They do claim it had become a question of what I actually needed, which reality was to do with the way that their need to put themselves in charge of other peoples lives leads to bullying that makes me sick when I do not like other peoples music for instance – I would fancy the ethnic minorities kept their flawed sense of right and wrong outside of my affairs and the racists stopped acting as if they had nothing to lose. It does boast about this my so called mentality for what my 20 year career mess here is worth, the way it begins as stupidly as instances where it sees me walk into the job centre to find a job and hounds me over 15 years to ensure its practical jokes got tangled up with my career objectives so it can play and shoot off its mouth via a media salvation, what it seeks from my point of view, being more of a competition to see who was the better narcissist. In the end if this continues, it will continue to keep its salary and show up here making a mess for exhilaration unless a need to say that when I had established a relationship with a client over the Books and they interfered, it was set to build up to a process where I asked them to peddle the insults at me and pick up my career publicity one more time, if keen to see what will come of it. It like their Celebrities express all the time, never really a matter of public leadership, professional leadership, interest group leadership, just immoral society gimmicks which has now culminated in abusive landlords and corrupt security industry running peoples lives, when I do jump in I should make their pain and suffering the only thing I learned at school too. My Books are not readable outside of the environment that I had built for it and I will like them fooling around elsewhere, lest another instance arises where a need to explore their involvement with gangs and to spend only the instances where they were not engaged in criminal activities led to results where they claimed the last mass shooter and street murderer arguably worked for me. The claim they did not see how I am likely to recover from here is based on the extent to which they were willing to drive this nonsense naturally: it is all Americans and their friends giving money to stupid people, so it would spend public funds doing so and then I ended up spending my own private funds to defend myself and we were poorer as a consequences blamed on communists, the famous gits involved had their own decision to make naturally, as if they were out for themselves, needed to cease handling me. eventually, should I take them up on this behaviour and devise governmentally applicable wealth equity upon which they would spend the funds instead of spending it on Celebrity, I could easily begin from a process where they were always making stupid public policy whereby as much as they were unwilling to get torn up by criminals so that Police may find those who committed crimes, were they willing to make polices and conduct economic abuses on others in a manner that drove people into it – so the American public will never have enough to giving me loose change that served as capital that made me the pain in their backside buying expensive Cars and Homes to influence them. 

What they mean by claims of winning, being that they had detached me from my own well off neighbourhood of 22 years, I cannot reach anybody to ask for help, I cannot close down my current method of working Governmental matters because I did not have better options, so I am holed up somewhere watching them time and time again, pick up my assets to get on the phone to somebody that was helping them make money with business arrangements that bore no meaningful substance, garnished with red carpet appearances that suggested my Books were a tool for self reinvention. It is the same problem as ever, a bunch of idiots with ideas about abusing people to make money - a simple matter of putting out advertisement for work if in possession of qualifications or putting up back up resources to support the self and up front resources to prospect for clients that want a partnership, if self employed, it shoots off its real men's big mouth at me over its irritation of the way I stood up for myself all the time and will not keep its fingers off my private body parts since its fathers rented me a space, I think that it will make an attack move when it is mad enough but for the time being if I am spending back up resources on me whilst it interferes with Client interests, it may want to keep its mouth shut and read a Book when it shows up near my affairs and premises.

They do suggest it was a matter to do with the way the USA supports the British, so the British hardly faced most of the international risks that other allies did, whereas reality was more a matter of engaging with the engine of economic growth in a country being the best spot for international practical jokes and legendary practices of economic and industrial narcissism; this builds up to a stage where the Germans proliferate Market Equity and their Middle East friends turn up with Crude Oil wealth for acquisition and I back down onto Asset maintenance, the problem with Asset maintenance being as suggested, that the is an overwhelming sense that I am an important person whilst I am not, but it is not a good enough reason for Asset maintenance to be stopped.

The idea I had lost everything I had is utter nonsense too – just a bunch of poofs and a process where it was possible to keep a living area and an Office away from violently abusive gimmicks that I am vulnerable to on account of a grooming process that involved my windows and any frustrations and ill feelings I have gotten tangled up over the years, as stupidly as possible but then again they get out of hand because of the famous, who rip up my wealth equity and crime control to get rich fast, then make contact with me as a matter of being entitled to my personality because it felt good, run through by means of reading my birth sign and deciding what things I am meant to do if I wanted to provoke them into a fight, build a community that did it and set about a fight where I cannot tell where anything is coming from each time I stepped outside of my door, after which it gets in league with what was previously its bum fingering enemies from people born in birth dates I am supposed to be afraid of but its enemy of my enemy if my friend gimmick has not worked. It then goes on to suggest its problem was a product of letting a Libra get out of hand, which is an example of instances where it had decided its insults was my lot in life and its stupid reality looked that way but we are here because it is complaining about the way its abusiveness was a problem, whilst I have provided an exit, asked it to keep its mouth shut and show up here only to read a Book, if it so applied that the abusiveness had become a problem. It does claim this was also about people getting free of me of which there is nothing to be free from save an abusive need to show up here clinging to a history of a time when I had not provided them a response, continuing an abusive activity that wrecks my career and finances – never paid the fees at University for what free of me is worth and is not paying the Bills currently either. The problem is still that it had a big ego and cannot stop handling others, whilst it was up to me to cease looking like there were not consequences to attacking me whilst the consequences were grave, and its stupid children solved problems via narcissism of targeting those who had unsolved problems and ensuring their issues relied on such persons to a point where they got to see their victims as less than human, some have lost their minds and committed crimes, which have been attributed to me as well, whilst it wants to be free of me too. The details are that it eventually gets to a stage where it needs to communicate that it saw the world according to what it heard, hence the living in communities full of abusive activity, gossiping and lasciviousness – whereby I get to show them I saw the world according to what I heard as well but did not bother people with it, by dragging them into a corner where they got to listen to anything I had to say when I wanted them to. 

