So I hear there are people working really hard to ensure I never get anywhere near Buckingham Palace again but I could never make sense of it anyway; it’s the old story of whether it is sheer ambition that drives very stupid people to set out single individuals and spread tales and rumours on such persons in order to bring about a result whereby these victims are the persons that whole societies want to pick on if they wish to better their lives – apparently this obviously, the case of random men deciding where I can go and where I cannot has to go beyond a case of their ambitions into the region of their extreme stupidities – my question however is that of which part of it happens to have become news to the world and therefore the sense that the whole matter has been brought up on account I am expected to respond to it. 
I don’t think it is a difficult or complicated matter as such; if we think about the Black Adder character in the BBC sit com, we can see it is modelled on real individuals but these goons are an example of what such a person would be like in the real world – obviously it is many times as worse as the sit com character, so I already know they are really despicable and am not troubled about it at all but I think this matter of deciding where I can go is overreaching in its own right.
The involvement of Politicians is not the big part of this matter; in their case they say they are impressed by the way I have handled matters with communists even if I may have delegated by equity brokerage, which does not really make sense from a diplomatic Office anyway; when they have their business empires they keep it private and seek government Office positions, when I have mine, they say it is public property but it isn’t, only two sets of people own anything here and one of those is me while the other are the customers that buy their copy of my Books. It is much the same as the claim society men now run my life which they clearly don’t; the only thing they run here is that it is getting nearer to a stage where every familiarity with me will be followed by severe and vicious consequences, concerning especially the fact they are good at locating people whose lives they have set out as the point at which their idea of investment means sharing and making problems for others, the only complain they have about it is that somebody bends their own into a twisted corner like I have for the same purpose too. So ultimately we all like Politics and those Politicians that are fond of complicating it for me whenever I am at work, so their idiots can pick up on a speech and turn up to chase my alimentary canal and my private parts, have only begun to see a taste of what I can do with them as well. So I have responded to the matter and it is here displayed as it appears they expected me to respond. The story of my job interfering with Monarchic Business has no basis in reality; I am simply at a point where their involvement and its corruption is no longer a priority since the Company Court and Industrial Court and the need to work with Politicians and a process of selling my Books in due course of these three engagements had replaced them and as usual they are not happy with it and every fool that turns up here to damage or delay my finances and or create me setbacks with their own version of foolishness and the idea they know better will continue to suffer my wrath so they can understand all the time what the truth is in very hurtful ways and we all know we are in no way mostly as it were referring to foolish women, beaten by their mates and getting into ugly relationships with society goons so they can threaten me every moment of their stupid lives.

The case of a story between me and the Labour Party is utter nonsense too – there is no story between me and the Labour Party but at the rate they are progressing with a need to provoke me and tell people to turn up to chase my anus and penis and private parts and alimentary canal every time they show themselves in public places while I am at work, there will be one. I mean we see them complain every time they appear in public life so but we see them do it in equal measure every time they appear in public yet as well. None of it are unusual as such therefore as we live in a Country where people love to know better and tell others how to do a job all the time; so these idiots along with these journalists and celebrities of theirs I cannot really account for had to wreck my academic work with their own hands and close that chapter for good then, which they did but as for the complains, one moment they got 100 horrible emails because I let people into what they know and the next moment they are off telling people to chase my tummy and private parts while I am at work.  Then they tell me I cannot live up to any threat that concerns the fact I am beginning to get to a stage where I worry less and less about who they are – especially as this problem is largely because the reasons people like this love to tell others how to do a job and in my case the Labour party knowing better about my Books so they can tell me how to write them being that MPs can write Books better than writers if they are in the Labour Party thereof is because they like respect and really have become obsessed with getting it where they have not earned it and becoming violent to that end as well which is why people think they are more important than the Queens arch Prince if they got elected some time ago and it is a constitutional difficulty that I only seem to be the one taking steps to avoid while they only seem to be the ones taking steps to exacerbate – hence it is fair to say we love Politics and the next time they send people over to where I work to chase my private parts, they will end up exactly as I have described here too; speaking of backing up anything in its own right, what they mean is that I have financial problems because I continue to allow the idea Politicians are important to cloud my sense of duty when it comes to a process of going round and round in circles to work for things others use media to make into their own such that you have become familiar with the process where each time you complete one of those circles you will know it and that is not necessarily because they stir a crowd to get some of what is seen on them off you as per the source either, apparently of which it happens because Politicians want to be in a place where they can keep me off a job by making a phone call; so obviously they will be off threatening to attack what matters to me the most yet again at this stage and we will never know what the bragging was all about in the first place anyway. I believe I have made myself very clear on the matter – we live in a Country where buffoons know better all the time while others have a difficult job of leadership to carry out but it does not mean a party where its entire leadership is made up of such fools can do whatever it likes as well to whomsoever it wishes.

