The problem is an old one. Chinese Authorities have long always held on to the illusion that it is possible to rectify problems there are in their societies by punishing their own people for the fact that Totalitarianism in the West cannot be used to solve problems associated with representation in the East but which is completely beside the point because the real issue was a not to bring down the apparatus of state for the purpose of helping some people win a fight to which their victims had already lost one to them in a spiritual context, it is even wrong more so, when people are placed under House Arrest after they had shown themselves not to be a threat to the apparatus of state itself by protesting against a condition where it is made out that they are in charge as 'a kind or group of people' during a public function when in actual fact they are not and were not. 

Personally I find it quite agitating which is very different from feeling I should go to some kind of war of words or of anything over it when there are chinese people that face the same challenges I do in my culture in their culture but tend to be left behind by the law there:- some might not think it is important but it is a matter of the security of my health which out of curtesy and respect for the government and authoirties in China I endeavour to ensure never becomes a matter that falls into the hands of people in the West that can blackmail me with it. This is the human right I deserve-the right to health and incidentally what causes a lot of pain quite sadly when it does not work out is that it is the same thing that Chinese people who Fancy British virtues (or exist in a world of diplomatic understanding with the British) need in the circumstances before it all goes all wrong.