Now on the matter of paedophilia and how it is never really heard from me what I think because I am really a paedophile inside, I think in actual fact for my part, that is besides the fact those who mention such things are aware that I know they are queer because they blow their rubbish at me all the time too, the realty to be that people should not expect to wear flash suits and turn out to be important when they abuse children; children are always messy and they are presentable only because their parents make them so and the ironic fact of it is that it is the vulnerable and considerably incapable ones that get abused, I mean no offence to those who fight their corner which is brilliant anyway. So it never really makes sense why anybody would want to abuse children and that is why I feel if it were up to me then those who do it will end up in a place where their entire lives are determined by the existence of such children and we are not talking about the media ones talking rubbish at me presently and mentioning some pain there will be for me whenever the police catch them and they talk even more rubbish about vowing to clear their name and so on; the flash suits and flash clothes and being famous that abuses children and I am pretty sure they do not like the children smelly and dirty and messy like they normally are, it is precisely why they make them into dirty smelly sexually abused messy children as well with a big mouth – so its all very well to walk down the streets and see them blow their rubbish at me and more so because of the campaigns the media ones run all the time too, it is not yet down to what I decide so far on their case as it stands yet and I have a feeling it will be soon which is the importance of putting this up as well. We see them all the time and they talk about watching me think about what I later say or write, whereas the reality for example the one that happened today was that having settled my thing about the National people which eliminates the Nationalists i.e. I will always ever be the guy who likes to tell people it is not in their interest to do their worlds worst envy freak thing with my career because there are those who are on the verge of getting their own which are the people that should have such things done to them, while the job I have I have already got and have had it for some time and hence an abuse of my human rights if they do, so we can work out what society we want to live in and the Politicians can get on, I felt I could look to my own heart and my own issues and therefore started thinking of the part where I need to ensure I can dress well and attend to my own affairs without the fear of being peddled by get rick quick and popular culture idiots and that if it is not that way, we have got a serious problem which is much the same with the story of how I handle peoples wives, for of course if I am a writer and they want my info from my personal life instead of buying the books as it were in order to get rich, then we have a serious problem because the way it was supposed to work was a process where I make the money and become famous for it and so they can create their own spoof around me as fans to make some as well and then the world will be a normal place, whereby if it does not work this way they are going down and it is not surprising that they are already anyway. For the fame and fortune idiots on the other hand whose entire existence is about using me as they use other people to do things to make money and get famous; it seems that the way it works is the girls and their demagogue idiots on media and the boys and their republican fools on the other hand and I am the one complaining at the moment whereby the reasons were the fact they cannot stay away from my public work and my royal work and my books and like to tell their fame and fortune idiots to get it like that for them all the time as well, over absolutely every single thing I do for that matter, then get on media and tell lies to secure self improvement before I act or anybody else does and continue to alter the facts and play out the master plan that cannot be surmounted with a big mouth – hence what I mean I need to look good while I chase my career without the fear of people collecting my person for popular culture idiots that will use it to make people famous and if it is not that way, we have a serious problem and it must be settled too.


As for the issue of fraud on the other hand however, it seems what people pay the least attention to is the fact that celebrities are the best friends fraudsters have; I mean when I say they need to get jobs and save up the money to buy publicity in order to be famous and leave me alone and they turn out all ballsy and burley and night clubs obsessed with individuals like Peter Andre for example or the Pop group One direction or even their other counterpart The Wanted, good news like the demise of JLS of which is very well savoured – it is quite remarkable how these fools put up such an outwardly convincing act of responsibility. It is the big problem between myself and the media; that I had made crime around my affairs financially unsustainable, that the pay and dividend of carrying out crime around me has become so small that it is no longer a viable business option and it has therefore become the job of twisted fame and fortune journalists whom I also know are queer and are paedophiles that have not yet been caught, as well as illegal drugs customers, have made it their personal business to open up and make viable again and that is how they must get information of my work from my personal life instead of buy the books and also the reasons I write the books and publish them in public so that those who will be warned will be warned and no excuses shall suffice, unless it were to be an excuse where people were to tell me that the bad thing in their opinion is good sometimes which should serve them well too and more so at my hands for my part as well. Thus it will never be over with the media unless I say so; I mean I have the right to make crime around me financially unsustainable and unrewarding and it is important they leave me alone as well, as we are not mates.