It is the old process of fooling about at the boardrooms and picking up other peoples business incomes for reason of working with large businesses, which does not explain why their smaller business friends got away with it too, simply moved onto instances that involved reading my birth sign, therefore if other people possessed birth signs as well, it was possible for people to simply stifle Book sales here and build their own derivates of my assets and PR, but it complains that its abusiveness had also become a problem and people do not read by gossiping either, It seems that things had changed at the UK Monarchy such that Male Heirs were not allowed access to the legacy of female Heirs, thus the famous idiots showing up here to keep up a history of passing insults at me which was a privilege they did not want changed, extracting money from my Trust at the Market to buy companies that got involved with me and nothing was allowed to grow into posterity, over personal decisions that so many had dissuaded them from making because they were spending some money that they obviously could not account for at the market place, then it remembers its brain dead version of Capitalism wanted to be free of me, whilst its gimmicks had become self fulfilling.



I have been informed my wealth equity is the ace up my sleeves and I am set to lose it for messing with powerful people but I have never suggested that people could not make me lose it, the problem is that when I try to show the public that the best way to get their own done was through the work market, Celebrities will be able to produce cash leverage to convince the public it was not, while I will be able to produce nothing, hence it is the consequences more of.

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Please excuse the untidy nature of my work, I have developed it in this way due to a need to work counteracting to a process where leadership may have been deployed to make the world a more difficult place to live in one person onto the other and some still may have deployed employment as a tool of discipline another human being usually for the sake of personal greed.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.







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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, October 20, 2012, In : Libya 

Libya they say show signs of slipping back to tribal leadership; I see this prospect as a very far outcome from present state of affairs. I should say however that it is never fair to categorise democratic people as media types because media types are something else entirely; very selfish, very destructive, very greedy and generally evil, so there are always the two ways of letting them into government matters at your peril or keeping them out which will see they cannot provoke anybody to the...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, October 11, 2012, In : Syria 

With respect to Syria they say my view are never anything definitive; I don’t know why anybody would get on TV and continue to push and abuse me for views of Syria anyway however the Syria issue seems to be something that must be determined on the basis of which country Russians sell arms to which is an economic and not a diplomatic or Political issue, while the Political issue really is that of a group of people who after all those years of campaigning for public office the many parties at...

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 They do say I am always in a perpetual state of serenity but I would never know anyway, all I know is that they like to speak of things they know nothing about with a sense attached to their stupidities concerning whom they want to discipline recently, so that it becomes imperative to react to it – speak of things about which they have not got the foggiest clue as it were but like to pretend they are kind of an authority on it as such. No idea if the idiots have checked what serenity means in their dictionary recently anyway, its just something they have seen and wish to latch onto in order to bully those that have curbed their insulting criminality. They do claim its obviously a problem for me which it really isn’t; I mean if I decided their civil and criminal and media and popular culture and culture and society and school children disobedience has reached a stage where they must understand the consequences behind why we may want to act to ensure Industries with their own brand of disobedience do not get to fund it and therefore create terrorism and war in this realm, they would claim they are being oppressed – as it stands I am the coward they used to be afraid of but are not anymore currently. They are very well aware that their disobedience can only get funded by Industry which will leave us with terrorism to grapple with but we all know they don’t care anyway, the main problem being that they want to conduct criminal activities and quasi criminal activities that is basically beyond the reach of the law and I am being punished by them when they get other jobs as it were with a big mouth – so I had always wanted to be a writer too and it will be the Royal writer writing the Books of their lives too; they know as well as I do that their stupid media has gone too far for its own good at this stage as well and it is much the same story with popular culture too, I would like it if they had stopped pushing me but then again it is possible I am bluffing too.


 This is the British Arch Prince's Live Journal work Court which is comprising of Female Journalists. Government at the Office of which they aid in curating to the effect of a settlement with those who chase frivolities and force them on others with any means they can at the beginning of every week for the Royal Estate and the people that are tied to it. The outcome therefore are two matters developed around the Arch Prince of leadership for the needs of the Court and Leadership of One's Family. This is how everyday at the Royal Estate belonging to one nicknamed the Morning Sun is facilitated.  

