So we hear them claim I spend most of my time working out how I want to attack some innocent Men and its utter nonsense as what happens is the part of my business that I do not see being the means by which my whole life is wrecked i.e. the Publisher picks up my work and goes where they usually go in the trade to build some patent margins and some small market that I can start to work an Office by and they have since that was installed chased it and now completely destroyed it. I have to rebuild it with factors in mind such as the fact it seems people are interested in getting involved with me as an Arch Prince and no less, so I must consider looking after the means that will ensure I sell enough Books to make me rich by working processes of making them feel hopeless, helpless and inadequate, this is then what they are fighting but the behaviour of seeking an income at my expense, to talk nonsense about how I can take it because I am Royalty persists on Media, complete with stupid features like culture and society gits who build up my concerns to tell me my life is over, making sure all I said and did to move them on, ended up on the foolish media presence they had built for it, as a tool by which it may pass into another person’s ownership. We see the same of the Fashion gits as well, getting involved with my work the perverse way, spending most of its time investing my equities whenever it sees another Client broker it and giving me market hell, then it spend another time making sense of the bottom hurting world where they are fundamentally criminals but the Fashion gits investing my equities to tell me I try stopping them because I apparently want to fight my own battles, would have hit the big league such as given the opportunity as is in my case where they cannot click the follow button on a social media rather than bother politicians everyday over my so called attitude, is set to show given have the chance they would squander everything I had and hung around somewhere suggesting they were entitled to. They do claim I believe myself to have had their case sorted but I have not done so and its utter nonsense as insults channelled at the Queen while investing my equity property in perverse ways to get rich quick is meant to make sense as per how I should react when people do such things to me while tackling a Head of State who controls the Army to keep the Country safe and controls parliament to ensure we carried on our concerns without behaving as if Law enforcement are at our beck and call. While the other side of their stupidities involved the fact every process of handling me and my property fundamentally had a lot to do with the USA. We see the same sort of behaviour with black people as well; I am so excited about what you have I could pinch you and I could poke you and I could get my imagination up your bum which will not come to a stop until it stopped the way I wanted, blabbing nonsense of the possibility I will get into trouble over something I said. The Politicians on the other hand are responsible for social idiots travelling overseas to bring these sort of gits into the Country for the sole purpose of tackling me and now they have wrecked my academic work and passed their own to get in league with Industry twats who pass exams, put some suits on and place a product at the market to ensure it was successful because their entire communities got imagination up my bum which has now created a position for them on one corner and for me running a Bookshop while keeping my academic pursuits away from their stupidities, now poised for a clash because they would not stop killing off my income telling me how to write Books while rewarding stupid girls that take the clothes off on my Public image, to blow off that big mouth all the time – so the idiots they brought in from overseas are fatigued and they have now turned to another group of pawns that were the black people who got here first naturally as it were.

What they all have in common on the other hand is their need to pass about constantly conversations on what my personality should be used for and we know the source of their daily complains at this stage is the way culture and society low lives make use of that personality while the destruction of my finances ensured I could not be myself; we know Politicians then were the ones encouraging all the others to do what we have seen, blabbing of how going up against them isn’t really a good idea while I actually can since they are simply at parliament for their jobs and are constantly at logger heads with parliamentary authorities because their constituency scum are trying to get by and put pressure on them to handle me for an interest they do not deserve on the other hand – so I can, I don’t even live in their constituencies as such for my part and they all need to keep off my Books and stop blabbing stupid comments they claim they did because they were confident there was nothing I could do about them, while reality is an old story about a bunch of idiots who look like an old single man that was fond of me in the neighbourhoods when I was a younger person but their stupidities are about hurting me all the time, when the Celebrities had acquired what seems to be the only career that walks into peoples concerns to introduce themselves as VIP then the fundamental profitable insult is that they earn more than politicians should be getting more service from me like proper rich twats about whom there isn’t enough money in the world to screw with me and perform talk to the hand routines on media like we have found out. They do say that a Royal Hermitage with a Company broken up to broker equities with Multinational establishments is not an Empire but we are now beginning to see how much of a problem that is, even for their stupidities, when their City centre friends no longer wish to make money by running a business the right way or doing a job properly, I for my part think we have reached that point where they must now live with the fact the same respect they show to other business empires must be showed to this one to avoid trouble for the future.

