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There is that story naturally of course of Americans that control my books and claim it belongs to them but it is not a new issue, I simply want to get to the bottom of why people do such things. Although the issue is a general one of the fact that I have reached a point where all I own being quantified financially is worth money in millions and so if they get off the Literary Empire, they can have their own back, otherwise there is no point talking nonsense about whomsoever feels like it playing a role in the world - I do not get my Literary Empire back from them not just on account they have followed up my development to invent barriers while stifling my finances with crimes I will ignore because I share skin colour with a good number of them but also because they have media and popular culture to tie it up with somewhere and conduct fun profit looses on it to the tune of huge sums of money which is then good for their ego let alone the destruction the wrought on it to create themselves popular culture wealth, I will rip up too anything that supports any means by which they get to do that - no body is asking them anything about roles in the world. Just the part where they can do anything to me because the World is an evil place and it means the world must be altered since it is not a good enough excuse, same with the abuses; those always have an ending story.

The more moderate ones do like to claim they have spent my possessions on themselves of course which is utter nonsense; what they have done is take the process of being positive about others doing what they want to a whole new level by spending money on fame idiots and turning out on media to get positive that I will eventually succumb to the pressure they are applying on me to let go off possessions of mine they have handled because they know where my books and company is; so that in order to prevent promiscuity around it I am compelled to mention what realities people can make of it i.e. that when they do not want something an idiot preferably on media is positive that they will comply and we know that their interpretation that it is the operation of freedom is never really good enough in this context. Their Politicians do accuse me of doing the same too of course naturally, they say my response is indicative of how what they fear is what I fear and it makes for equality but the reality is that for each occasion they turn up to wreck my finances and mess things up and organise whole communities to target and bully me to make me all filthy and ensure their problems end up with me in a measurable sense eventually which is how they get to cleanse their stupid minds to look good enough and feel good enough to be important, I will always punish 60% of it at all times - I mean I know it is tyranny at its prognosis where people use people to do things rather than work for their own or be nice to those who have in order to share but personally however there is the question of what they need these crimes for - the story of the law not being their law or my law but the laws of the land and what it is exactly that seems to have been their problem with it.

Now they say the problem is still that whether or not I created the sense what is mine belongs to every trouble makers so we can see how far their big media mouths the ripping my intestines because I interfere with what they do to cash into my property equity and public life, the reality is still the damage I do to their cultures and societies but of course I am aware of that too ; the point is that they ugly inside and outside too and making them famous is like an insurance Policy because it will never pass and the more they mess with my books is the longer they will need to and have to stay there for until the matter over my finances are resolved. I mean if I made £100,000 and regularly get asked by some Media channel to write some articles and therefore make an extra £20,000, there is no way I would put a name to my face and get into a habit of enjoying a process of ripping up another peoples book sales market equity telling tales about wealth distribution and plight of poor people, even when he does express such resulting distress and walking down the street to meet a city professional that expresses violence in his direction because he is playing around with aesthetics of a career he knows nothing about, there is no way I would do that for 15 years keeping him out of getting a job all together and stifling his books by getting involved with it to find it funny without at some stage asking myself how he gets by, these goons never ask such questions.  The one they are mostly interested in is the bit where they tell me they are famous when I engineered this process where they are the shit piece that is below those that do clubbing and night clubs and so on never mind those that are actually celebrities berating me to make stanza upon stanza of songs that they expect to play at other peoples weddings and Birthday parties and other celebrations – I know they are not famous, it’s impossible to be infamous in order to be famous abusing other peoples government operatives; I know they are not famous because I made them the way they are and expected some industry idiot to make something of it which is exactly what has happened. The problem is that if you list the distress their involvement with your book sales caused today they will do the exact thing by sunrise tomorrow, so they cannot be reasoned with and I have allowed it continue for a decade because I think it will be just as violent to make it a part of their person then set about turning it around as well. Who in the whole world would believe I am famous when my song is made up of three stanzas and one of them is about pillaging another persons public life, the other is about abusing him and the final stanza that finishes my great song is about the effects my abuses have on his health and personal life and then sell it on the basis of a feel good factor to expect people to play on their children's birthday or their wedding day and so on? I hate it so much when they say they are: the industry bullies do love to mess people up, it makes so much sense to see them spend money on this but they are not famous: I mean I sell Books, so I have to suck it up, pull myself together and give the customer the deserving best all about selling books - how on earth does anybody suck anything up and give any customer the best selling music CDs about berating and abusing other peoples Government operatives? So that its important people understand why it annoys me so much when they cannot let it be with claims they are famous. On the benefits side the fact revealed thus is how noisy I am about my business affairs which can be one way of looking at it - however which the reality is that of Companies setting up in the UK for access and my openness about the issues and the trouble makers to a point of making them famous which I clearly have the luxury to, so in that respect I win yet again. I do rather enjoy pulling them in a certain direction, to watch them rely on popular culture abuses which causes them to throw up tantrums in public every time I do not respond to it, in order to save their stupid lives - (Politicians and Media and Industry idiots etc).



