I am told that I believe Americans like me while they don’t and its irrelevant what people think when they don’t like me; what I know is that some years ago, I wrote a Book which supported some Americans on their self-provided security issues and have since not been allowed a days peace by the spiritually evil nonsense that runs completely out of hand there, the reasons however that they have once again been able to permeate mainstream living which means I am going round and round in circles until what I did is completely pointless in terms of the evil activities they dream up is entirely due to the actions of those who have Media and Celebrity jobs and we are having this conversation at this stage because I want those two groups of people to give me a break. They all need to get some help, see a Priest, get off my Books.

The British ones will be the ones that have conducted their assault on everything I did concerning wealth equality – whereby I am now no longer able to prevent people handling my possessions to get rich and the young people who gathered around my Public work to run popular culture on the Media, such as repetitively places the effects and activities of high crime in front of criminals and therefore restricts their movements have now been completely destroyed, so, now that we find that they cannot do the Media jobs which get to their heads without blabbing of security these days, the question have become whether they are not big enough themselves to get it done.

They say the questions they want answers to is the one of what will happen if the Media and Celebrities do not give me a break but its an old story where that thing they make reference to addictively is a process of destroying my literary work, office, patents and Public image, not their own fame and I simply cannot understand why it is that if they need to get between me and my writing Office and its Bookshop so addictively in order to be stupid, famous and evil while the US Government destroyed anything that remotely opposes such nonsense, I am not selling the Books as a result of the way that their whole lives depends on it. It is easy to see that they will soon be answering for the nauseating financial complications that it causes before this nonsense stops and I do longer see an effect of their stupidities show up around my concerns. Hence the idea their activities were justified because I need money and they were in control of it is utter nonsense, like I have warned them the damage done to my property to make it work because there are people backing up that I need to be afraid of it will have to stop the way that they want it or it will the way that I want it.

They have never stopped professing that I have done more damage to the world than I have done any kind of good whatsoever and we all know what gets to do all the damage is the imperatives that leaders of large populations have claimed for themselves. On the ground here, the reality being that what they complain about all the time bearing in mind their leadership has failed is the activities of bottom feeders who get the imagination up peoples bottoms all the time but then again, it is their ego that makes it so difficult to just ignore the idiots and let them carry on until they got themselves into serious trouble, especially so because it is possible to use it as a tool for stopping me until I dropped out of school, then rounding me up like sheep to get me doing something about the problems, at the end of which no day passes without a complain about my attitude at Parliament as insultingly as possible, the Bills they pay around here and of course the idiots are still planning their lives, the process of being as financially successful as their age mates on the business of handling me on behalf of rich people, as abusively as their stupidities can. It has always been as simple as instead of blabbing how from the US through Europe and to Russia, I have made the world a worse place and to let bottom feeders hang outside of the rest of the population to bottom feed and get their imagination up peoples bottoms, until they got themselves into trouble for it, doing it instead of chasing me around for money games until I dropped out of University which happened in 2008 while we are talking about the way I have damaged the world still in 2019 and the stupidities of addressing me worse than people do their children at home have not yet improved. I have never really had a problem with this matter, not least because the Monarchy has this great ideas about which fighting the bottom feeders should be doing, all of the time, so each time they tackle me, it was rather obvious what they were talking about and its just another one but the problem we have here is still a bunch of idiots not being able to make sense of what I am saying when I say that I have had enough of them wrecking my finances to pass around insults they think gets to round me up like sheep to kiss their arse better while they fool around – so these are the details of how the world is made a worse place, when their stupidities continue to issue those threats at me while their foolish Celebrities get more and more, having developed from idiots who are stuck between the Communities and the kids who passed exams to get jobs that help control the High Streets hence do not want to smell on their own, into characters that have got a new fame that involves making the population feel good by oppressing somebody important such as myself, they are going to develop from blowing off that big mouth to a point of either making me or keeping it shut.

I have been told I think more of myself than a reality where I am just a part of the grand scheme of how the Prince of Wales plans to run the Country when he is King and it is utter rubbish – if any goon shows up here to say that they were loyal to Camilla and that they had great ideas about what I should be doing, the reality is still that I don’t have to do it; it however should be pointed out that The Prince of Wales appears to be playing games where we wants to see what will happen when he grabs a bunch of idiots, puts them in a corner and becomes increasingly interested in sending them out to tell those that are actually helping him run the Country properly what to do. In Public interest it might be suggested people like me believe we have the right to lead and its utter nonsense too – the way the Monarchy really works is a matter of those who face difficult and easy times with and if its not your one its not your one, it is then said also that my biggest flaw is too much Humility and yet getting myself out of that gets me into activity which has no meaning whatsoever – for instance, I may want to bother some hoodlums because my bottom hurts but what I made my mind look like my rights exist outside of my four walls is the insults of Media, the abuses of Celebrity fools and some stupid Politicians who do not appear to understand what people are saying when they are told that victims of their practical jokes have had enough of them.

