I should start this off with the death of Gaddafi, which has more to do with all the previously mentioned facts about his position and the result of there being a shoot out in the Country between those who are fighting for the Country that is no body's private and personal property as it were and those who were fighting for the Tyrant to stay on and continue what he was doing. At least 80% of the Casualties of which were directly linked to actions he could have taken to avoid deaths of people coupled with actions he has taken to commit cold blooded murder and at the end he decided to put himself in the hands of the opposing side like he was some kind of god or something, which no sane human being would ever do and of course the rest is history.

There are no blank stages in Libya. There are always bound to be those goons that make out when people fight for freedom that they have forgotten all about money while they are at it and that will have to be a different fight altogether.When I too write my books about how they have forgotten everything else, they get livid and get all over the planet for it, especially when I have published those books with errors as well because I care about nothing else but the possibility that something might go amiss, so they can feel like lecturing me as insolently as possible about correcting my work and how that will be a reason I will never get it sold. Popular idea is always to grab all I own for their celebrities, then later get me to marry one of them and that will mean they are the Father figures while I have been sharing and hence they have got those girls they spent all I own on to share as well and they will not get it through their thick and stupid skulls I do not want to share my fame or indeed my property any more than they already have. They will of course soon have to bring up the Music Festival people, the Pop stars, the idiots claiming I make assumptions about businesses which they know wrecks my book sales-just like the female ones that are high street low lives, and the dirty fashion girls and dirty version of fashion life people, for a new fight and it will end painfully again.
 A blank stage in Libya-here in the UK it is supposed to have something to do with friends of Gaddafi: I for my part have always been clear that when any fool thinks that she controls the gangs that beat up those who do not give her what she wants, she ought to tell me about it like a huge big challenge and after years of criminals being the best men like that spend my property on herself as well because another set of idiots have got media and advertisement industry.