Now it is said I encourage influx of migrants when I actually don’t stand a chance at the jobs market and it is utter rubbish – same old story about standing guard in a shop while the next idiot who drives a public transport by gets about whispering all sorts of nonsense to the worst villains in the neighbourhood to pay you a visit and chases your anus and penis and mutters nonsense about how you are supposed to do it because you don’t look the part, only to pretend you are meant to act like he does not know what he is doing so rather than act give him more information about the effects. So I want control of the job or they will be losing theirs – they like to pretend I am bluffing when I say such things but the idea I am meant to support them while they go off to bread win is obviously something they do not what is reality.

Like that old story of how I asses them and their problems and set off to steal their future while some people say they never got through the problems quietly only to use their own to do it at the end like I have instead. I for my part have now reached the stage where it is time out for their damage – we all have to live in a competitive City and we all have to keep a career and get on with it but these damages and abuses are not their competition and a process where their Politicians wreck my finances to ensure their girls can walk up to me like we are mates and settle up on my exit while the boy move into my left hand side to grab qualifications and chase the best jobs in the land has got to stop because they have a problem with my Book sales.

They do say the point of their behaviour is that they want me to fight and it is a stupidity that is identical as well; I mean the next move will definitely have something to do with fighting as well.  Where the Migrants are concerned however it’s an old tale of what people are saying – are they working, are they talking – they may have broken a rule but what was their statement, if it is about the fact they were working with a manager that is a bit relaxed about the rules, it may mean nothing but if it was a mistake they will get a warning which goes into their record, so it seems migrants can get around things better than they can and I want them off mine very soon indeed as it were. I was finished with them and their competition and so I win again, my main concern now is that of when I put my equities up intending to collect and packet them into a book that I keep safe at the Bank on some later date, only for a hedge fund and stock market and media idiots and a Politicians to deploy them and destroy the products and its market in order to get more on the global stage – they however need to get off my Books and clear my space.

Of course they do say I to have patience for nothing and am always in a hurry which is where all my problems stem but some will say I am dextrous and hard working – it’s an example of point at which they make their threats about somebody stealing their future whom they met on the streets, because it is what their media fools and political idiots want them to do as they have not got their own decisions in life to make – so it is much like that old tale of spying on me to find out what I eat and steal recipes for food I invent due to the state of my appetite and how I feel to get about connoting their popular culture provocative and abusive privileges with – they even claim its ideas stolen from after because some of the contents are of African food and it’s the kind of nonsense you have to deal with from people whose future you are stealing. They do say I am now an ultra conservative as if that is how the freedoms I enjoy today were won but I a neither conservative nor liberal; it’s just that these guys have a habit of devising lies and manipulative ways by which to get their fix of having a go at people they simply wish to hurt all the time and now matter how much I hurt them as well they will heed the games of politicians and fame idiots and keep returning for more and cannot see it gets better only when they leave me alone as it were but in the end the Conservatives I don’t like because they only get half way through anything they have to do and then blame others for what is left and there are clearly reasons for it as I am too old to play their game, the Liberals however are the ones who always ensure women especially cannot provide themselves security between the age of 18 to 29 and if I ask them why that has to be will likely rob the damage they do to me because I am not one of them and therefore against them in order to achieve this, to tell me there is no such thing as perfect love, then pretend they are the only ones with a temper. I don’t make women out to be scared in anyway; those are just goons who must get rich and famous and arm themselves with large popular culture fools with which to threaten religious people who do not co-operate. In the end, it is said they belong on the left and I have to live with it but I don’t and nobody gets to tell me what I have to live within my own life media, Politicians or those who do their bidding and tell then lies all the time so other peoples justice when they do their activities might be their own – I don’t.

They speak of this competition with them over who pleases Washington the most, which I dare not mention because while I want to get rich from it by the back door competing with them, I am not actually a democratic person but it does not get me stuck anywhere, it has always been the main issue- where I can wake in the morning to find my market is not where I left it on account usage of Royal Property by idiots I should prevent from doing so was actually achieved and so they have tried everything and failed thus resorting to claims on media about how I like to make out I am the one who kills when my lover is killed when I am not and hence pretend I know much about the Taj Mahal in India when I don’t and that will break my Company security and allow them pillage it to make their media and popular culture for the day, if closed down will find something else to break it again in 24 hours looking for trouble all the time. Above all, my Job and any Job I do is always consistent until these things are happening on Media due to their needs and there are two ways it will stop – one of those is their way and the other is mine, either which I don’t care at this point anymore.