Riding high with the international community will end with crashing low; nice try anyway.

Do people really believe that what happens in other countries and how people feel about things is a function of how much they push my income and earnings into other peoples misfortunes and the things I do to recover them? I am not making out it should become a matter of extensive conversation, just putting forward a question.

Do people believe that what I do with my own private property has anything to do with whether or not a dictator murders his people in this place?

Why is it okay for an American president to be adored by Americans and a British Arch Prince to be abused by Americans for being adored by the British?

Why is it okay for an American President to be followed by those whose hearts and minds he has captured but a British Arch Prince to be robed of everything, down to his income because people follow him whose hearts he has captured.

No body is having a conversation about the nature of the rebellion against Gaddafi, what we have seen is the Exodus of Libyans from Libya, which is a serious matter currently and the killing of those who have stayed behind to fight; what there is left is the interests we have to secure with those who have the interest of a geographically defined area in this part of the world and no body is doing that yet for a beginning, so those who actually have the interest of the country and region in Libya are still fighting over the basics, while the Dictator himself has not yet gotten to the point were he complains about the safety of his own people if he leaves office.


There is no such thing as securing the right results on this matter; what kind of results are we specifically talking about which we cannot put to the Libyan leader because he will be able to predict what we are thinking and take steps to win the fight? The simple issue here is who we support and what interest they can guarantee us in Libya and when we let them all die, what happens next? People do not need Gaddafi because he is indispensable, they need him because they have businesses and jobs they do not want to loose and the talks on these are not currently happening.

Besides which if it did at this point, it would rather have happened too fast, while the Humanitarian issues have been not firmly settled, so the need here is to work fast not slow otherwise a man who has so much grip on society in his country and will do the region no good with it, will change it and use his disposition to change laws, he will simply outrun the international community not whether or not I am flying high currently and enjoying it until I fall low.

The Immediate Political matter however is to set out how far we have come with the circumstantial fall back talks and negotiations that have emerged to have happened with the Libyan leader, which clearly sets out security of the interests of the Rebels as this is the parts and peoples of Libya that he has been unable to lead because he does not lead by Popular elections or democratic representation or indeed law which has guided where the Loyalties of the international community lies, without encouraging more dictatorial governments to cover their tracks by stepping up the oppression of people and the only way this last item can be secured is to declare publicly items and properties unique to Libya.