The main case these days is that I smell like my loo and since they are incredibly important it was clear I work on the internet because I would not dare show my face in Public – has always been the case from day one; the problem with religious people is that they think they are powerful but can only build sanctimonious environments that others may deploy for the purpose of sex and for this reason they were bitches of democratic people with a big mouth and I am not talking as if I am talking or reasoning with them when I do not remember inviting them into my concerns – has always been the issue when it was clear that the many faces of people inventing their own religion generally means that goons show up here to churn my tummy and chase my bum on account they want to get rich, while industry fools who have no compunction whatsoever spend every penny I have on the stupid working atmosphere they have built from claiming the problems of the world is created by religion and their bottom hurts for it which having found I could help made me responsible for their problems and the target of their stupid hate i.e. making sense of not showing my face in public because I smell all together – has always been the problem when all the systems and structures I have built to ensure they do not damage whatever they wish is destroyed by Politicians seeking equality at my expense for their personal glory and issuing stupid threats that are closely linked with the idea they can take anything they wanted from me in the name of the people with a big mouth, of which it has never been explained exactly why the bloody idiots in government building do so, to complain about the problems and make out it’s another person’s fault – has always been the issue when their idea of popular culture and Celebrity culture is about the males getting away from solving their own problems to tackle me and acquire leverage of my Book sales in order to make me solve problems while they spent the earning margins on their stupid selves, while the women got on media to tell me what to do to make safe an environment that helps them get rich without doing any work and allows the former to attack me once they started claiming I move over to the left and enjoy what women have worked for instead of fight my corner like a Man in the neighbourhoods, while the women attack me on account the boys from the neighbourhoods exist and if I gave their pathological fear of work stupidities a living wage it would not be enough because of what they could get from my Public image, brewing this question of how people do not know exactly what I am thinking all together when we know they are out of my league and have only the one skill of showing up here to spend anything that allows me to feel safe from gangs and crime in order to preserve these stupidities of theirs as they tried to cracked up out of my league get rich from it and make themselves out to be the victims – it has always been the problem when they claim I antagonise women while reality is that I put my work on the University computer systems because I was too stupid to realise they never let people be in their view and since they have become tired of sex themselves, I am going to get into violent trouble over wealth distribution and whatever else their big mouths can offer. So I really do not know if these sorts of nonsense and an obsession they have with the road that leads me out of my home while they are not sharing with me the salary that gets to their stupid heads, is what they mean when they say I work on the internet because I smell and would not show my face in Public, so everybody that has handled me and earned my displeasure need not worry, like a test to find out exactly how I will be showing my face in public when those insults and disobedience becoming financially profitable for their stupidities had reached a point. I do get told that as a Christian I should have expected these things first of all and also that I am responsible for some parts of it; reality is that I have always expected it as a Christian but they have taken it one step further making a statement about how what happens to me is not a guarantee they will not be doing it to others and since this feels like blasphemy, I think they ought to experience the same thing with their media, politics and celebrity culture too – as for the part I am responsible for, I am fully responsible for the fact they are stuck with me to such an extent that if I said it will end when they veer off a corner they cannot control and drop to poverty, destitution and obscurity that gets to their heads to much, I will have credibility – its for me the only way to ensure they controlled their stupid selves first then tried to control me and soon will we find their foolish children get stuck with me until they were past the dreams and aspirations as well, then shall we find out the idiots being famous on account of what I can be blamed for, what it is exactly they can do about me. They do these things all the time and I cannot work out exactly what the story of me not being able to show up in Public on account I smell because they are clearly unaware this is being caused by their family members picking up their stupidities described above as a sign that I need to be made to get into a fight while people live in my bum and ensure I cannot show myself in public paces on account I smell, while they ran away with my Public image and slept with Celebrities, in order to force me to share with the poor, I cannot work out if it is meant to figure out how I intend to show myself in Public without the smell happening all together anyway – what we know for certain is that we see Celebrities pick up aspects of my Public image and deploy it for their work because they believe it to help them support younger people at school etc and this is the reason we are talking about money issues after a 10 year popularity assault on my person, closely linked with showing up all over the place with smelly homosexual nonsense talking rubbish about the respect people need show towards the millionaires – we know they have now realised they can only keep giving money to these celebrities until they got angry about giving all their money and then the Celebrities may shut down celebrity work and do something else with the self, apparently not showing myself in public because I smell is my bit, where the women are now done with wrecking everything around over sex and social equality and lots of insults and the men have developed their involvement corruption to a point where wearing those stupid suits on media is the meaning of me smelling like my loo and not being able to have a Public life, which their stupidities may make money from.