The story of wealth inequality I know very intimately but what happens with that is a case of writing my Books and a media idiot handling passages of it to upstage me and get attention to being the one that dealt with the issues; so the idiots do need to get to done and speaking of what annoys me the most of which is the fact they are always turning up to stand somewhere around my work and possessions to do their problems alongside that stupid social and wealth inequality and as long as it happens I will never ever be a happy person – so to make this simple they need to know they are cannot solve anything concerning me by offending me in ways that cause me to react the way I do while complaining about the reaction every day on media – they need to stop turning up here to do it. Its like Mr Obama and his people pillaging my empire to create their most powerful black man in the world thing and now he still cannot understand why he faces so much resistance for pillaging my Book sales in order to make his career at the White House as well- they need to stop turning up here to do it from complains about injustices to any kind of problem solving.

 It’s the same story at Industry over and over and over again- the only difference between a British and an African or an Asian etc is that the British can look after their private parts and the others cannot and therefore want involvement and integration for it which is fast becoming abusive and violent too – never because they need money but because the old case of having a problem with a Christians business when they know they need certain social evils in place to help them feel like is normal when they drive into their garage for instance by which trading gets done etc . I did not give them any incentive for these things, it’s all made up with media where nobody knows who the scumbags on it actually think they are- I have made it obvious my Books are important, my Job is important, my academic work is important, my public work and public life is important. On the matter of feminism however its always been an old story of the fact that One might assist women if asked but it does not mean I am a punching bag for idiots who hate work but want to be rich and fundamentally need a man they can handle and manipulate into giving them the finer things in life one way or the other which means I am always being targeted either because I am a Christian or because they have told enough tales that I am weak but the part where no matter how old they get the reality in their view is that they can always play games with me where I end up in the hands of White People and then after being used enough they can then get me back and own me as per when women want a mans usage they will have it in the end anyway is a reality that they entertain with no attention paid to how annoying it makes me for instance; so there are usually only two reasons for their bullying and one of them is their greed which is only matched by their laziness while the other is sex and great ideas about things they will beat up if they don’t get to use even when such things are other persons – hence their mates beat them in everything career and family life included while they have now married barely sane idiots to threaten me with and talk nonsense about capitalism and freedom, as for the guys and their transferred problems and distant violence, if they continue at this rate, they will run out of their insults and then nobody knows what they will do with themselves after but in the end they are nobody and should remember that, I am in charge, I know what I am doing and they don’t know better, never have, never will. Where does these kinds of nonsense end anyway – when I am leading I will be replaced by processes of insults and abuse so when those who do it are in charge then what happens next – then there is the part where everything they do is about copying me and the question therefore is that of what happens when they are in charge to me; so it does tend to appear to them when Countries are democratic the bad elements were weaklings. I have no wish to tolerate them doing any of their concerns around my Business anymore – especially the part media idiots put them up to and especially for black people. The tale that I am becoming a sad story is one of the stupidest of the lot; most people simply do not have the courage to follow those who think celebrity idiots do what they do not because some foolish little women who want to keep off work while getting rich cannot tell when every society fool in the land is helping her hurt somebody else necessarily but because they are in need of some proper leadership which I have then set out to provide as well – so we see them bully, bully, bully, spend, spend, spend my work but their condition continues to get worse and people cannot tell the difference between celebrity and normal persons these days anymore – I am only saying I invented the process so I can tell the difference and I am not a sad story when I have to manage my public image; they say most of my problem are caused by industry people but how that justifies the vandalism is not clear or indeed why they think they will get away with