In terms of Politics however, The Labour party has always been patronising; we all know it’s a choice of putting up with having a Monarchy or putting up with being insulted by them and so if people think it is okay on account the Monarchy exists then that is good but if they think it is not and get after my case again it is quite possible that a hung parliament can easily be the least of their worries but personally however I want to get the idiots into a place where those statements they make around me all the time to ensure community croons and their idiots chase my anus and penis and tummy all the time gets less and less until they don’t get to make any more of it; so that when I rip up popular culture and education and business becomes something young people must do only as a function of a failure of mine they engineered to create space for them, they will get to mean what they say either way. As ever it’s a matter of the fact they are stupid and they are stupid because people made them that way hence ever in need of somebody that will not harm them to make a scapegoat of, so it makes sense the reasons people made them that way. 

These issues are not a crisis; the idea they are is largely developed by busy bodies doing what they do best – I mean that we can see that whether or not I expose myself to Americans who then find out certain things about the best of their culture is far less important than whether or not there has been a 14 year campaign of Labour party members ripping up other peoples careers and lives and that nobody is doing anything about it if they can blame those who have things they don’t instead, while the Labour party members continue to get more and more confident their civil rights will be protected at any cost. It’s all obvious therefore that when people want to do so they might want to do it when people who feel they can have whatever it is they want by having those who have got it wrapped around their little fingers and made to be pliable, not when the idiots are handling my work and income margins – the advice is that they need to put themselves in other peoples shoes and work out that these fools know exactly what they are doing and mind their own business to that effect not turn out to complain when I do my share to them as well as if they have got a privilege of injustice out there to take care of my case anyway. The Industry ones are actually so convinced they can have anything they want that they spend money making these idiots rich and famous and asking them to help people recoup that loss from my work and because of that they are also very convinced that if they now feel that where they feel safe and secure is my life, then that is what they will have too; so that the reality will easily be that I took care of matters of violence and put them in a corner and they didn’t because they can buy everything and now they are saying I pretend they are not of use to me when they are one of the greatest help I am supposed to rely on which does mean they think wrecking my finances and spending money on fools who need to manipulate those who have things to have it as well instead of work for their own to make them rich and famous actually means they are helping me but then again if put into context what they mean is that they take care of these fools for me and it is all so terribly dishonourable which is why I need to dishonour them as well by making sure the same idiots squander all that money they have which makes them such a problem and then we will have less and less and less things around that make them so twitchy but for their Politicians however, we have been through all the processes and we have now met in the middle; they have spent years hurting me and making statements in public that I do all I do when I am hurt by them in order to be free of them which I never will be because they own me and all I do while people on other hand have come to see that is not true, so that all those times I was getting hurt will eventually lead to this point where they are going to hurt for the last time too as it were.

At this point they want us to be carried away by Swiss Bank malpractices at HSBC and we all know that a process where a company is required to look after its clients leading to a process where the companies does it through an illegal service, is illegal and does not in any way require a public enquiry that will get money into the hands of nice little earner political idiots that cannot keep their hands off our private parts and businesses - so it is just such a time as this stage as well and when they keep off my books that nice little earner does not have to get in my face and fill up its cup as well as it were. They do say the blame lies squarely on my door step for exposing everything about the careers of Politicians which causes them to have a need to ensure others are in the same condition as well and that I am to blame for it but which will never happen anyway since they started first with plans to persecute those that have something in common with City workers, those City workers like to stalk and play hide and seek with, if it will help them afford their racists mobility as it were, which is why they like to tell me I refuse to accept what is happening to me is racism whereas I need to look the part, tired maybe, like something a kid wants to stick a knife into maybe and so on and of course it is such a time for them as well, to get off my book sales or lose that stupid nice little earner - it is me and not them that is being played by City workers and they might want to ask what the reasons for that is anyway, maybe it is because City workers have something to lose when people know so much about me - I would not know but they need to keep off my books and stop complaining, it is such a time. Of course they do claim it’s all about me bothering people for attention all the time which is utter nonsense since I simply want them off my details at the Civil service and whether or not their community fathers want to tell a boy to be generous and to listen to what people are telling him like their Caribbean and Ghanaian idiots are obsessed with kept off things such as the look of my signature among various other little things that express in places that cause me the most liability their evil twisted nature I will hit again so they can talk nonsense about power to make poor and rich etc, so that in the end the question does tend to turn on them as per whether they are not doing these things because they want me to extricate attention from them. It’s never based on fact that  Christian facing the risk of socialist binge drinking weed smoking cocaine sniffing idiots wanting him to work for things and hand it over to them will want to spend a lot of his time securing attention from Political and media fools that are associated with them at the same time.

