I am aware I have said things which have acknowledged that doing something about the evils of socialist greed for the world and desire to own it like we see rather incredibly every day and all the time generally only leads to an outcome whereby Nationalists have a cleared field through which to chose self improvements – they even claim I have inadvertently therefore acknowledged the role socialists play to ensure that we have a safe secure and diverse society to live in but have at the same time refused to admit that fact: these claims have no basis on reality in anyway whatsoever, since all they do rather is spend all their time provoking Nationalists tempered only with greed that cannot be satisfied and some new person whom when sacrificed will satisfy the Nationalists long enough at least for them to get away with anything they want to do and don’t ask me why somebody must be sacrificed. So on the contrary their only view of Nationalists is dehumanising and the more greed they have in their lives depending on how mobile people have allowed them to be by watering down inhuman treatment to dish out on them as well is the more it will always lead to a violent outcome. The other part of this their story is largely only concerned with their full time full profession cowardice that means anything good that is not corrupted beyond anything decent is under threat and its entire purpose and value is to extricate a game of whom to impose inhumane treatment on i.e. who deserves the treatment of human beings and who deserves the treatment of animals and eventually because their greed and evil gets the better of them unsuspecting normal people are all the time the victims of the games they play with Nationalists which Nationalists play with them as well. So the price for this whole process where I have refused to allow them have a slight bit of what already belongs to others as a matter of a blackmail bribe in order to save the lives of everybody has only resulted in them provoking Nationalists to a point where they have begun to push back as well and that is the only thing we are seeing around here, nothing more than that – my game is a matter of extricating rights and securities from the realities they have created for those they abuse and hence I always tend to pose the question of whether human beings can be like them for 24/7 100% every single second and apparently from what we see they obviously can – better to make a Media infested fantasy of it than abandon it because the fantasies can be used to do other peoples stuff as they put it and then help to continue to chase that nonsense about their desire to own the world. For them on the other hand it is a matter of respect for me that they have a problem with all together, an issue about an atmosphere around me that must be theirs to own and then corrupt and destroy or destroy where it is and the single reason for that is that it is an atmosphere that is not of the devil and not about hurting and harming people and so on – so obviously the Politicians continue to claim there is no God and this is simply one of those points which such claims do not matter anymore all together. So of course if the Politicians had their way there would be conversations with them over their games of who is deserving of human treatment and who is deserving of animalistic treatment but of course not now while it is creating terrorism and they are pushing the far right here in Europe. I do hear I have been beaten by them however and I have no idea what that means, I have said the only thing that has been happening here is a condition where they push the far right and the Nationalists who have been pushing them back as well and each time they do violent integration and make out it is because of me of which as I have mentioned before the things they do to deal with the extremists so we can enjoy peaceful and cohesive society as it were is not a question worth asking – we all know they simply cannot leave  people alone.

The ones in Scotland speak of benefit cuts and they say I am in a position where I must say something about it as well whereas I have always made it clear there are only two dispositions to the whole matter and one of them is benefits reform while the other is benefits cut and I have always maintained I will never ever be on the side of benefit cuts but will always be on the side of benefits reform; one of them is a process and a tool with rules and parameters and the other is a dirty word – in terms of benefits reform what decision the government makes is a financial one to help people better themselves and to adopt a decision that will change their working future which will benefit them the most. Benefit cuts on the other hand is essentially a dirty word i.e. for example there is a homeless persons refuse down the road and there is a food bank in it but the owner has called a meeting and wants to slash rations to give people incentive to pick themselves up, hence I will forever chose to be on the side of benefits reform i.e. where we have obviously heard the cuts made by the government has taken 6 billion pounds of consumer spending power out of Scotland and we are not talking about the rest of the UK yet as it were and we all know we cannot allow that sort of money to run around in the economy at a time when we are terrified of inflation; I mean are people paying mortgages with benefits then anyway while the Government is short of affordable housing? The two are very separate things, even though these insolent idiots and their derogatory nonsense about the need to have those who will do their house work for them and so on cannot make out the difference and deserve everything they get in the process and more so provided they keep their filth where it belongs and stop bringing it out here as well.