it but I will never get fed up with educating them as well harshly when I feel like it or not – whenever people are calculating how much money those they wish to target and hurt have, so as to ensure their victims cannot hurt them as well, it is Industry people doing what the do best but of course they are cowards and tend to hurt people so every other idiot that wants to spend my equitable securities and vandalise my finances can of course carry on and assume a different result will come from their actions as well. The part where I provoke journalists is an old story; journalists are a group of people that allow others a semblance of peace when every messy thing about them is out there forging a reason for people to hate and bully them otherwise your life and career is like a button in front on them while you are miles away telling them not to press it being half the story for the main issue is how your career became a button in front of them in the first place, which has happened thus because they think they are really tough; I have never thought it a problem, just really exasperating to consider how many things I need to do to ensure my career does not end up a button in front of somebody on media while I am miles away telling him not to press it because I am a human being, if measured against how many things they have had to do to ensure it all happens otherwise especially that is; so complaining when they put a name to their faces and start all day long for years on end like that will not solve anyway – I am of the personal opinion that at this rate, the men will run out of their insults and the story of being really big and needing more space and having a thing for robbing themselves against others all the time in order to claim women are the problem as well, which means they never attack the ones that are like they are in the first place. The Celebrity ones are the ones that want to crush people and move into their most comfortable zones to have babies and it will not stop until I look like I was cursed with a villainy thereof and so it seems I will have to stop it my way bending them into a difficult corner to set up family as well, I am waiting for this years talent shows to be about me so we can find out what all those insults and destruction of my public image to make money and pretend it is a routine they share with their paparazzi is all about - we are at the moment talking about journalists who it seems cannot let others breathe unless every messy thing in their stupid lives turns up in public to forge a reason for them to get poked and prodded by others all the time, like my career a button in front of them while I am miles away and even if I was not, could not do anything about it, telling them not to touch it.

The case of what I think about celebrities is questioned of course especially in terms of the things they claim to do for society, which actually has no basis on reality as they are rather all tired just like the Politicians or pursuing bad people if they can pursue religious people instead – so it’s like there is celebrity and then there are people who do Euro vision and clubbing and dancing and mild addiction and so on; they are supposed to be the culture scum that people keep well away from fame, taking advantage of the fact I allowed some women who were supposed to deploy the diplomatic front of my Office for a very short time to secure themselves and support me at my work, to pile their stupidities as wealth toward dizzying heights; this is where they think they are famous. I have had enough of this and still have not been able to answer the question of what they do it for anyway – they tell me I am a sad figure because they think that they are famous; like they hate a religious man and do it pointlessly because they want to finish him off in every way with a big mouth – hence they tackle my finances and everything else right down to my health because it is their type to do so and that is why I think they are bluffing too. I have never really needed their help; it was a case of Boys v Girls in school and then talent show band wagon started rolling in on my Public life and a few of them decided to go for it to pay me back as well and it lasted mostly 3 to 4 years and got shut down, never an Industry idiot supposedly taking anything here over to churn out fools with a need for money and leave me the social bankrupting problems that they also control for financial bullying too with a big mouth. As for what my actual state of mind is; simple as the fact I am a very excitable person that is easily excited, this means I am largely always very happy and content most of the time – whatever on earth they mean by a sad figure, considering my personal favourite of all the insults is the one where what I do at work is so good and I am actually giving away my real self, turning up on media; they always know better and always know nothing at all and I have had my day with it too. So let the uncivilised live in insecurity now, as their incivility has become profitable like those left hand side and right hand side gestures where I am always being trapped and they are always ending up in my life to spend something etc.