It is meant to be all about doing things that would be the correct thing to do for another human being that you are in some way familiar with; for the uprising in the gulf we have seen is already a function of what is the best interest of the west when Oil producing Nations are not governed by Tyrants who want to deploy their resources against the United States of America not the process of using the International community to exact corruptions of prejudice that helps people to fail in the act of seeing people are fellow human beings, because that can be left to do gooders who are expected to become frustrated philosophies for peace while those who lead do what they like.

The Americans fear I will criticise them if they intervene in Libya but I have no idea what they were bombing in Iraq all these time; the war was over in a day and Saddam Hussein was not actually killed by a bomb but was caught in a hole and later cleanly executed.


I don’t think they should be worried about me, they should be about their own citizens. I mean most of their rich citizens travel around America and spend most of their time in Las Vagas and when bored some to South America, while the poorer ones spend all their time working and so when there is terrorism they fail to grasp what it is about and their government wants to impose its will on the middle east most of the time.