In the end these are the most filthiest, disgusting, insulting and abusive idiots I have ever seen and we always have to put up with all that superficial nonsense that wants to be me, to ensure that I never supported my property and work by putting such facts forward all the time, acting at my expense as if their Celebrities lived on foodbanks literally. I do get told people want to know what my Book does as a whole and it’s a Book of Equities; each paragraph is likely to contain enough property equity to cate for three parts of business i.e. product creation, product aesthetics and product service but the problem here is the insults associated with scum who know what I was and want to keep it that way working my career for me on ground of a need to have a religious person that built up a good reputation he could not control to allow neighbourhood scum get rich and famous, sucking up to rich and important people and it runs off that nonsense all day on media and social media as if it was a legal entitlement, looking for trouble the entire time with a big mouth about the size of its stupid back up men, about which I am really going to copy from those who have made them suffer in the past or I will invent my own process of stopping them hurting them as well. The black do love to blab about keeping me in my own race and culture naturally and its an old story, where they will later blow off their big mouth about trouble I am likely to get into over something I said, when they cannot actually back it up. I mean we are talking about this because they said I spent time picking on innocent men but we know that the business of building pressure for my tummy and bottom to decide how I should be used to make popular culture started off in 2002, we are now living in 2020 where a bunch of idiots who wrecked my academic work are now in league with black scum that were here first and its so difficult to tell why they hated the peaceful community that was a product of the fact I am not really a part of the way their personal decisions affect them, which we see them try to avoid every time they step outside of their doors in the first place anyway – I am not part of how their communities had turned out neither are my parents, this is what facilitates most of my decisions, nothing here is afraid of their stupidities issuing those threats to blab about influencing me into giving up property that I give up to those whose money had influenced me and it seems as though the whole thing is a habit that I had cultivated , where I lose money at a Bookshop because I am influenced by the money owned by the scum that are making the mess for me and mostly they get away with it because I would want to own some of it too – so the way to beat a habit clearly is to work will power and to train myself or I can draw a line under it for the stupidities over the years which had decided their whole world was built on making money at my expense on it and run a Bookshop without further interference. I mean I have my won prejudices as well where I think black people need to get a real job and Asians are smelly – I mean it does not really add up but we can see the use of my personal space being done in such an abusive way and processes associated with showing they were superior to me giving way to opportunities that racists can exploit and this has been going on for years, like the business of making a mass of patents and business processes built for me by my publishers, to hang around building a sense of areas of my career that I don’t get to see being used to develop for me a relationship with Satan where they got to fool around with the contents of my mind all day instead of perform tasks associated with the media jobs that get to their stupid heads. Its an old story of making sure that a parameter is clear before we entered into the phase that ensured their Families got feedback and they had stopped making a mess of my earnings i.e. this nonsense has been going on for the best part of 6 years now, where everything I say and do to move them on is picked up by culture and society idiots who help their organised media presence to pass it on to somebody else and at the heart of it is the way the destruction of my academic pursuits played into the destruction of years I had spent working on the Bookshop and this is the reason I want a reckoning or to be given an opportunity to run a Bookshop properly with no part of what is enough to make me wealthy doing so, being changed or interfered with, like we see them preach wealth and social inequality on peoples lives to make money and secure overseas accounts that helped them avoid taxes, give to the frugal, lest I got to burn their own as well.