I understand it is said I never do anything properly and it will as such cost me everything, which has no basis on reality since the truth is rather that the stupidities of theirs with their government organised integration and social equality can easily mean that what an idiot wants to do around you every single moment is find out how much history she has with you; she thinks her evil and wickedness now exists in a bubble where the world is convinced there is neither God nor the devil and I am stuck as her plaything and it is a behaviour they all want to cash into, based on some great plan to punish me for ruining the evils they practice but cannot control because they think it always comes out on top otherwise bad things will happen.

That said, the part I have done very well however is rip up their side of society and assimilate it with the rest and that means that they claim they become more dangerous and it is utter nonsense since it will only produce a system that we here in the UK being the British can export i.e. whether or not tyrant is surrounded by rich murderers, when you kill somebody in the capacity of National service of some sort, it will always result in a dispute that is in the interest of the guy in charge to resolve and hence one way or the other you will answer for your actions whenever they are a bad thing; so in the interest of this if I see their culture and or society around here I will cut it up again as it were. It is not the only part I did very well anyway - there is the other about their persuasive nonsense targeting the Armed Forces and the Police, which they are not anymore as it were, now that their society is broken up and assimilated and they can persuade from there.


I understand they say I am getting out of hand while people are being friendly to me; but that will be if entrapment and squander which does not exclude violence by civil rights is friendly, if financial bullying is friendly, if a need to get up on media and look towards a time when I will be all spent while that carries on everyday is friendly and then there is my personal favourite and a need to watch me every day and find some counter evil to build from my Christian activities that the twisted wickedness I may have avoided in my teens can recover with and thereby have power over my personal life again and all over again so to speak and they say they are hoping to sell it on as trappings of power to wicked and rich people who have money they can spend and they call it integration and friendliness; we are not mates and even if they do think it is friendly I am sure they are not deaf when I say I don’t want it, especially so when it is because they have needs. They do say its about the effrontery to try and get around in their league that causes the problem but this is just a mention of a few vital items in the list of friendliness from them, the one about getting around with them will have to do with how they need to build a public perception concerning the way you look just in case they need some public humiliation to be laid out for you when you refuse to co-operate with their needs, which is all about money and that they think money is all about going off to grab peoples possessions before they get a look in which creates a two teir understanding that in their minds you are less than human and for you especially for those of them that already have money to spare, in your mind they are less their human too but I am content with making it clear I do not want their friendship. Of course they say all I say and do mean nothing as it largely ends up with society low lives but the purpose is that whilst the Politicians can whip them up to pillage my work and finances by corruptions of involvement they claim is democracy and accountability, they will need to blow up their ear drums to avoid knowing things that will ensure they are doing something to pay off the National budget deficit they created - I have a problem and they have a problem too, they get involved with me, they lose the society and culture which evils I cannot stand, so we are even and the benefit is that successful people are not longer exclusively our outlook as a society, these fools have things others do not have as well.


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and serious business: I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies for whom I purchase time during difficult economic periods and broker my creative equities and securities during trading times that are good, from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office, in order to sell my books and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be. Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

We do hear tales told of how much trouble I will or I am to get into anyway but it is difficult to see or envisage how that will come about or apply - when considering the nature of homosexual culture and the operation of homosexual abuse and attacks and violence designed to ensure that those that are specifically protected by female friends from homosexuality are institutionally prevented from spreading such ideas, rather interesting that they do so once done with their intrusion in search for power before hand but it is even more remarkable that the basis on which they do is civil rights - some right that they have of a civility. Much the same with the claim the free for all attitude towards my person and public life and possessions is largely a matter of how I speak of facts concerning peoples culture and society that creates a condition where they have to deal with unforeseen problems which then makes no sense whatsoever and keeps going around in circles and the Politicians really love to claim that I sit around at the most vantage points imaginable, points where I gain the first benefits of hindsight from other peoples government work in order to dispatch stinging and insulting criticisms but it has always been the same issue always - in terms of their media fools the reality around that is the same as the need to get me stuck in a cause from which I am being forced to make a living so they can get on public places and glorify themselves with everything I come up with, this means certainty of clash with authorities for each small margin that exists where they know more than those in power who will then take steps to rout them and drag them to prison for being a source of instability but for those of them that become Politicians their insults develops into a whole new level and is largely concerned with an absence of Local or International Policy that is not an Us v Them affair, so that when you do take steps to eliminate the part where people die due to the optional extra of you destroy one I destroy three that they love to play with criminals they seem to know very well, then it gets really personal and we start to see them seek some ways of placing obvious sanctions on peoples income. For me I find it really difficult to ascertain what this vantage point I have adopted seems to have been when I am targeted because of my faith and the claim there is glory to be had from corrupting it - even their media idiots are in on the act so I might never get decorum of their Government Office from them.

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