pillaged by the state has caused enough damage to create a condition where I always need to be in control of things i.e. when the Court want to get in control of helping me with my public work there is always a clash; this is an entirely different issue I need resolving and I do follow people on twitter profiles to that end as well. I am not facing any difficulties as such; its all a matter of looking after the equities and as long as those are safe, I will only need to get some sales men to shift the products – they however want to make their own living with the equities as well and it does show people need be abusive and insulting to a point – boasting about what they have found, a pipeline to making a killing in wealth located, something that belongs to them and it is always when it begins more important than their civil rights that we hear them yap in Public about all the time so they might deploy it as a get out of jail card but yes I accept when they are done boasting to their friends these are the things they turn up to do.

They do say I speak that way but celebrities get the better of me all the time; its utter nonsense of course because what happens is a case of 100 girls that feel jobs are poison and like to tell their friends they are in control of a man that is me whom they can bully to deploy his possessions to get rich, then finish off with their female idiots at Politics talking about powerful women for them as well, doing what they do best i.e. rip up my public work and reputation for their exhibitionism and once they had started and I did nothing and then again did nothing the next and then the next and then the next it will develop at atmosphere of its own and start to constitute a lifestyle as if they had taken cocaine and gotten hooked or something like that – so now that their foolish men want to take their insults to another degree speaking of using my business to make their profit margins to attract investors, reality needs to get knocking at their doors, its time out. They do say I caused it all with my open declaration of love for women; but it was either that or becoming homosexual since the question was whether I was homosexual or heterosexual and of which your lack of interest is not one of those things they accept as an answer because they have plans and ambitions: so I gave them the answer I did because I was prepared to destroy everything about homosexuality in order to ensure I had only one problem at a time and every time they give me the sense I have not destroyed it enough I always give it another try. I hear they say it is so difficult for different people like them to simply exist but of course its not just a matter of talented people being the ones that make money in a capitalist system while those that are not get jobs off them and the government settles matters of decency to ensure there isn’t problems thereof being corrupted by them depending on individuals like me whose literary empire they control with a big mouth looking for trouble, it develops far into the bit about the fact we all started off on the same platform but whilst the rest of us thought what we added to the platform we were born with was to be a matter of what we owned and worked for, these things are the ones they thought they should add to their own – so the sense I might feel guilty conducting some practical social genocide with it is entirely false, its just that we live in a free society and they can decide how they want to do their own, I simply have to ensure it does not affect me too much; they know what they are doing and I really do fancy that bit where people think educating them about the effects of their actions will bring forth security or civil rights.

I hear they say the Monarchy had been degraded and cheapened for years so as to facilitate a process where I got nvolved while the great and the good such as Tories were not looking or keeping any eye on the pinnacle of their culture and society. I wouldn’t know – they are the ones that were superior to me but I was the one deploying my possessions to buy off the liabilities of the sterling which I am not making a living with as well and we are not talking about what got them into the trouble they find themselves today because that will lead to extended conversations about the opinions the Americans have about their sense a bad thing can be good sometimes which is why they never support any plans for revolution here in the UK, it goes beyond that as well to the bit where what I have done to them is a matter of a kid they will push into the Monarchy and then use to facilitate its destruction so that they might confiscate his possessions, it was more so very popular with the media who specifically co-operated with such plans asking to own me all together – the media that I can always control whenever I want by cataloguing all they do over a period of time to create those processes where it is the one persons that have no plans to comply with my wishes that ends up doing so because if they don’t others will get the top headlines instead of them, speaking of the inferior people that get involved with the Monarchy while the great and the good were not looking and for the Politicians specifically a matter of the fact these things meant they wanted to get me involved with the Monarchy over a period of time then get rid of me and the Monarchy and grab my work for themselves and this provoked me to a point where I in turn have done what I have done to their Politics which they are now fighting so hard to save making them thus busy enough to mind their business and leave me alone – so such statement which are so insolent they amount to threats must mean they are not as busy as they should be still. I don’t think that it is a major crisis in anyway as such; its just that people don’t have to take their Political three piece suits off and make personal statements at me that is that vicious then sit somewhere and expect there will be no consequences for it, they need to keep off my book sales and leave me alone. Otherwise I don’t think it is a big matter either; its just the me that cannot have the part about an ego of involvement with the Monarchy kindled because if it were, then the Middle Classes would know their place around my concerns by now along with their Politicians – that said, where I will not have it is Buckingham Palace as it is where the Nation lives all together as it were: there have been several evolutionary changes brought about even by HM Birthday inspection of the Troops and for me the point I started getting involved heavily was the 2010 one which at the same time besides my interest previously had a theme of Nationalism, which is still remembered today because this is the Country that got Bombed by Nazi Germany and by Hitler etc not the other way around; so that it is okay to put up with English Toy boys all day long but when you go there to gather a few things to chase what you need to in the world and they interfere, it will not stand. I know there has been an increased frequency of these attacks because of the detaching of the Middle Class from National monuments but I am blown away too as it were; there will be further consequences if the celebrities cannot keep their filthy mouths off my reputation and public work and stay off my book sales. It does get to a stage where you wonder if they have a shred of humanity left in them of course but it is even more pleasurable to drive them to such a point with those stupid needs they have too. They do speak of people like me refusing to go back to Africa to make it less of a burden on the world of course but they are the biggest impediment to that as what they have stolen from me stands as one of the greatest barriers: that said such matters only mean the Satanists in Africa and the ones in Europe find common ground and that old case of getting Politicians who are disobedient to a fault to spend tax payer funds on them so that they might be able to wreck the evils they claimed they used to protect themselves from bad things in order to seek new more improved and more powerful villainy by targeting the new Christian on the bloc to own his personal life and seek trapping of the power of wickedness and corruption of the scared with comes in very handy, it will never however mean I have said anything that traps me anywhere or sees that we have anything in common either; as for threatening me, I can always perforate their own and strew it outside before we get to slug it out as well, they need to shut it. These matters have never been an emotive one it is the kind of wickedness which means you may move into a neighbourhood only for a croon next door to take down her blinds and openly celebrate what she can dominate and should be allowed to own - one such person as by the end of his time in the neighbourhood, she will be a new, fresher and younger person, the sort of wickedness that mean people like Tony Blair are guaranteed the outcomes of their games if they get off Downing Street and State Provided vehicles to chase me around the streets of the UK claiming I have stolen beauties - it is usually a matter of the cost of making them stop it as the personal diaries here are full as it were, there is no such thing as any of it being of my doing, they attack me first and the reason for that is that it is spiritually driven and that they are evil; same case with the Nationalists and the Celebrities, just a bunch of menaces who need others to work for their money and have it destroyed over and over again to create a state of affairs of work so they might describe it as other peoples food which is their poison - period.