They have claimed endlessly that I am in the wrong for all these matters and its utter nonsense too – I am not in the wrong for anything, they have just gotten accustomed to the lies that dragged me off my studies and these are lies which when have not received a response, becomes something that they themselves tend to regard as a fact due to the access they have to Media that helps them top it up each time I clear them out every time, so much confidence gained through that. It would be nice if the stupidities they invent and the work Politics of their laziness which is only rivalled by their greed relied on them. we even hear them claim my condition is an example of the fact there are too many foreign people in the Country but then I guess ethnic minorities are not predisposed to the pitfalls of such frames of mind anyway – that said, it is the destruction of the basic level of hospitality required to look after these people who are clearly a bad thing the last time we checked, that constitutes the main problem here. An example is when I had written a Book and know from my Bank Balance that they have been damaging the Book, then they got off running some Fashion on the idea that the Book was already well known by the Public which allows them to gain from it as though I can sit in an Office and say its all part of my Business finance system, where we see that if I opposed it there would be controversy but now I have allowed it run its course they cannot deny the obvious effect of labelling me the guy who is famous for not selling his Books, looking for trouble as stupidly as possible.

They claim I am playing a high stakes game that will cost me everything and there is no high stakes game that will cost me everything around here either – it’s the same gimmick of a collection of goons wrecking my academic work and finances to make themselves Prime Candidates in a next era of Monarchy but it is the damage to my property which has not gained a response that continues to fuel their boldness, like we see them give their own to the frugal; The Prince of Wales finds it easy to support this because he has a history of looking like anybody that wants to steal peoples property can first make friends with the Heir to the Throne and then they will come up with enough ideas to ensure nothing ill befalls them while at it. We see the same story extend to a matter of Politicians working against me too, about which they put out leaflets on the streets to get support that elected them into Government Office where they debated points that arrived at a stage which added up to a Law, nothing about their position which says they can get off working against me as such, it is not their domain – the theory there is no right or wrong answer for it is utter nonsense too, we are looking at the creation of public instability by supporting goons who set about deploying a fraction of the money they have made by pillaging other peoples family finance bases, to help a small number whose improved existence they put up on Media in order to secure their involvement with the Royal Family, getting support from Politicians who set about working against me as well and then their women follow it up with theories that everything I did can be easily resolved when Men are Men and get out there making money to look after women, only to have me get off resolving any issues they were pandering about better than they ever have, on social Media. Should they feel like helping, I ought to say it was rather obvious that what people wanted was support on an issue which says that the Family had a Finance base and that Family also had a leader and there was a way in which everybody that goes into that family behaves towards that finance base, not get off working against me for any reason – like the last recession showed they could do anything and tell us that the money vanished off the world markets, while we have not been shown where it all vanished to, perhaps a black hole and where it is located, to fuel some tourism or maybe something more; all in the joys of clowning around at other peoples expense at great cost.

They do claim nothing I say or do will likely improve the situation I have found myself in an it’s utter nonsense – we all know most of what I write about concern criminal and barely criminal characters and that they have decided their interest in my Books ought to be all about getting spoiled at my expense, all the habits their parents couldn’t keep up with, while others were the security guards I needed to be afraid and ensured it happened while I looked on as stupidly as possible – the main problem we have heard them complain about with respect to a wicked act being exhibited by Americans whose problem now is simply to allow bottom feeders bottom feed until it got them into trouble without bothering me, the wicked followed up around every little thing I do, while they were being socialites and Celebrity idiots, is that they hated my Books and we know it is a situation that can always get worse. I do get told that its better for me to be frank about these matters and if it is frankness peoples want, the reality is that there is nothing good about these guys; you either ignore it as spending time on it makes it worse or you actively hate it – so far spending time on it makes it worse as they rip up my Public image to show me how well their money can fight me starting with a process of building me one as somebody who fights people for them and then developing into something of being the guy who is famous for not selling his Books because Girls took everything from him. The part where there is a link between moving them on and what I say to people I have developed a relationship with being cleared or making sense enough for me to find somebody I may settle down with is where it is going to blow up in their faces; the sermon about my Books have been running however since 2013, that they need to keep away from it and stop following me around unless they wrote it themselves in which case latter, we get to find out how their stupidities did.

