Any up risings in Saudi Arabia will rather have been a factor of people who are always keeping the King's doors shut- which they then shut it to the extreme and then shut down the King at the end all together and no body dares open it up unless they do at the risk of their lives. Except women of course when they want something serious to happen.

I must dispel the idea here that I am unaware what is happening across the middle east is centred around removing government that are using Crude oil resources to gain power over the region and the world; I am aware of this but the real question to that is the fact that America is the centre of modernisation in the world but also the place where those who cannot leave other peoples cultural progress live. 

 I always feel it is either the world is too small for them or that they feel they have got an alternative planet, hence there is any real chances to stealing things they can keep for good. Except they have learnt to show me too that they can cause delay to become denial in my case and over my life, thus keeping it that way for the rest of my life, which will then mean they can get away with anything they steal.

This is then something I had decided to act on and so far they have very little places to hide in the world and those who try to operate work based oppression on me always have to choose sides, which is an outcome they can always hate me for.


In terms of their masters in Washington, it is clear that when I write books I intend to sell to gather funds to travel around the world helping people, so it becomes a context of superior leadership, which they win, but once they have, then the evil boys out run them in Iraq and then in Israel the children of the evil boys out run them, then in Egypt the evil boys outrun them and I have to intervene, then the evil girls outrun them, in Libya the evil boys outrun them and the evil girls are waiting to have ago. In the end they want the attention so that must apply they can do the job.