 With the insatiable and immeasurable desire to create as much trouble in the world as possible with their prognosis of wickedness they always say people like me ought to join a Union or something to fight for causes, I have no idea what good such rubbish will or would do anyway. For every time they are seen they are busy cheating people out of their own causes and each time they do then besides the people they do it to, the only other people who know more about their problems than they do is their enemies and when they are done doing so much of it then they climb on Public places when they are not doing so well for it to try and gobble up my life because the entire world revolves around them and then they begin to seek privileges of injustice from Politicians for the purpose too which of course isn’t clear how they intend to press their case through with such governments after they get privileges of injustice from them, except it is a Labour Government where idiots are trying to make a stupid socialist ideology necessary so they come up with mad arguments which make out they are great men who are part of the cultures of Europe and ran its renaissance and so when they make those stupid arguments none of which makes any sense although people do not understand anything of it they go along with it anyway because they are getting something out of it somehow or a Liberal democrat one where people are preserving their persona built from a process of thinking about others and talking about themselves none of which are doing any part of the economy any good whatsoever. Then they are off to such noises about how people like me will it seems get assassinated; when they are the ones that want to get rich in the millions and billions with other peoples earnings and then become so privileged while the sun still rises everyday, that they forget how they got there and therefore live safely along the lines of being so ignorant of what those people are being put through by them while that are at the same time famous, which is how they get up to their violent threats when somebody owns and lives in a way they cannot take away from the person and make into their own. You are only assassinated for as many stupid games you allow people play or play with them when you allow them play around you and I personally do wonder if it does occur to them that those silly things they do with that their stupid Media and Politics and Social networking sites does not actually mean I know them or what their stupid names are. 


There is no such thing as trapping people on my part or indeed being trapped, it’s just reality that we do not seem to be running out of men who like clear crisp finished jobs that they can make into a plaything to pleasure themselves and because they have no plans to stay off my books and especially showing themselves on the media for that purpose all the time especially so from International communities and the US, they will have to end up being as fed up as I am as well. I know the talk about Ukraine is a major one and another thing to latch onto but what happened there was never a coup but an impeachment which has nothing to do with illegalities they can exploit – besides which there are several Political parties in that Country but the one in power at the moment has trouble and lots of it at the top, while the current opposition is leading the reform and change process. They and their women will have to do their decadence somewhere else or stop complaining one moment and talking nonsense the International community whors we pay for without having any sex who are therefore a threat to freedoms and insult people all over the place to ensure they have men that are that kind of men endlessly; so they can have me describe it in that way or they can have me remind them this is not the 1990s. I have only the need to teach them how to spend their own instead and all that provocation during the economic crisis and financial vandalism and the idea they think they can get bolder and bolder at insulting and abusing me and disturbing social peace to have gangs that can beat me up for them if they wanted will be put to the test on the matter as well, provided they continue to hang around me and do it, that is inevitable. I mean there is the other talk of Scottish National Buildings being considered by the SNP in the UK - about which their ideas of Nationalism is a matter of a rejection of the UK, it does not mean that the people of Scotland have rejected the UK like they have, all it means is that Mr Salmon and his friends have rejected the UK but have a problem with the idea of moving off to live somewhere else, hence there is no evidence that the UK has been rejected by the people of Scotland to a point where they want to exist outside of it, I accept that their Political party has allies overseas that support their cause - every Political party has one of those and the benefits are that if Scotland did vote for independence it will not have become an orphan Country in their hands but there is no reason to plan a National house of Scotland when there is no separation of Scotland from the UK or any evidence that the people of Scotland have rejected the UK as an entity. By the way of which delegation of my work to my allies has not exposed me to the games of any power monger or leadership idiots like it is popularly assumed.

