The Israel Palestine Peace plan followed along the lines of agreements set out in 1967 does not create any risky Politics anywhere. All it does is spell out the stupid things people do. For when considering matters of territorial boundaries Geography is the most important issue; the climate and weather and how it affects the culture and the skin of the people their customs even their temperaments etc, even Economics especially on the matter of mobility is more important than Politics.

What we have in the Middle East is a condition where Israeli held territories contain less Israeli Identities than Palestinian held territories, it is one of the reasons I have continued to oppose the two state solution all together, which somebody drafted while they were invading Iraq and was put together to crush the Christian faith because they do not believe in God.

Whereas what really happened with the Christian faith is that they went into the life of some Christian, found out things he had created, extracted it and went around the world seeing if people will like it and as many people liked it, they turned into their followers and made customers out of them to get rich because they are evil and they must rule everybody else with a big mouth. So the Christian left behind his Christian life and continues to give them the fight of their life in theirs, which now means when they split some territory in the Middle East it crushes his faith.

Whereas the point in the first place was that if they try to do these things to smaller people because these smaller people are already at the bottom line, they will hurt them easily and quickly and will never be important or great thereof, hence they always have to pick on somebody that will beat it out them, therefore if they want to be free and to live as they like, the one route to that was to cut out and completely burn out the idea of their freedom being based on ruling others.

The truth about the way I view these fools although they have many opinions about it, is that they are a collection of trouble makers whose mothers and grand mothers can just turn up from nowhere and begin to attack just about anybody they like because either they have told them they are in charge of the world and need their support in such ways or they just are certain they are in charge and need support in such ways. So the illusion they live by all the time is the one that suggests that everybody likes them.

Of course these days they generally do nothing but move right and use my things to do things and to get rich, which they feels is the one they threaten or mock me with. It is the least of my worries actually as I am not giving back that stupid left, let them do that, one step closer to Church it is anyway.

It has become a seriously difficult ego issue for me to live like a Prince who must always avoid the media because they are dangerous to people like me. I just cannot let them have it anymore.


So it seems that the Israel Palestine issue has a serious problem here and that is that it is either that all these years America has been supporting and arming Israel to grab lands where there were less and less Israeli cultural identities, so now that there is a two state plan Israel cannot give up the lands where Israeli history Geography culture and economic revolves all together or it is something they have been doing without the knowledge of the US maybe indeed even unconsciously.

Either way it is all a bit too late now, these games about two state plans and two state solutions and so on I mean. 

I do not think it is something to be worried about; just the usual secrete society goons reaching out for things that are bigger than them so they can later in life have inferiority complexes they take out on others, pushing people into the path of their envy because they think it is where they can do wickedness without being questioned because they had reached a point where there is no known argument known to man kind that can and of course bullying people to make their minds calm enough to pass exams in school in order to grab other peoples professionalism to get jobs with and hence be the ones that have the best jobs around. They are not clever people and the West uses them to attack others like me because most of those that do think they are clever when they are obviously not. None of their antics makes me angry what does is that their audacity either way to tell me what to do; its just too much, just too far. It is the means by which something always feels wrong about my books and no matter how good the need for people to buy them as well because they are planning to steal all of it for themselves and already are with perceptions they create for every bit of it they pick up on the internet, as if it is their property; the things they stole to get rich which caused me to create them or indeed the books themselves as items which belong to me.

They have the right to go where they like and say whatever they want, what they do not have the right to do is touch me or my products or rearrange my market place to suit them. This is the bit that winds me up; some of them work in Google which then impresses me considering obviously, others work in the commercials industry and provoking people is their forte, the rest work in the media which is even more impressive than the other two. Anything else left over are supposed to be traders pretending to be what they are not especially on the property of those whose finances they have been able to damage in some way hoping it keep it going for the rest of their lives making out it is wile and fun but everybody knows that is because they have spent so much of the persons time putting it in place where they can have access to it regardless of how he or she would have felt about them doing so-after which its time to get on media and change peoples minds about things.

I do not tolerate the idea of them getting involved in business anyway because of the morals of it and their attitude has not changed, they have simply waited for people to take their eyes off them, so they can get rich and when they waste my property doing that get all over the place claiming it is the way business is done in the new age etc. Of course it is to the death. I mean who the hell so they think they are? I mean has the world been feeling there is something not quite right about buying my books recently?