I hear what I have said has led to a result where the governments involved in the operations in Iraq and Kurdistan have been thinking again about equipping them – I wouldn’t know since I have made myself quite clear about where I stand and I understand this must therefore be coming from the sense that trouble makers in the UK have gotten their hands on my possessions and information, concerning which issue I had made it very obvious the matters had been taken care of sometime before they did if at all they did. This matter of withdrawing support from the Kurds of which needs to be put in perspective and the Americans especially do need to come to a decision about what they want to do: I mean the case of a game of we want the world and wish to decide who is deserving of human treatment and who is deserving of animalistic treatment by corrupt socialist idiots is what creates terrorism we know but terrorism operates in such a form that the violent people in that matter again the socialists that want the world increasingly have to kill innocent people that are set up to be killed by these idiots through all they do to extricate and perform the various activities they do to justify their professional cowardice and this has been the problem because it means that the terrorists have also decided that it is these innocent people that are part of the problem and should join them to ensure that the issue at hand is resolved and they can chase those who provoke and attack them to that end but we also know it is conflict and such things can never be done except through tyrannical means that we have seen them express - so the reality is that the game of who deserves animalistic treatment and who deserves human treatment is now targeting normal and innocent people that are not a part of it and hence are not causing any trouble which is precisely the way the trouble makers usually want it all along, so I say the Americans really need to keep up as the terrorists are ahead of them – we all know it has developed from I have a suicide vest and will blow it up in ten seconds, to I have a suicide vest and will blow it up in ten second but it will be full of sharp metal pieces that cause maximum damage to human beings and we all know it got from this from IEDs and we all know it evolved to the need for a an Islamic state from the IEDs, the constant American death causing delay is very difficult to justify since they are the ones building Military bases where people are likely to give religious based funding to Terrorists organisations because their presence is there to prevent them from beating their own wives that they have paid a lot of money to marry and provide for and are the same who give support to the trouble makers that want the world out of people which makes you wonder if human beings can be that way 24/7 but don’t have to look far when they are right before your eyes and apparently can therefore, not forgetting that there is a lot of freedom to that effect in America itself all together. So they speak of this inclusive government but we have no idea how that is going to happen and who is going to make it happen when they are oblivious to the fact they have actually not given people enough support for it; I mean people have risked their necks and gotten killed by the Islamists in order to move this matter into direct conflict and clear out the ambiguities and now they have a simple job of equipping National Forces and disarming the terrorists by talks or by force, since it is obscene for government to talk about killing people when in actual fact they have always known that the terrorists have always existed in the grand scheme of things all along anyway, not that the application of this sort of plan that be operable if dishonest to such an effect either like the Americans have continued to show by their foreign war failures. Hence this is just for my part an elaborate way of asking them since it turns out what I said and did is responsible for what happens in the Middle East, to tell me based on the fact Political scumbags like them live in a world where other people are responsible for other peoples actions, how they intend to get this cohesive Government out of Iraqis and of course listen to a few ideas I had earlier on.

I am of course aware the Politicians claim they love their competition with me as it tends to set the trend for a republic and I have no idea what sort of competition those would have been anyway – one moment they complain they do not have full power over the Country and the next they are after the unelected – the usual premise being idiot like me needs to move out of my Royal Estate and personal life and stay on the left to be their house and anything I say of it will be picked up by those that are more than me who like them and it is a problem insult that will cause the matter to get personal very soon indeed as we have not yet gotten to explore what with they will make me or what it is they can do if I don’t as it were. They do love to rely on those games where they say that if they made themselves into local barons that were set in their ways people like me would be terrified whereas the reality is idiots like them taking years at a time to achieve things their mates did when they were children and on that basis like to think they are the biggest obstacle to progress that young people face of which they later want to use them for power and so on but in actual fact I am really also one of the biggest impediments to their progress as well and all they really can do about it is get stuck somewhere to fester over it as the elements will never work in their favour and then I can give in when I am old enough not to desire any further progress with my life as well – for now its those insults and they really do think they are getting used to them as well.