They do say I have not got a clue what I am doing diplomatically, just enjoy meddling a lot because a silly British government allows me to but the diplomatic wisdom of these goons is such that everything that has been done to prevent the excuses that allow the Russian Leader to police the world in his own corner is a battle that has been lost because of the Americans; now the basis for this has been that they believe it is not a matter of if Russia becomes a Democracy but a matter of when Russia does become a democracy and I find it impossible to see how it is diplomatic wisdom to allow this happen if the path they chose to follow this matter from was actually that of doing what was needed to protect the rights of people i.e. the story of the development from years of abuse to the final abuse being prevented and destroyed. So its noughts by 100 for them all the time then apparently and they tell me I am unaware of the various diplomatic interests that are being protected which is precisely the point here – earlier on it was a matter of how terrorists are threatening me and how I do not need their help, now its a matter of their diplomatic wisdom and so this deciding that diplomatic and Public policy should be set out on the basis of how many Industry allies American Presidents have and how many Russian Presidents have and how many Chinese Presidents have thereby all being measured out on the basis of how they compete with each other at the global Industries, means that their diplomatic wisdom is such that they cannot see that it is wrong to chase an agenda whereby former dictatorships becomes democratic governments by protecting the rights of people on one hand and then blowing them up preferably with drones on the other. So I am not suggesting that I do not understand what they mean or where they are coming from, I am saying they speak of diplomatic wisdom as if they live in the real world like the rest of us do; they do say its a matter of survival for me and survival at any cost which has nothing to do with reality which is more concerned with this drive for an economic war along the lines of an assumption that I have an empire but am not armed in anyway whatsoever – the one where their mature Industries will never see a change of attitude from them to gain an improvement if they can confiscate my possessions and plug their businesses into them instead and so they cannot resist blowing it off at me time and time about diplomatic wisdom and some meddling kid story.

They do speak of the number of things I have done which are not necessarily right but of course that list can always grow and grow as there is rather and endless capacity for it to do so; the general assumption being that I think its the bad guys that are wrecking my Book sales when it actual fact it is those who barricade the business to sit around playing parents that are failing me claiming they want the Monarchy to go and stop providing them Royal services because they want to be a republic and we all know they are stupid but at such points they have become destructive as well. The Men are all about buying some products that people have made broking Equities with me and handing them to the girls to show themselves and make an exhibition ripping up my renaissance while their secrete service idiots spy on me to extricate a daily reaction that creates controversy for riches and fame that will allow them make cosmetics Industries, while the women are more concerned with the part where they want to play the role of my mothers telling me what to do which is always better than listening to anything they are told if their deviance has found somebody they can abuse in order to get rich, especially so when barricading my business implies they want to fuck me and if they do not they will create a future for their stupid children at my expense. So most of the things I do in that respect are designed to punish these two groups of people because of course we all know their behaviour is designed to harm but at some point it becomes a means of fostering crime as far deep into my personal life as they possibly can which is where we have something to act on, where we have a problem. So in the US it is always a matter of some goons that want to be at the White House and are skilled in exactly what to do to get others fired and dreams of tyranny that brew from that until the government is seen attacking some poorer Country governed by a tyrant somewhere but here in the UK its always a matter of victims clubs growing and becoming ever more powerful until they become a threat. At the moment when I think about the idiots who were more busy worrying about teachers private parts for example than they were worrying about their studies, it always turns out that somebody else had taken up that role and I need to find another, which is what I am doing. I do not think it is a serious issue; they like to say I punish the celebrities in the same way as well which is utter nonsense as the celebrities do handle property at the Royal Estate and give me returns for it and hence its just what it takes to recruit these high profile customers that are celebrities and each time these fools handle it, I will always handle them as well.#

When I have set out a state of affairs which means people are free to punch the anus and penis of Politicians and famous people for wrecking my Empire and ripping up its hospitality the way I am known to wreck their own obviously and that of their community low lives as it were concerning whom we are equals as it were, after provoking me into reaction with an intrusion from a twisted evil and destructive culture with a means of theft and an ideology of evil to sustain itself, to claim I am the one doing the wrong thing for attacking culture and diversity to create me 15 years of unemployment - it is the celebrities I make an exception for that are some of the high profile customers for the products 

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I understand there is a story about Children from my Office but of course I have people all over who work on matters of children from journalists to actors and gymnasts, they have never actually accepted I am comfortable with who I am and do not need to be somebody else on account they have needs, so it keeps getting violent and the fact they should get involved with my concerns to buy books only is going to develop an outcome whereby every other involvement annoys me and leads to serious consequences and then they can find it amusing too and claim they are all powerful insolent women with a sense of abuse from there. 