So I may be told it’s a bit steep to say that there is nothing good about them but if you are bothered by stock market traders like I have been and then you decided to make a statement that suggested some Equity had been made available and the matters associated with the bad things which happen around finance business were sorted alongside, those who wanted to trade could trade and those who wanted to make trouble could make trouble and expect the consequences without bothering others, you would end up with a whole new history of what the results were the same way that I did; the rest are just the same sorts of busy body abusive opportunism by Celebrities handling your property because they have made money handling it before and its never enough for them no matter what they have, which extends all the way to the schools and colleges – so characteristically we have now reached the stage where the main problem with American Democrats is how they will allow bottom feeders feed bottom until it got them into trouble not bother me or get seen around my Books making a mess and passing insults at me, while in the UK I already have a history of being attacked all the time due to the fact the Monarchy constantly has an idea about which fighting they should be getting involved with – this is the reasons the main premise of their behaviour is the difficult criminal and violent issues they have to deal with, such that walking into their midst is a condition of exposing myself as somebody different, that they can pick on because most of their destructive behaviour which encumbers their progress is revealed when I show up and the entire time, the lecturers do nothing about the abuses and bullying because they have children who behave in the same way, while their Politicians preach false sermons about private schools; I have never thought it an issue because we have this other condition where the main thing that tends to suggest there is anything good about them is that there is another world out there filled with good and rich people that they know whom everybody is trying to serve by bullying me and the truth of it is that there isn’t a better place or better people out there, just some goons their Politicians spend tax payer funds on to send these destructive practical jokes through to a whole new level and play games with it at Government buildings, this is what I am going to burn next and it is all easily avoidable, a simple case of an end to them handling my Books and Public image unless they wrote it, such that if they said they did, we may get to find out how they accomplished such a thing.

A measure of whether what I have said is a bit steep is one of those of them who have some form of good employment exhibiting behaviour that is in need of abusive ways that they can be respected at other peoples expense by whole communities – the one where it wrecks the college and the main way in which it destroys your health to make excuses surrounding public leadership is that of the things it has pushed you into doing, which you are unable to do because you did not complete the college bits and then it becomes a struggle everyday while it tops up its self-improvement with all the things you did, like in my case particularly the fact I am broke but have a good reputation on itself, to decide what the world ought to think of them and their children, eventually one becomes so tired that its impossible to get the college done at all and the premise of such attacks and abuses as are life threatening as well will be based on the fact they were important but bums like you were allowed to just walk down the streets when they had not yet gotten enough attention to show how important their stupidities really were – i.e. it is not such a steep statement to say that there is nothing good about them as human beings.

I have been told that I have made the whole thing worse because of my rebellious behaviour but I have not in anyway – there is no Rebellion here, only a simple matter of the fact that I am good at this matter of other systems of Government all over the world brewing certain characters that have travelled to the UK and view us as a soft touch all together, claiming the world had changed and moved on to become more powerful than one of the most feared Empire which is what matters to them as such. There is nothing wrong with their presence in the UK but Policy have to be devised to manage their activities and this is what I am good at, there are others who pick up the bits at Fashion and Industry and so on, so its all The Queen’s Business not mine as a whole. Same as when they say that the Collage and University Authorities are always happy to have me and I am aware that they are too, it’s the distraction of the trouble makers that I need to ensure does not damage the academic work for me like it always does and as I mentioned before, if I found a way around these behaviours such as the shut up and put up USA rules the world bits, it was a good Price for USA investment in the UK, so sorting it out may even mean that Americans want to invest some more. The bits about the Celebrities however is just personal – every single thing I do is followed up by a form of complete destruction that allows the leadership they are supplying at the local communities to get more imagination up my bum for business reasons and the warnings on what will happen if I became an enemy as compared to the pornographers who organise their sex trade in a way that keeps Celebrities out of personal life will easily be the least of their worries – we find they realise their story that it is shameful on my part falls apart because it is not to an Arch Prince and his Church concerns that they wreck people’s lives with stupidities and sex which pushes them into the sex industry because they had nothing left on them to sell for money except their bodies, so they ought to separate this from a case where their need to target my every move and blow off that big mouth about Girls handling me from this because if I want to fool around with their jobs and incomes and careers the way they get their imagination up my bum all the time as well, it would be a completely different outcome that they got for it, I am not getting out of the whole matter as such, just making a point that this is a brief warning stage before we started and that the consequences I shall met out for what they have set off as an their inability to keep off my earnings and public image is completely avoidable.