I do not think that this matter is much of a problem with respect to talks and sensibilities. The United Nations and its Security Council just needs to be more proactive or rather the correct word here is pragmatic, about its stand on nuclear proliferation among its colleagues. It is not as though we have hit and miss weapons these days anymore, so telling people to evacuate an undisclosed factory and then blowing it up should not constitute military action. For the following reasons;

  1. Research as to what nuclear weapons really are and why they came to those they came to at the time they did which created the present world stockpile of this weapons is not the duty of international diplomats, when it is others that feel the apparatus of State should be deployed and made available to them for such purposes.
  2. It is basically impossible to continue work on matters of cease fire and peace or territorial integrity when somebody is distabilising a region with the use of something like a Nuclear weapon.
  3. It is impossible to come to a consensus on the Climate and the Environment and food production which no body it seems has yet noticed is a serious problem, when people are destabilising a region with the use of something like a nuclear weapon.


Prognosis from these such trouble makers residing in the UK for example is that they complain the education system here is very expensive but at the same time the society is become more and more and more selfish and incredibly stupid. The marginal aspects of the recession really displays the extent of this problem is that somebody will easily rent a £150.00 a week home in which they pay their own bills, rather than rent a £200.00 home in which all their bills are inclusive because they are more busy working out how £50.00 is being spent every week (and violently but also pragmatically at the same time believes in enforcing a process where everybody thinks and lives in such ways). They have jobs that they attend to with an eye on whether or not others are doing theirs properly or for those that are unemployed whether they are claiming their benefits properly or seeking work properly; I mean I need to take time off work regularly to see my doctor and I worry about all those personal maintenance things I have to take time off work to do and then deal with the process of getting to work everyday; is it any wonder how on earth they are getting the energy to check if others are claiming benefits or looking for work properly? After which they borrow people’s intelligence and borrow people’s energy and the things they do to get to that point is incredible as well. Now they tell us University fees are much too expensive but their solution is that it needs to be free; where they have helped us gather these taxes in the last decade for what I am fully aware of has not yet been shown or indeed disclosed if there are any at all. The bottom line being that they come here because we in the UK are so pretty it makes them want to be good; and for me personally I am keen to see how this will turn out after I crush all the escape routes especially via politicians on the left so I can hunt and hound then financially and academically and with the law as well, so I can watch them continue to pimp things, wreck peoples lives and make some money at the end to make lots of noise all over the place about being superior to them which means having the right to oppress them as well.