They claim I do not get along with other religion which is nothing usual; the reality is that I am stuck with this business of goons inventing their own religion to chase my bum, wreck the academic work and allow their insolent children grab my Public image to make fame and fortune by, then concerned about people who want to detach me from the fact this is what my life looks like and make out all is well with what they do when they handle my possessions because I smell and do not have a public life, only to have Catholics especially, if not some other religion from the Eastern part of the world, show up to initiate the whole bottom chasing bits on an industrial scale, allowing twerps who think they are the mother of Christ to show up here and insult me to such an extent as they entitle themselves to my earnings, like I will not see the age of 60 all together and every scum that claims I have been cursed by my parents can now ride my tolerance of their abuses to any extent they wish, will not now solve the problem that lies before them and cannot stop threatening me or upstaging me while at it, bearing in mind the world knows of their record on paedophilia priests for example. Same as this story we hear them tell that there is nothing I can do about any of these things while reality is that I rather can; reality is that it hurts their tummy as well due to the sheer anxiety of showing up in Public places to build people history of insults that ensure their lives and career are subjects to peoples civil rights practical jokes – it hurts their tummy as well to build up overwhelming problems and set about creating Publicity for me that says my life is where the love and problem solving is located, right up to the stage where the sensibility about it allows them to exhibit those stupid stick gestures they cannot back up and then threaten me because they can make it violent if they wanted but whilst they blame others for the fact it hurts their tummy, while they are selling what they create from this as the good feeling that lets them get connected with rich people over that stupid media job that gets to their heads, we know that they will not be caught dead stopping it, now what we have also found out is that they will get an exit from me concerning the consequence of this behaviour, somewhere in hell. I do get told I must have been aware of these media gimmicks but I am aware of it; we all know media goons are characters that want everybody to live in a pit because they would become kings of the pit on account they are in control of what most information does – I mean to put it in context, they are always familiar with some criminal that wants some of them now that they have made it to media and are rich, so their business with people like me is that I should be getting killed by those criminals so the criminals get put away for good but the behaviour that allows them enjoy their dream jobs without being bothered by the criminals whenever they are at work is what their rebellion is about; so I have created this hypothetical situation in which there was a person assigned to each of them and was going to die at the hands of criminals who will then be taken off their backs and the result of doing that is what we are grappling with now i.e. they will go back there and find the same sort of problem but build it up twice as bad, then show up in Public places to start all over again, except this time the narcissism gets completely out of hand because they have scapegoat and a target. They do love to make out what I am doing is always complicated and that I am unable to look after my concerns especially because I make it so complicated, while in reality what happens is that they are out there; some about football, others about media and some about celebrity, very important people and the purpose of their involvement with my Public service Office is to ensure it was deployed to protect their bottoms and ensure they did not smell when they got outside, like a whole generation of our very own British public control issues and it needs to keep off my case, not show up to make stupid statements on media regularly about how all is well and now that I smell like my loo will be giving up a Public life all together which we all know starts with working on the internet, the whole time which Clients are probably expecting a service – it does need to be incredibly complicated at all times as it were. I mean I have made myself clear about how detaching me from a hermitage playing up stupid practical jokes with a community scum behind you who have ideas about what to do to me all day long generally means that somebody will smell and since I am not good at taking my problems out on others, it will be me and so the threat issued usually tends to suggest their stupidities are unaware their family members are responsible for it being like that, responsible for the smell due to the fact its not how I was raised, not my thought pattern that they started out claiming looked similar to that of those who have become the millionaires of today but now claim I am insane as their insults have become ever more profitable or indeed my personality being a product of sleeping with peoples wives like their big mouths suggest, so the threats will be those cases where they are bluffing as far as I am concerned and it matches their big mouths making out I am their bitch when they cannot stand the smell in the first place; like the Muslim ones that are now in the service of Liberal USA – the point of abusing me and spying on me being that I have this thing I work on all the time with no prospect of success since I do not have the money to invest the assets and then I will start to think that I could be free of its stupid abuse once I reach a point that I think will make sense for me to spend money on advertisement but once I get to that point because of the abuses, if I spent the money on advertisement it would be a waste of cash and then the abuses will get worse, as stupidly as possible – while the rest of the homosexual gits make their own case about suckling my personality while their community croons claim I sleep with peoples wives to acquire it, getting off to pass around insults concerning what respect people need to show towards their millionaires who conduct tribalism raids to the top end of Industry and abandon all who follow them each time they face a slightest test to look after their bums and showing up here to spend all things that keep me safe from gangs and criminals.

