So there is now a tale of things I need to remedy with the Men but we all know there is no such thing – what exists is the old story that the men want a piece of me and as for the women, those now know that if I were a man that women can and want to mess with all the time, I probably know I am and there is a great likelihood that I may not want to be anymore. I don’t think the matter is a crisis; they simply need to be made to understand that this is somebody’s small business and that there is no way that owning an Empire that is worth at least 25 million pounds of creative equity property and a Royal Estate attached to it at the other end, can leave its owner living in a hell hole with government supported rent without revenge and consequences. They however do love to tell the story for their part of the things I do to deserve it; whereas we all know that all I really do to deserve anything is that when we open magazines all we find is page one of celebrities abusing my Assets and property and public life and then the same for page two and then when it gets to page ten, another celebrity will appear and flatter me and then page eleven will resume the abuse and all they get from it is lots of money and then getting to chose the best girl friends and so I am sure that there is another way that they can run their stupidities – I for my part am going to get off and do what I need to do any way, they need to bear in mind that this means that war on celebrities is coming and whosever told them they were famous must have been as insane as they are. I hear there is a reason behind the actions we see celebrities exhibit but all the reason we know and have simply have to be the one where they are colonising the shops and getting to decide if people whose public lives and personal lives they target have the right to have and keep their jobs and all I am saying is that I have always been aware celebrities become celebrities not because of the fame but because they wish to use the fame to sell goods and services for big and powerful corporations, it sits side by side with the fact feminists always pick on moral and religious men because the real problem they complain about is walking around in society making people’s lives hell and that was too much work for them all along; so those insolent and abusive threats are going to have to stop and they will my way or they will their way – I have always maintained that it is important for them to remember at all times when they play their stupid games, that whilst the Books are rubbish to them to be binned, somebody else needed his or her value instated and hence wanted to buy it before they got involved, keeping it in mind can save us all a lot of problems and it sits side by side with the part where they get to leave me alone as we are not mates and is exactly the same problem with city business people who never can see the difference between themselves and other peoples Arch Prince’s until they are factorised in the most basic way imaginable too and left for the bad company that like to follow their money around to follow them everywhere they go – then they can tell the difference. There is war on celebrities coming and I would like it if they took steps to avoid the fight as well for my part. People do say on one hand that I am never really emphatic enough when it comes to handling celebrities on one hand and then on the other hand, when people are about to support me I take it up and do it all: this is the perception the media has created and is not actually based on reality – the reality which is that in terms of the former I am emphatic enough when people want to live useless lives and become celebrities who are the biggest customers of the shops that then decide if I am allowed to get a job or not, however which whilst I know that stopping them from turning up to try and be famous around me or with my life and public work would end the problem and help me stabilise my job, I always like to trade it in the part where people want to be famous and that is okay as I have work to do as such, I like to trade it in by allowing them to turn up and do the famous, so Politicians can be drafted in, to turn up and screw around with me and all I own like they always do, which will allow me to play up the bubble that exists between their offices and the prison service where they are responsible for making laws that put away the criminals – which is what I mean the Politicians can turn up and stand around me and do it as it were. These guys all have one habit and one habit only and it is all fundamentally involved with the destruction of home and neighbourhood based enterprises and that habit is totally insatiable and I have had enough to seeing them laugh on [public media whenever they target me with it and as for their Royalty in Tinsel Town friends; they make the magazines and the fashion and the celebrity and the threats and usage and assets abuse have now become a major concern.

They do say that neighbourhood and home based businesses do not get to acknowledge the part the media played in their lives and fortunes but of course that is precisely the point i.e. somebody thought my Books were valuable enough for a tiny part of his income but he had to be robbed so he could not own a copy and I had to be robbed so I could not earn a living and this is the only part they play and it actually cannot be explained. That statement that speaks of things I do to deserve it is always the finest expression of the fact they think they have got immeasurable power which allows them on that stupid media and I need ever increasingly more security for the National diplomatic front for it too as it were (i.e. there is a party going on in this Country because it has become one of the most conducive atmospheres in the world - less smell of trouble at government, which has spiked the level of Migration into London of Government and Business operatives - it must be loved and protected and that means there are people who are to be excluded and the Police will know exactly what to do with those and who they are). 

That I am going to get into trouble with celebrities as a result is utter rubbish; it’s the bullying itself that means what they do for a living is a process of ripping up my finances to make their way to the pages of glossy magazines where they show off the fact they have gotten into a relationship with the best other sex in town and exhibit when they will be married etc and later on sell the lifestyle on and so on but nobody likes being at the receiving end of it anyway which is what is going wrong with the whole set up. I find them impossible because the first time they got into this habit it had to do with using me as a Christian to attract and have sex with the best girls in town and now quite impossibly, it has become a career for them all together – I need to make them understand the reasons the abuses that are carried by their celebrity type royalty and their cosmetics people and their hair dressers etc does not affect me that much and why it should not become a frenzy to try and ensure that it does as well and it all hinges on the fact this is somebody’s small business and the owner does not like it when it is taken out of him every day on account he exists and does walk the streets and they will lean to stop doing it my way or their own, so when it comes to getting into trouble, I think they are bluffing.

