Of course the US government if it is run by democrats always have no appetite for military intervention to bring about freedom and or democracy anywhere and I am not suggesting it is something surprising or unusual. What I am saying is that it is the the way it should be normally; which is that democrats never have an appetite for military intervention for anything and republicans always do but fund, abate, propagate, encourage and feed all sorts of evils especially spiritual ones, after which they seek some scapegoat that will become their human shield when effigies of the US and its leaders are being burnt-since everybody knows how it will be done as it were.

This however is beside the point, the point is that they interfere and mess up all the time, work that other people have, have to and are trying to do. In this case the fact that the UK is one of the biggest financial centres in the world and there is an economic crisis and security must be created for this, view of the fact that most under developed and developing nations when it comes to financial security especially, have next to none or none at all. 


Now b
earing in mind for my irritations, that the US financial sector was largely responsible for up to 60% of the problems that led to the crash (Enron/ Goldman Sachs scandals etc-and the US led crisis of corruption all over the west thereafter), what needs to be done is not the above disposition in anyway or messing up other peoples diplomatic work; not to mention stifling sale of my books until a black president has won his election as the first black president successfully or round me up as if I am their equal and expect that when I am financially crippled after years of hunting me, by this time of which such years must have been counted in tends of years, corner me, have control of my life and essentials I need somewhere and make sure I am doing stuff things that they want. 

The Story here is that people are rising up in the Arab world to create some kind of civility; a first in Africa as it were, good stuff bearing in mind the extent of financial damage the economies of the west have sustained; yes in the UK we have the British Isles but it is also a tax haven, which we operate by getting into some mutual agreement with Financial industries and businesses, so they always somehow end up paying as much tax as they should in the end, in the long run anyway, which is something we do not want to loose; especially considering there are examples like the fact Iraq was meant to be a benchmark and Tony Blair and his friends pervaded its purpose, while the Americans turned it into a blood bath, to ensure terrorism was affecting everybody.


I am not suggesting it is all lost; what we have in Libya for now, is that everybody else had left the country for Gaddafi and his Tribes men and his secrete cults, except a certain group of people that are prepared to stay back and fight him and the US and British government have got troops on standby to help with humanitarian aid, so it is alright for the time being although not the best result by any means and since this is my leadership I am saying what I need to say. 

I don't want idiots from Washington messing up my work ever again and more so especially through their media idiots and western insolent stupid girls I cannot remember myself talking to or paying any attention to; getting positive about drawing meanings from what I do and say on my market place, depending on what lies their bosses tell them about a person who sells securities trying to please them because they have money, which is how they continue to earn my income or use their jobs to earn perks with my income and market place, done with inferences which entire purpose suggests I help businesses they work for, whose bosses they probably sleep with, that actually gets to make them rich for the purpose of vandalising my market place. I.e. Colonel Gaddafi has been leader for 40 years now, it is time for him to leave power to the people and he wants to know what it means; which then got to mean every idiot from the West seeks a privilege for their insolence working out how they need to and can now operate their corruptions of involvement by which they create their perversions of problem transfer, which they also name new 21st Century burden as I gather recently, to have self improvements which were all led by the US publicly and at the International Community as well and now we have the results we have and benefit of doubts based on what we do not know because they did not happen and it is not the first time, I just intend it will be one the last.  

Here in the UK HRH Prince Andrew messing up my finances and other things like a habit is just completely personal. I find it a matter of immense concern that Government who have millions of people pay money into their pensions through the DWP was unable to defend peoples pensions, while the crisis had been looming for the best part of 3 years before it finally began to take hold and I had been propping up the economy with my own Equities and property for the best part of 6 years until then, putting up with abuses that make me cash strapped for the purpose that I might be suffering insolent sex based abuses from top levels of government for it as well with their big mouth but were able to bail out banks in less than 4 months since the crisis began and are now the idiots that are vandalising my books to create revolution all over the place in an abject display of disrespect even for my job; which it seems does not make them better off at the end in anyway.