Now they do say there is a serious war on human rights going on around the world because of me, of which there is none as it were, only bullies putting themselves in the face of those that will not back down for them and we are seeing the results like in Islam for example where they want the rest of us to discuss how ISIL interprets Islam whereas the reality is that Islam is the good part of ISIL and attacking them in that direction means they will want to do things that will make what is known about them already look like a picnic i.e. Islam is the good bit the rest is very angry and vengeful people about the state of the Middle east, meaning that if we say that their activities are wrong, we must also say that the activities of those who provoke the guerrilla group they are is wrong as well (I am in no way contradicting what HRH The Prince of Wales said when he visited Jordan this week - One was speaking of the radicalisation of young people and the brutal murder of Christians and many other matters) – my point is that their war on religion is an example of their need to climb up the face of religious people and expect religious people to back down so they can spread the story all over the world and kill off the idea they are losers in that way and of course there are people that never will as well. So that where I fit in is the part where nobody knows what it is that makes it so difficult for them to live in a tolerable world with others to the effect that if they don’t care that much about me it is possible for them to live in the knowledge that I exist but do not matter to them – which if I do mention will court reactions from them like the get out card for the guy who have gathered up too much trouble for himself for instance which is utter nonsense because the complain about civil rights develops from the fact that even when they are told I am royalty because I look like something they need to step on in order to end the reputation of being losers they will take the chance anyway and now they are damaged goods because they are not stepping on me and are not going home either so we can find out what it is exactly they can do especially for the Americans. I mean there is real human rights abuses happening in places all over the world that deserve more attention than spending it on these bullies instead. So that when their street goons are well informed that it is kids that grow up and not people like them hence the talk of what I say which I cannot back up can only end with the things I continue to say to crack them up so the chances might increase that they are likely to get seriously beaten up by a woman or the part where we meet and sort it out and make our points and end it my way or their own, it is because I am fed up being blamed for problems that arise as a result of the fact my leadership is not recognised by them which can be avoided if they don’t make up their own ideas about who I am on account that my religion teaches me humility as the fundamental basis of social existence. We hear them speak of people like me who are royalty existing on borrowed time of course and that is when they have not yet answered why we have to deal with the questioned they posed to create trouble with in the 70s and then the 80s and then the 90s and then again today as it were, while I have answered the part where I support those they view as evil because all said and done without benefit of hindsight, they especially the American ones were actually chasing the promise of capitalism which said that no matter how long it took, wealth always gets round in the world in the world, the one that created the old way of things that meant big companies in the US and small competitors in Eastern Europe for instance; but then again it has always been a matter of those things that can be settled when according to them they have stolen my Royal order and used it to learn a warriors spirit in order to raise their own small army to make their mark in history taking the lives of soldiers and law enforcement officers of course, which will never happen because they will never get the chance – hence there should not nothing wrong with whether or not I can back up what I say when I live in fear mode considering those that are likely to be the biggest beneficiary of my doing that in the first place and the fact these fools especially the American ones have always created these problems for the last 4 decades at least so far, the fear mode I live in so that I can get to kick them all the time as it were. I don’t think it’s a problem and it has never been; I am in control of the culture and society you see but I need the work Court to decide what I take from it and what I don’t because if I do it all myself I will be left with a sense I cannot decide when I work and when I rest on account of their relentless evil. So the part about living on borrowed time is the one issue I seem to pick up everywhere I go of course because they have trouble shutting their mouths as it were – I mean first of all they think when they come into harm’s way because a Police officer is doing their jobs it is supposed to mean civil and human rights problem; but if I were a security officer that manned a door for a week I would know everything about how that door works and yet they feel an officer whose entire life is about the country and law and order would know nothing about a street he or she has patrolled for hundreds of times, therefore when they resort to fire arms and the idiots in question do not get what they want it is supposed to have been my problem – I mean don’t get the wrong idea I notice it all the time that they never seem to rest on the things they must do to create trouble and drag some innocent people in to get hurt and complicate issues but I really do like to chose those points where they get harmed by law enforcement and turn out in public to handle my work as the opportune time to say anything I need to say as well, I mean at the end of the day they would only be happy if it was racists shooting and stabbing people instead, they worked for that but it failed completely anyway. My point is that it is nothing new; the story of people like me who are Royalty living on borrowed time is a function of the fact they think their stories and lies are the bees knees when we all know they cannot even explain what their own rebellion is all about in the first place but then again even if they could, here in the UK parliament is supreme and that is the end of it – only one Royal plays a part in it and that is HM who gives her Assent when laws are made, so their idea of Ones living on borrowed has no basis on a reality that they can enforce and they do need to keep off my books; they have problems you see, like when they claim I am dealing with their community croons for them which I am not, what is happening instead being that I am making those famous, so that if they are insane they can insane where these fools are chasing fame and fortune and so it ties in not just with their need for easy life which means they chose the path of homosexuality and do nothing about these kinds of problems of their croons picking up on their freedom and democratic menace where politicians wreck peoples finances and make their possessions free for all so that when they had secured it they must have handled other peoples acumen hence deserving of violence and even death then pretend their Politicians are supposed to force the contracts of homosexuality on me when I am a Christian as well, which also ties in with that old case of American mid level fat cats and their tacky celebrities concerning whom it is a matter of the fact the UK is made up of seven Kingdoms but we hear tales about four most of time and it is the other three that have tourism and service sector economies and hence none of them are in any position to brag when they have not secured the footing to do so and need to get off my books; after all people can always get out of bed to deal with the image of a company – not the products concerning which a statement can be made, not the Intellectual property concerning which an advertisement can be made, not the market concerning which a campaign can be launched but