They do say it is difficult to understand what about their behaviour causes problems for me but it isn’t; the traders are traders and that is what traders do i.e. they trade and are now Royalty because they made money at my expense that afforded them an equality  thereof – the celebrities are known to rip up people’s lives to make money that will put them on media at all times, allowing them to become the most important customers of the local shops, so that they can keep out of employment those that they get to use, it does not mean they are the same thing as me and should cast themselves in that light as it is impossible to do anything when the 13th page of a magazine involves a new product built on my equities when I have expressly made myself clear about celebrities thinking when they advertise products it has become an extension of their personality bearing in mind it is my asset equities they are messing with when I broker with Industries but it will involve the first stage being the flatter and the product will progress with even more of my equities until it reaches the point where I know they have me where they want me and I dare not do anything to antagonise them as I know I have a social contract with their bloody feeling and that is after the cover was made up of them exhibiting their relationships on my public life and wrecking my finances to ensure they are having the best of the opposite sex and selecting them thoroughly to that effect, the rest right up to page 12 of which is everybody else especially fashion idiots threatening me and deploying my public life, then ripping up my Book sales because women can etc , after the 13th page of which the routine of property equity destruction and stupidities that help people exhibit themselves to get rich continues on my public life again like it did on the first 12 pages before and there has to be a way they can run their stupid celebrity lives which does not do that; in their defence of which they claim they see a better life for idiots who live like they do and that it is at my disposal and that they know they can get it off me but I think I can keep it away from them but it is an example of why it is obvious if they are not factorised by their lowest and commonest denominator, they cannot know their place  and quite difficult to understand the complain about how getting around the issue of my aggravation is impossible or difficult – so this is how easy it is before I have to look the part first and then take them on later as their insanity tells them that they are famous too all together.

It is difficult to locate how they would complain about my actions like that but carry on with this behaviour and I have tried my best here to make it clear to them I own a small business and they have an insatiable habit of destroying small, home based and neighbourhood based businesses with their army of pyramid sales scammers that must make freedom money at all cost – they cannot just keep taking it out of me because I exist and get to walk the streets; when I am done with them I will look the part when I can spend time on my job on peace and return to my part time Book writing with a quality of life attached which is separated from their stupidities without any problems whatsoever. They do say they are trying to prevent me from making out I am Royalty or being one – it will never make any sense because it’s all about back stage celebrity trouble makers – choreographers and hair dressers and cosmetics people especially the blacks – these guys are the ones that help the celebrities live the way they want to i.e. a useless life that rips up peoples businesses to make quick fame and then a problem with the lower classes when people see their eyes are not as bloodshot as everybody else’s etc but for the blacks, they do it to ensure when the whites are famous to a fault there will not nothing preventing them from having a go as well, whereby racism is bad but that is good etc; I like to trade it in when the lower classes refuse to attend school and pass exams because they want to get famous, so when they come round to where I work for instance I like to trade it in and allow them some conveniences because my real target is the Politicians you see, they can come and stand there and do it as such while I am and that is the whole point of it – I simply cannot make out where it involved the Monarchy or the Royals at all in the first place.  Like the Politicians speak of the Monarchy letting me get out of hand so I might rule by the back door which is disdain for government at unbridled proportions but we all know it is Queen that created this whole process where when I kick them they can catch me too, otherwise they make such claims because they think it is the one where they wouldn’t even have known I was the one doing it that they would have been able to handle, talking nonsense about the big bad evil politics of the past when we all know they are where they are today because they like to keep an eye on me and take my small business out of me as I walk down the streets on account I am getting comfortable in the UK, then tell me that although their celebrity stupidities look beautiful, they are actually tough and I need to look the part first, which I don’t and by the way of which they are not yet done talking about grabbing all the strategy of the boasting coward they used to be scared of but are not anymore which stupidities are unheard of as we all know they are incredibly stupid people whose comfort zones you are likely to rout whenever they start that stupid war they think they have copied strategy for; so they can show their big stupid bully selves that politicians like to use on others all the time in public a lot more than usual. In the end it seems the issue is that I make myself out to be detached from the Royal family but I don’t – people simply behave as though they will have me become big bad baron that was known for it and I am a Christian first of all before that. So the way it works is sped five hours praying and then spend your attention which you know causes problems when paid to popular culture communities as a whole on characters like Taylor Swift for instance and then find out that due to the whole thing being orchestrated by an idiot who is connected  or related to European Royalty, preferably black and regularly shows up at Tinsel Town in the US, your problem for which you complain is that the fashion column for their magazine this month will be about being dressed by Angels; there is nobody here that is learning how hard they have worked to be where they are, its 90% of their stupidities like these taking up my life to fill in it with their dreams and needs and that is not okay. I understand they say they have always supported me but its utter rubbish; what they have always supported are activities designed to keep their socialist enterprises off my income and the problems associated with bearded bush man hearing about some newly made Royalty in the UK and doing their own for it. So it’s like the other side of their tale meaning that there are two things only here and one of them is the bad things they want to do alongside their men which I am linked to because I saw it and knew what their needs were but did nothing and the other is the Book sales, either way of which I am pretty sure now that the men want a piece of me otherwise I would only be concerned with selling Books. The story about how I will wither when I see them Celebrities being the point of all the damage, well distinguished from that stupid insulting competition they want from their mates all the time – for of course the reality is that nobody can tell if they are poor people pretending to be rich or rich pretending to be poor, as we all know that when we see rich people we see people that don’t spend their money and when we see poor people we see people that are absolute buffalo when it comes to parting with the cash – the celebrities however have none such place, we can see the insults, we can see that the handbags are expensive but not much else because of course even the celebrities cannot tell what the actual point at which they earned their own money really was.