I hear the talk of the issues regularly of course and I have no idea what issues they are referring to either – we all know that when we make use of the internet for example, some thing can be manipulated to jerk our screens and our cursors and so on to make us really unhappy and unable to concentrate and then rob us of anything we kill ourselves to work for with media but what are these things? I put it down to gremlins for example but does it mean gremlins do not have an origin? Of course they do and so far we have spoken about these matters and do not see a lot of gremlins from Germany or fans of Germans anymore or at least it is reduced towards actually going away at this point and all we are left with is the Scottish Nationalists ones and their Industry goons and some American ones as well: what these idiots are saying is that I can work on a project for five years and they can crash it without consequences whereas in actual fact such things can never annoy me as I know exactly where they are and what to do to them as well; the Americans are not actually real gremlins, its a matter of registering a website with an American company or the fact the Internet itself is an American property and hence entirely the kind of behaviour you are 100% likely to put up with at Industry thus normal. So when it comes to the issues at the heart of it which they expect me to talk about but I always dodge with a big mouth, the reality behind that has always been a simple case of the fact that privacy with which to create a product and find somebody you can pay to sort out patents for you is no more because they have taken over and because of that it does appear that they want Industry leadership too, the outcome is therefore that they take over like that but the reality becomes that you have to deal with gremlins and idiots who have done your stuff globally with a big mouth and those insolent greed games while these fools run the National front as well, a hand full of them that is making it up as they go along – thus what I have to do for stability to ensure they can deploy that National front to do business and industry and so on so people can catch their penis and their anus and so on too all the time and this is why there seems to be a problem with the unelected when they already have all the power in the Country and need to leave me alone. In the end it gets to a point and I have to decide some were simply meant to be producers and others consumers and now it has also reached a stage where if I find them exploring mine again they will take the matter to the next level too: they need to buy the fucking products and move on and I don’t want to see them exploring mine any further, never mind the fact they can buy anything too as it were – so if they are able to handle the real issues this is their go ahead or they can zip it and deal with the Political ones we were talking about. We hear them say such activities would start a war of course and its that big mouth like that all the time with that commitment to violence about which I am always blown away as it were – so you have to deal with these insolent professional coward girls and their dissidents all the time pretending they can handle professional soldiers and turning up here to steal a royal order for their games in just the characteristic lack of respect for peoples offices and jobs that earn them such things as colonialism and slavery they like to complain about endlessly; so in my case they think I am the type that will start one big war for them to take part in so we can look like equals instead of several smaller ones that they will lose all the time. They do such things because they think they are committed to violence while others are blown away by the fact that they are; the reality of course is that I have got a better handle of war than they do, they think that when they have a war the fans of war will be made enemies and killed and that will still be a war and so will the business men that want to profit from it too and that it will still be a war in that way – I mean take tolerant society for example, in the case of which the benefits are such things as walking down the streets and meeting some 10 people of which 6 of them are from very far away countries which is a lot of enlightenment to take in within such a very short period of time and that is why some people think they are racist when it catches them unawares and they are out of breath, so you know that when you provide some adjudication and separation and let them catch them breath they recover themselves and all is well but it comes with a process where these socialist idiots and their professional cowardice wants to make use of their wicked and evil parents to ‘own the world’ as they normally put it and set off therefore to do peoples stuff and turn the whole thing into commercial behaviour and pretend they are advocates of wealth distribution doing nothing but stirring up Political instability and terrorism that they think others will not deploy their personal lives to resolve as it were, especially if they can get some blood on the hands of religious people – none of these things of which they spend time thinking about either because they have the devil to propel them in the direction that they are to go and obviously human beings can be like that 100% 24/7 as it were with a big mouth, hence it comes with a certain responsibility. We are not talking about that Scottish Nationalism these idiots who tell me my actions will stir a war are referring to here, they think they like wars as it were and the next time they think it is a good threat, I will certainly from where I am give them a taste of what it is really like as well – I mean its 3 days into the Gaza ceasefire at this stage and we all know the way that one worked was a fan killing some fan from the opposing side and few soldiers on either side actually died in the resulting war, while the deaths of civilians was counted in hundreds, so I have no idea if they have got it under control yet when they brag: The Russia Ukraine crisis is not a complicated one and I have no idea why it is said it was anyway  - we all know Russia got through the borders of Ukraine without due permission and process and with troops as well but apparently they realised they overreacted and are prepared to face the music, the Americans on the other hand do the same across the world with Politicians they can manipulate and they say they are fighting terrorism so the American reason is strong enough: the facts remain that the sanctions should have been thought through to balance leadership in the region from Russia with an overreaction that led them to the actions they took in Ukraine on one hand and on the other the welfare of the agricultural economy which is actually time based for the most part of it but the problem remains the fact that the parameters of regional leadership in the Eastern World is not streamlined and because of that there is nothing making a clear statement that Countries that were previously Independent should not be annexed or taken back into a fold they broke away from: it is a sense of those things we hear people speak of all the time about never going to Hospital no matter how sick they get i.e. they don't want to be operated upon when they know the anesthetics will not put them to sleep - of course these smaller countries always say they will be fine with it, but we know we will hear the complains at a later date anyway - an entire population of people should never be subjected to such things: I hear the question is raised as to what my concern seems to be with streamlining International Leadership in the Eastern Part of the World but of course it is a matter of very violent consumerism backed by Industry absurdity that operates only on savaging other peoples market and personal lives to make profit as a choice while the alternative is Eastern consumers that are very clear about what they want - an example is where my work is equity brokerage and a stock market idiot may pick up my public work and deploy it to help a company get equities it does not actually own in order to make it worth more and sell it for more per share, there is a free market system in operation and I can back track and broker the equities with consumers to help them get their money back on one hand since we all know they will be paying for it or on the other hand I can work with the Company in question that will at some stage want to reward its customers or both - so I should imagine everybody understands the mindset these idiots have when they want to take it all and more so all of the time and the need to show them whom they are actually playing those stupid games with such as delaying me so when they take it all they have somebody that is stuck in a cycle of working for more to push in order to have even more than they already have.