When I am bothered about safety and security for children it is always around the prognosis of people chasing their anus and penis, so I find it impossible to locate where it meant what I am doing creates the same security for their stupid children especially for those who have a skin colour that is same as mine.

They do claim I bask in the power of women which is really disruptive because there is no way of actually convincing a Court that an issue is of dire importance when people are saying that all over the place and it is just as difficult to play the games you find informative and stimulating as well, so it’s like being boxed in by a collection of people that want me to be a liberal and democrat because I are black creating me these two lives with one where they live in and cleanse their filth on me to force me to do their will because they can overcome me and hate men like me who get around with white women instead of going to them to get fucked, so it is usually when they talk more nonsense about men in their lives I cannot handle that the need to prepare for their stupidities getting out of hand comes into the picture and this time there will be no civil rights movements due to the fact I am black and have taken care of that already, so I am sure they wouldn’t mind what I would do again when I am frustrated due to an inability to put my house in order now they are fond of the powers of women because the point at which I mentioned the above really was an opportunity to get out and leave me well alone as it were.

They do insinuate I am no leader but something they can dominate who jumps from one problem to the other but I would not mind what people think their media exist to decide I have done to them for the damage they do to my possessions over their civil and criminal disobedience which means they can continue forever as well either; what I am most concerned about is that of grafting me as such and how media idiots always get away with laying those kinds of problems on others give or take more or less and if they graft me they will be famous for that their twisted satanism where media builds up problems for me that is more than their own to cleanse their minds of their filth and open up a perspective on the left using facts about the best of my work and personal life so they can feel they are ready to be important and the things their Politicians do to create me money worries and get my mind exposed to it like there are no laws on the land as it were and they know I have the means to make them famous for grafting too. Where I stand on this matter is that customer is King when he pays up and they are not, hanging around is now creating them self improvements too so we do have a problem; so how much of a problem do I think it is, save the same old case of the fact we are calling this satanism that these idiots cannot practice in their own personal lives and find the effects amusing simple names like grafting for example but it is not necessarily going to determine what my approach to it really is.

Their Politicians do say I cannot handle them of course but you do have to roll back over 25 years of nature, nurture and academic work to get around to Politics and government in the way these fools understand it and each occasion only leads down the result of self improvements for their civil and criminal disobedience and a bragging about bringing you to heel, so I am sure when they start they recognise alongside their madness that there are other options besides labeling people stupid who need to be avoided if you wish to be academically and financially successful which is fundamentally discriminative. They do realise the way out is to leave me alone of course but how they get to preserve money they have attack others over wealth inequality to be popular and pull of wealth distribution scams that will help them add more money to that money always proves irresistible about a couple minutes for each occasion so it is still under observation as it were; I understand what I see of them which has cased me to come to this conclusion is not what they are really like and so it is the big question with which they are killing me thereof, of why it turns up here. Either way their case is always that when there is one person on one end and another on the other and both have a gun in their hands, it is usually prove they are actually powerful and not the losers people think they are.

They do say I have fallen to unknown depths of course and will never recover but it has no basis on reality that is more concerned with having this freedom and democracy menace under control along with its social and cultural satanism; so I am left with daily mop up of the I hurt somebody and it was to get back at you bit concerning which those their careers are done as well. If I did not do it this way they would have said I make it up as I going along showing they have no plans whatsoever if they can bully others with civil rights instead, to put in anywhere near 30% of work needed to be as important as those who do not deserve it because they are not tough enough as it were and it is even more important that I did because they are becoming more and more violent considering they have the energy for it. So it really is not that difficult a matter to figure in a Political way; I cannot stand their cultures and societies you see so each time I see it and the distraction and vandalism it causes they will find themselves out there doing something to pay taxes whether it me to wind me up or not, otherwise somebody else will do it for them - so of course they are terrified for a change; full steam ahead on the economy therefore - we do not have all the brains, then all the brawns will be all hands on deck as it were, apparently they say it is not my brawns to use and now they tell me as it were.

Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.
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