They do claim it is disingenuous for people like me who have a royal Commission to hang around somewhere talking about wealth and social inequality but it isn’t, like they say my Books would be successful if I wrote it properly and got rid of the foul language which they used on the streets, which I too can write a book by without using it in a professional capacity as such, looking to be rewarded with money the same way they reward stupid people for taking clothes off on my public image or girls my age who are willing to have sex with them because I was unwilling to play their stupid games. Tyranny itself is meant to be a habit, a habit that people cannot control at a certain stage and at such a point we find them prioritise, one part to be government and the other to be people who are stopping it from progressing; these gits have it in spades and I have said my bit about the Politicians giving word everyday for people to wreck my Bookshop, looking for a result where I will begin to interfere with their incomes as well. People always say it is still not enough for me to say so because I am Royalty but it is; for the Politicians it’s a very complex form of self-employment where you spend your money to put out your idea on how the country should be run, as a matter of competition with others who have ideas too and you cannot say it was all your money since people will have given you donations that you are required to accept by Law on account they had interest in their ideas and the kind of Policies you would make when you got into Office and then there are other complexities about winning and keeping the Office for a landmark term of time. I am Royalty for instance so mine involved being a Hermit who had equity to spare and people showed up to invest it; what we then see them do to look after their bodies once they acquired money by which they pursue my interests is what they do with their lives – it should produce an outcome in which they met people, got into marital life and had social lives and it would have been the same thing when Government makes Policy that facilitates money and social life for the population but what happens in my case is a group of scum with Penises creating an outcome in which there were various excuses involving people dying on my account, people doing National service on my account and all other forms of stupidities displayed on media to express their dreams about the life of men, which is what they do with the money they spent to care for their bodies as well, meaning when people invest the Equities, make the money and try to get the social life and marital life, they are hit with a brick wall and those who could not make the money and I was not available to protect and facilitate will drop into the sex trade which clearly mixes well with their hermitage and makes me more tolerant of idiots who pretend Celebrities live on foodbanks at my expense so they might put the feet up at tourist destinations passing more life changing insults my direction for more of the same thing, while a process of stripping myself of cash to ensure a Hermitage was developed properly will now be a permanent feature of my existence and set about unravelling and destroying every single one of my other achievements.

The main problem here is still the money they have made at my expense and the fact it feeds into their stupidities such that it is a tool which ensured I did not get rid of them while their involvement with my concerns destroys it to make sense of what their stupidities want in life and we have not yet seen Liberal USA support something else – entirely reliant on issuing these stupid threat at me with a Media salvation that I intend to take from them too. They say its that German influence people had been talking about and yes it is but the whole thing is usually on the public front worked by very stupid individuals which is what Germans prove to be most of the time and it becomes quite clear that if they are allowed to handle people in Asia, Africa and South America the way they currently are, there will be world war three in a while. For me personally its an old story where I must be aware at a Hermitage of that nonsense where people develop some socially built spiritual power by which to get their stupid imagination up my bum to make sense to market but Politicians will tie my hand behind my back for all I do to ensure it stays out of my mind to say the least until my personal life was that of their stupid daily routine and then I get released, so they must be pointing it out now that it’s the part they are having to deal with obviously. Its much the same as the story about Singapore where it is said that I was right in the way I approached it mostly but then again it’s the question for the Obama Administration as such; they used Singapore as a trojan Horse for the Chinese Economy after they were aware that its position served the same effect when China wanted to access western Economy and that the US could have prevented it – there is however logic in what they have done in the sense that Singapore no longer serves as the destination to put the feet up after years of messing with peoples lives to get rich, pass insults that change the lives of victims permanently thereafter as such, Dubai is now the real deal, especially since they had moved there. Hence they single just cut out the Singapore and moved to the Dubai and it does actually make sense – what we are left with is that perhaps our relations with China would count as something which mattered while the Autonomy issue is a relationship with China that has been disregarded all together, so what we have left is the Trading arrangement with China which could put Singapore in a position of Advantage but with the loss of Autonomy due to American involvement makes it all an up hill struggle.