Prime Ministers choices of new year honours is not supposed to be a matter which concerns me but if it is, then the question is that of whether I am Mr Cameron and no body has ever put me in my place before is something that is his real character or something he thought he could do to me once he gets involved with Politics? Bearing in mind he is already hounding and hunting me with plans to look after me and control me and all I own in the interest of the Nation and this means he and his friends are in place to make me the person people hurt whenever they want to get rich. The question of whether it is his character or something he put up because he got involved in politics answering the question for him or whether he thinks this is the me v Blair issue where I returned to the UK as an adult, with no body to depend on, to live with a parent that betrayed me so they can create their coward perceptions of people they defeat by holding me down until they do in order to have cultural power over me? For me it will answer the question of why he would want to earn millions when his style of earning money is about hurting people, bearing in mind if that is the case, I should not be the only person he gets to hurt-thus if he earns millions from it, the desire to hurt people to get rich and important will vanish.  


I have no problems with leadership; the trouble with such claims is that those who make it are thieves. They steal everything; they steal money, they steal reputation, they steal religion, they steal faith, they steal people’s conviction, they steal even the way other peoples words affect other human beings-they steal everything. When they have no plans to stop it, do they then expect me to get off and give them the wealth of the world as well?

For now it’s all political, when the economy stabilizes it will become real and that their relationship with money will need to be looked into.

Of course they claim they say such things in a lack of respect for the fact that those who follow me come under places where they have power-indeed, those do owe them money as it were. The problem here is their insolence not an issue over my inability to lead and I don’t want any rubbish from them either.

The real problem however is that I cannot let them into my right to occupy anything of that sort. This is because of the covenants I have made with God and whether or not they believe God exists is not my problem, they should let me believe what I believe and what I want to believe. Except like they always make noise about they want to shut it down and it clearly is their own lives to shut down as it were.

 The idea that I encourage younger people to become rebellious towards the truth by lying to much that what I want when I tell my lies actually turns out to be true does not do anything to aid or help anybody.

The truth is that I was required to find a way to do what I know for the purpose of providing government for the Middle classes and the Lower classes and the manner I have chosen to do this is set up the Company to which this subsidiary bears its origin, which deals with selling books I write. Might I also remark it is the old story; you can settle up and do what you are required to do, hoping that you might be famous for doing it or you can seek yourself. I was only famous because I was or became so good at what I know.

As for the issue of their powers and the problems I have to deal with, especially with respect to their Politicians. The socialists love to claim above all else that they control me because they think that means they can spend my money and leave me with nothing to create scandals they can deploy to make friends with media and threats they can deploy for cultural power, until they are confident enough to make their disrespect of me physically violent like they love to show off their big mouth for. Which means they own my private purse and will be stopped as well by the way, of which they will never believe anything I say about how I really feel about it until I do something to make them feel the way I do physically which will give me a bad reputation.Besides which all there is to it is black idiots from Africa who have one superstition after another that they wish to play out on my life for the purpose of feeding their greed among other abusive tricks and insults by them and they do not even hail from the part of Africa where I am meant to have originated anyway. The normal rule is to ignore them all and carry on with what I must do, as it is for whites as well with respect to racial extremism but if you live in a place like the UK, then it is likely the devil is black and if he were white it would not surprise you at all. So they can get together and make up stories at their Politics black and white alike, help each other with their evil plans and games and tell lies in politics which are all about what really is the truth and it will never make a difference, it is the same thing.

I am not for one moment suggesting they are a difficult issue for me, they are not; it is so very easy to ensure I have learnt very well from what they have taught me in the form of offering them up as a dumping ground for the emotions of the great and the good so that I can get connected. Whether or not I come from the gutter, which makes my insults all the more potent and powerful and therefore makes no sense but is a total waste of other peoples lives because I think only I serve the devil and only I can do wicked things to get rich and bounce back in the process of making money, claiming to have been a nice guy who ended up finishing last in the past which is now the past, as though it will ever be credible.