As for the part where I am condemned to a throe and therefore set out everyday to be lumbered with one difficult task after another, this is no difficult task after another, just like how talking about paedophilia exposes me to stupid women in search of high privileges story – in either case of which such nonsense applies to those whose decisions are changeable by trends, mine does not get changed by it. I could easily say the economic crisis means what it means and another thing is what we must do but that will mean that the fools and their power create new problems that have no name, so I always say I wished they were all over 50 so that I might know that they will last only a while before they had retired from the work force and since they are not, what I do mostly is toss a coin and make a sensibility and they will go for it, ever so predictably and we can start from the control issues to settle up what we are supposed to do, so if it is difficult, that would not matter because it is something I have decided to do and they do need to leave me alone as well. The economic issues do not rattle anybody we all know the most notorious of the lot are the Spanish communities in Europe and the Italian Communities and the German communities; I mean besides the fraud issue where I then have to take a stand and ensure peoples brand says something and that others go after it because of what it says which is their own thing and that if it gets different in anyway, they will hear from me as well, hence creating means by which they settle up and do it properly, there is the matter of these three leading the way over demagogues and deceit and lies and general economic vandalism, especially the ones in the US and the hatred for the British who have a special relationship with the Americans. It happens everywhere and I notice it all the time; I mean the Germans will regularly copy the design of luxury British cars for their premium models that are not necessarily luxury models and the British car makers on the other hand will regularly decide to save up the German designs for the future and then I have to decide to inform people if they continue then I shall never sell any books for my part, although it must always be noted the Germans always start first – I had made myself clear anyway  that one more games from there with the British economic interests, especially the across the Atlantic and they will kick it off here as well. The reality is that we have not yet settled on what we must do and how we must settle it so that the Communists can get on with their own stuff as well and this is the truth if they want to draw a line and settle up what needs to be done in a comprehensive way. It is the financial frauds that are the complicated ones and hence I have to round matters up at a planetary stage – even then bearing in mind such a fact as we need to settle up to allow communist carry on with their own stuff as well, I wonder what people hope to achieve when they commit financial frauds anyway; this is not the end of it either, there is the other thing about how they must leave me alone and mind their business not use my own to do it as it were on one hand and on the other plans I have made to ensure that poorer people are no longer just poorer people – I mean when I say such things as the fact what happens in this country with queer media goons and paedophiles is war between parents and the media over how children are to grow up and war between Politicians and parents over benefits received on behalf of their children, it should set out clearly what poorer people are, not that they will not do up the rich anyway given half the chance on the other hand as well; nobody is using my own to do any such thing and I intend to set out the message clearly that I can understand the fact people have such a large business connection that every little thing they do because the effects are so widespread among what they own brings about millions, it must therefore imply that another must be crushed because they are poor and it is no longer tolerable, since it must now become an important project to ensure that they understand somebody else out there is a measure of the health of he economy itself in general through which the rich get rich and that those people are much poorer than they are, so that when this becomes an equity that poorer people can cash into and build a life with and do business with and get rich with as well, then people can go around and crush as it were, to get the government to chase them around all over the place very expensively as well. That said, I had cleared up where I stands with Government Policy and I don’t accept austerity that affects consumers in anyway, I want to use their finances to do my own stuff, I want to delete the Finance world from the left and reinstall it at the Empire trust where I will have built stronger relations for that and install the general population on the left in its place, then upgrade that with general population finance. Only about less than 30% of what I say and write involves working and manipulating them; the rest are securities and equities I have worked for and created for the problems and foolishness they lumber people with and this is what I trade all together – no throes of one difficult task after another involved.