the image, so that you cannot actually tell when the products in the pipeline will clear out and the new products bearing the new brand that is designed to resolve all the image issues will come into force at the markets globally because of them while they assume it does not bring it out of people; so I am well in my rights to keep an eye on the American pornography Industry and so am I within my rights to keep an eye on the celebrity one too and these goons need to brag when and if they have secured such a footing not pick it up at random – I for my part would have no fun if I spent more time with Royal Courts so that these matters can become all too obvious instead of like I have spent more time with the working Court so that most of what is known about me at this stage can be about what I am about to do and where I am about to rest as it were. They speak of the men all over the case and a story of a part they have to play of course which is not difficult to settle, like that old case of poverty and deprivation i.e. people in this country are fed up with these idiots turning up to invent games they can play with me to complicate their lives and whether or not I can back up what I say, I say it to crack them up as well in preparation. So in the end they say these matters are ever so simple but I always give extra details to all I do and complicate it which is a conversation we have previously had as well; I do it because if people are not in parliament because they are fans of a stimulating job that allows them to decide and make public Policy which ends in excelling careers getting government appointments in future and if not a good retirement and enough earnings for a comfortable home, then they ought to realise by now they will never become millionaires in parliament and thus leave me alone and get out of it – they however say I have no powers to do or say such things which of course I never said I did, it’s just that they have continued to appoint themselves my personal Police and so if their Politicians think my behaviour is insulting they need to look to their own yet again as it were because time and again we have to put up with an outcome whereby Public funds are spent on their needs and those who have not had the same privilege are fundamentally inferior and hence get to influence or change election results when picked on. I understand the part where either way I am being forced to share is the issue these facts are supposed to answer but the part I have missed out is the bit where black women feel their wickedness has an air tight excuse which it clearly doesn’t bearing in mind all the above facts. Now the story about celebrities getting the better of me isn’t true either; I know it’s my life and I know it’s my personal life sometimes and I know it’s the part of my life I have dedicated to looking after people I look upon as lost souls sometimes but it’s my life and only I have the right to deploy any of it; so that the story about giving the people what they want does not apply, all they want to do is play the future and past game when they are done paying love and hate and I will be the future whose finances they love to pillage while they will be the past who have money and are making me deal with the problems that those who are the future face, so naturally they cling to me like that on their face book and twitter profiles until every stupid twisted thing that is following them around gets to follow me around instead before they had given it a rest and in my position you see through it all the time as though it were crystal. Its middle class celebrity has to handle lower class fans and therefore takes the money and tosses the problem at the upper class, so that it justifies denying them the things you get to deny them as well, so that the reasons which is largely not just a matter of the damages done to your public image and finances to help them claim you are unworthy but as far reaching as the problem associated with freedom and democratic menace. So it becomes a fair way to keep them off my income by making it clear they are a threat to a diplomatic office because they must spend everything they find around it and around its public concerns to get rich and famous and seek decadence when I use it to secure allies and interests – so I never said they could handle the royal estate and pretend I don’t matter, I said they could live their lives in the knowledge I exist but do not matter to them and I really don’t see how difficult that could be. The next step will have to be the part where I ask them to enlist the Politicians and return to settle a point they wish to prove and we are not talking about mid level fat cats either. I mean I do have a history of everything they dump here put up in public, so they understand it can be returned, however which I wish to take a holiday away from their stupidities which others may not agree with because these actions are fundamentally insulting and how insulting becomes the question – bingo; my expensive clothes and accessories and somebody whom I like to pick on to get more. So that the next step I will take will be to ask them to go get the Politicians and return to prove their case and the warning signs are here that it will blow up soon; they for their part say I am the cause but it isn’t true because the destruction of my books by celebrities really knows no limits and there were humble beginnings for that such as female celebrities sweetie licking lollies and taking pictures of themselves doing so in dance floors in the US on my account that made it to the big news papers, they cannot now say I am responsible for anything when I have had to put up with the democrat republican wars part of their case already. It’s   a simple matter of giving me my breathing space – as they can see that a sheer process of writing songs or films cannot by itself spurn the size of the celebrity industry we have now, so it is the question of their behaviour and my breathing space as it were. There are no failures here to look after me that are not mine; work court of female journalists is not work court of my wives, they are people that are with me as my side kicks whom I do get to saddle with responsibility when I am really feeling up to it and that is it really. So when we have to look into this matter of increasing anti-Semitism all together, what these goons and their Politicians wish to do is make regulations and put it in the hands of the Police whereas the reality has always been developed around stereotypes of what people look like i.e. these guys have always been in a fight with their parents for control which the rest of us never let them win hence their parents don’t end up with lobotomy while they do and so that annoys them and sets them against the rest of society and it is their parents that Jewish men and women remind them of and that is why they love to target those – point being that Politicians have always been happy to spend tax payer money on them and pretend when they have money to run around with the problem will be solved in whatever end all the time anyway, we only need to look at how much time Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown and them the rest of their party after spent on chasing me around over the one I had done to put them under control with respect to myself before the end of my teens claiming I have stolen the kind of personal life a Politician should be having, of which they however never did for themselves or indeed anybody because they had spent their time being much too busy leading everybody else; so that the last straw is these their idiots talking nonsense about those who need to respect and fear them because they have children that can beat up people that is difficult to tolerate at this point concerning which the Muslim ones are not yet parents of terrorist yet considering they have money to raise Children and feed them until they are big and dangerous monsters but have not got the money to look after or rule them and turn up here to wreck mine and pass their sense of superiority insults at me looking for some of mine as well – so that we can discuss Police measures on anti-Semitism 70 years after the second world war.