Now Boris Johnson speech on Islamic Jihadists today was one that sums up the mind set of these goons the best; his expression was a clarity of purpose in what he supposes is the problem and how I am to be detached from certain privileges that are rightfully belong to those that are more important and forced to deal with the problem; so speaking to him in person I would say he does not actually have a history of doing anything when I say I am the boss and he is not but in terms of speaking generally the piece of advice remains the same as ever i.e. if he wants to talk about things he does not have the right to talk about he had better start earning that right not get off in public to mess up my work and pretend he has a violent way of sending me on errands. I mean the war in Iraq was the plan of the Labour party but it was the Tories that stood to benefit from it the most and therefore most of the support came from them for it – for it would make labour unpopular and enhance their reputation, so that when the bloody idiots do not have a criminal justice system here in the UK specifically dedicated to matter of Jihads or one in Syria dedicated to such matters with which to get to the bottom of the issues, it is not exactly clear what it is indeed they know about or what it is indeed they will force me to do by interfering with my work and sending me on errands with a big mouth. But there is nothing new about it; I am the one with the reputation for scouting the world to deplete the profits of organised crime products they are the ones from Eastern Europe and South America and the US and the UK who have a habit of taking up a position in the history of my life and telling me I will be dead if I crossed to talk nonsense about equality and revolution – so we can all see they are incredibly incorrigible as it were but when it does come to it, the bloody idiots it seems have real trouble getting it through their thick heads that they are not to threaten me; so I think when Boris Johnson says something about some way to mess up my work and force errands on me talking nonsense about matters he has no right to discuss with a lack of respect for others that is legendary especially with respect to myself, I always think they are bluffing.

They do say I actually have no means of enforcing any of the things I say or do but it is the same story with these Middle Class idiots; they were asked years ago to do simple jobs in Middle East Countries where companies employed them and what they achieved instead was a condition where people regularly feel like turning up to bomb buildings and train stations which are the exact places we see them walk around all the time talking nonsense about people doing things they had always planned to do which will get them into trouble and doing nothing to douse a general sense of their hatred for women as well especially when those do not want to be taken advantage of over handling property that they do of property that does not belong to them. So it is not clear how many times it will be put to them not to handle my Royal Property and Public work for any reasons whatsoever, nor will it be clear the day they will start listening to what people are saying to them and cease to middle class get out of bed to damage it – which can only continue until people start to handle them and their own in the same way as well before it gets any better. So what they have in their repertoire besides threatening me to look for trouble and bragging about the health consequences of that while they build up fake confidence of what they can do with media is the claims they make of damage I have done to their culture and society where children are raised to think working for their own money is poison that will kill them and hence there are other means of survival that will cause others intense distress to explore instead for a talent. I for my part am only but making a statement about the fact this Boris threat bit is a last straw of a sort.