They claim what is really bothering me is a wealth and social inequality matter and its so annoying that they set tasks for me after the damage their stupidities and popularity-based involvement with my concerns have already wrought. There is no wealth and social inequality associated with these matters, the truth of it is rather that these are very twisted, evil and wicked people who are rotten to the core, so most of these activities are meant to cause the destruction of other peoples lives and property which they will find so exhilarating that their health is set back on the right perspective – don’t ask why their health needs to be corrected all the time, I like to say it’s a matter of the fact that it is usually not affected by the fact that criminals are doing crime in the neighbourhoods and the fact they are getting punished for it also impacts the health as well, which is because the criminals are part of their extended family or they have organised themselves such that these things will not affect them in anyway. their Politicians know very well that the social classes are locked up tight and that unless somebody takes you to their social class you can never get there on your own accord, what they do is give finances to these intermediary idiots to get on media and set tasks for those who lives they have wrecked like so, in order to facilitate any business of social ladder climbing that they wish to engage in; so in my case it started when they wrecked the academic work and then I became so broke I ended up living on benefits and after that it was difficult to get the academic work done and each occasion in which I was not getting a job that was fit, I did not have the cash to pay for all I am doing, that said, I live on benefits quite right but I am paying off all my Bills and the only reason I am not selling my Books is the interest that these scum have showed towards it, which must then have implied that getting rid of social and wealth inequality was in their interest. The one that gets to me the most being that gimmick about peoples lives being the place where love and care exists and they must empty the world of all hateful things there, clear some space and acquire feelings that will allow them get rich and connected, such feelings as they can use to sweeten deals with other fellow rich idiots – which we can see has nothing whatsoever to do with wealth or society, hence particularly on the other matter of the wickedness that helps them recover their health, I want them to hand me back my space as soon as possible and stop blabbing nonsense all over my writing career with their stupid media all day long. The part where I am below them and they had the right to keep it that way is another story entirely; it was the same when I dropped out of University all together – it could never keep its stupid hands to itself and stop making statements of how my personality speaks for itself then rally the same crowd to get violent when it churns my tummy doing it. They are at it all the time and we see their Homosexuals show up all over the City to tell the rest of us what must be done to show more respect to the Millionaires, while the media fools get off telling me which part of the insanity that passes on their left and right hand side I am supposed to end up at cracked up out of my league, when it wants to take it further making out their own looks like that all together and then will they conduct tribalism raids to the top end of Industry, where the fact people pay attention to detail at big companies because a small product can affect a lot of lives becomes a prestige and social status stupidity that their lawlessness may exhibit for the purpose of sitting down somewhere with Celebrities expecting to spend other peoples best made plans on their stupid selves and for each challenge they face, they bail out, ruin us all and look after their bottoms. I cannot be allowed to sit down somewhere I blame myself for dropping out of University obviously, looking for a response that they are about to get too. I mean the claim I mess with their culture and society is just another gimmick that has something to do with their stupidities trying to set out that what happens when I walk out of my door and what happens at my home and backyard are the same as what happens with them while they were more important, blowing off that big mouth about violence from a distance until I fell ill and their stupidities had made the insults profitable as usual. They usually say the meaning of these activities are that if I am annoyed well enough I need stop make a smell and get into a fight and I cannot believe I will now get off punishing these scum for their corruption of involvement and male entitlement performed around my concerns over the last 15 years as disobediently as possible, to get along with such nonsense because it had become a pressing issue as well all together – fair to say it is possible they might have thought their own looked like that as well.

They do claim I am finished and done and people are wasting time and resources getting involved with me but it is utter nonsense – I am not finished and done in anyway; what happens is that these are characters who might be Doctors for instance, so they picked up their tools and went off to seek contracts to practice their Medicine by handling the Assets of an Architect whose name they do not know and this is all facilitated by popular culture, media and civil rights as stupidly as possible – so we hear them claim if I lived in the US they would ensure I never ever found a job but if I lived in the US I would never have allowed them come this far as well in any case, fair to say if I get a whiff off them of picking up phone to ring friend and the result is that I cannot get a job, then will they see what I am capable of too. It is a difficult task to become so personally concerned with what happens in another person’s backyard, what happens when they step outside of their door and they need all these other sources of income which mean that others get to do the hard work for them because they told lies and played up tricky practical jokes – when they spend their time blabbing that I am finished, it could just be that I am really not finished in anyway whatsoever and then they will have enough problems for a lifetime as well. I already must put up with goons at Industry that give them money to make trouble for others and the business of them persecuting me all day to glean happiness by which to sell products quickly and get rich and they will get nothing more than that. They always claim I make a lot of trouble for others and am about to get away with it while the reality is rather more a matter of the fact I brokered Equity with Companies and although I had descriptions attached to my products, they thought of it a point for practical jokes when they are society daddies and a route for profitable insults when they have access to media and Celebrity, such that I still ended up with Publicity and reputation that suggested I get around interfering with other peoples concerns; then the more serious bits began to emerge where I was said to be trying to make money from the shadows that big businesses have casted around the world and spend most of my time working out how I must extract money from anything that adds up to a process that allows the relatives of CEOs make some money through the jobs of their successful family members by the way side – once I was done clearing that up, I then ended up stuck with their popular culture, stock market and political gimmicks that are so opportunistic I think I will not see the age of 50 altogether, causing great wonder why they consider themselves to be so relevant to other people when they are not.