They do say I have been put into a way to ensure I understand what the issues of wealth inequality and social injustice is all about and I wouldn’t know for my part anyway; all I know is that a 20 year old can be the biggest earner in his family and so if his boss loses the company, his family loses him and that is what inequality is all about – they however love to stash money where others cannot reach it and set about spending other people’s money on themselves so they can save their own and use it for power and it is not as if I have not been aware of it all through my childhood, it’s just that they have come to think there will be no consequences for deploying entire government and diplomatic offices to wreck my finances and allow their community idiots to turn up here and change my quality of life to suit their need to be important with violence that is developed around how my worries are keeping them up at night as well as changing their quality of life too to provoke them in the first place which also means that the quality of life in question in the first place was their own as they do have the muscle to claim it. So fathom the problems I do not discuss with people and a process of perverted media reports done at me and couple it with the perversion of law enforcement systems and intelligence gathering systems to do gestures like showing my anus in public and inviting others to it with those insults of theirs they wouldn’t throw at their mates as it were because that is where people know how low they really are anyway etc and we end up here with somebody that has had his diplomatic equities that were developed for celebrities at the office to help with matters concerning having property in areas of the world that do not necessarily have good relations with the UK to do their celebrity culture to get rich and famous and wrap me round their little finger to ensure spending more is a viable career path, ending up with One who discusses his problems for a living and will only let them go the day he is rich and famous doing so as well.

They do say I am always seen chasing the privileges of poorer people and hence unable to put my position in perspective of course which makes no sense; what is being chased here is a situation where those who need my products cannot get it because of them spurning this sense that if they get to buy the products everybody else will and as a result this battle for their hearts that I tend to win all the time so they complain but still while they complain all they do is become more stringent in activities they put together to ensure others cannot get the products and that their money stays with them too. So that it is a simple matter of the fact I never did expect them to get off their avant-garde fancy dress party pass times for MPs or the ones enjoyed by the media and by celebrities, to start thinking books written by a Christian matters of which nobody knows why they are found around the sales of it every single day making as much trouble for me as they possible can and enforcing that trouble at high levels of government office they want to get to at my expense too. So I am not saying I am the innocent party in the matter, taking over their cultures and societies was done so I can have debates with them as well and the Royal renaissance existing only if they recognise it is not in my hands as it is largely up to them to recognise whatever they want but what matters is that they need to get off the Christians books, since we can see his religion discriminates against those who don’t believe in God while his products have a far range with the customers of the world and hence is something they want to be part of but cannot and therefore must devise other ways to have it as well and continue to live in a way which means they don’t have to believe in God thereof and getting off on public places to blow off insults will not do as well anyway. So it’s simply when they get off my books they become free of me situation – I don’t gather facts on the pastimes of politicians and the past times of media fools and the past times of popular culture idiots magically or for trivia – it simply gets to a point. They do say people like me never answer questions put to us about religious oppression but I wouldn’t know anymore; if I am a Muslim I have my copy of the Quran and if I am a Christian I have my Bible – nobody has to tell me what is written in it, I have my freedom to practice what I read from it; they say there was a story of Priests sodomising Children but I hear what they say alright, it’s just that they don’t get to threaten me and need to stop being so stupid.

They do say it is my meddlesome nonsense that winds them up the most but I wouldn’t know about that either – I only know I am meddling with the middle that continues to meddle with mine and so it seems that it has become less funny to be obsessed with the personal life of a Christian when you don’t believe in God because you feel you want to use it to provide customer service and get rich which has become a big global dispute that you tend to forget you created in the first place, hence it is my small meddling that is the talk of the town instead. They do say the views in my books are very mixed but they are not mixed in anyway; they had their fun with George W. Bush and with M Obama in equal measure and while they are after such things there isn’t a voice of reason on this planet that can make them listen to what others are saying to them – so they enjoyed handling my work to ask George Bush a difficult question and decide whatever he answers will mean they can do whatever they like with it and can enjoy protection while they do and these things have happened because I cannot breathe but in terms of the contents of my books, it’s a matter of the Literary Empire all together and for what happens in celebrity world alone there are people who have an interest that means the Office here needs to do what it is supposed to and I am doing my best keeping them off violence as well considering and there are others who need the community and I am keeping them off ripping up people’s lives as well since they were never good looking and never had popular culture at this disposal as well and the industries are much the same but even more powerful – so that as far as these goons are concerned they have a low level of tolerance for a condition where they don’t have what they want and what they want is a matter of what they see so everybody has to live in secret lest they do bad things and flush people’s lives down the toilet or cause people to kill them and flush their own lives down the toilet – so they do understand their case over the contents of my books is utter nonsense. It is not an emotive issue; it has always been that way – if they see you in front of a computer every single day, they want to find out what is on it claiming it is probably some religious intolerance or plan for oppression and that it needs to be checked so they can be assured but we all know it is about the fact they know you must be working on something important and 95% of the times people work on something important it is always a means to an end and so they will do anything and say anything and make any demands to steal it and that is how we heard those cover up stories of racism in the UK which race of black people freed the negroes and so on and on forth and now they think they have built up those arguments to a point and are unreachable and untouchable – I only cleared out reality concerning the stupidities of stories about the contents of my books, it does not in any way mean that I have done anything with or about the facts surrounding the matter. It’s like the story of compromising my security in Russia for instance when the reality has always been as simple as the fact Putin is not necessarily nice to me and Obama is on a public case with my work, so in Russia, I keep Russian friends and carry on as normal and anybody that wants to corrupt something around here makes an enemy on a personal basis considering all these is their fault in the first place.