The rhetoric is that my activities were cries over spilled milk but it is not, what I am doing is a consequence of the fooling around that was engaged in at the Monarchy, to arrive at this stage where I am a low life trying to get around with Royalty. It suggests that I needed to take up actions of physical responses to the famous and the abuses that I suffered, so the famous got worse the more that I did and we know that this is usually reflected first and heaviest in the well off neighbourhoods that the famous go to feel privileged, once done making the most of a market system that turns on itself and so it had to attack others to make sense of its economic activities. So this was the point where it was decided that the gimmicks at the Monarchy would not do, what they wanted therefore, having been I gave it to them as best I could, was not such a bright idea after all. The backdrop is that wealth equity was devised to ensure people could sell products to goons that spent their incomes attacking others, so that they might buy something that will help alleviate whatever it is that was making them to incredibly unhappy – the famous idiots had turned it into a gold digger opportunity because of the Monarchic gimmicks, once they were done setting it out as a stage for revenge on anything that had slightly pricked them, hence the spilled milk.

It goes beyond the claim I made a mess of security services work which was more a matter of the way that their gimmicks and insults had caught up with them when an arresting officer always had to deal with criminals under arrest who were complaining about completely unconnected people, whose names they did not know – we had since arrived at a point where goons with ideas about being able to take care of themselves, for which Police work was not necessary, then go out and take so much illegal drugs that others dropped out of school to join gangs because of the fall out, have now caught up with the media stupidities that wrecks the social lives others had devised to get their narcissism under control. We are now talking about instances where they thought they were in control and we assumed that since people had died, they might have been hindsight on the way that the so called racists they speak of have known then for a long time and were not always racist, just as much as they are aware the so called racists were not always racists too, shows up here to trash my career for civil rights, keeps its earnings to become a bully. In my case it insists that my existence best served the world around me if I got killed by some white people and I am keeping the death bits which I will never do, hence we had arrived at a stage where their sociopathy can only be solved if they were hung drawn and quartered, looking like they want to be the ones doing the killing instead.

Overall it is a simple matter of the way that the Celebrity insults will not end – that I did some work for the private security industry, so since I cannot say that 24 hours of my time could be spent tackling a bunch of gits who were career criminals and sent out two bit low lives to share my space and run me down all day, the Celebrity insults that cuts corners claiming criminals were nice people will not stop putting out the idea that they were more important and I am supposed to show I was brave enough to deserve my career by serving them with what I learned at private security industry. So it is difficult to make sense of what they were complaining about.



I have been informed my wealth equity is the ace up my sleeves and I am set to lose it for messing with powerful people but I have never suggested that people could not make me lose it, the problem is that when I try to show the public that the best way to get their own done was through the work market, Celebrities will be able to produce cash leverage to convince the public it was not, while I will be able to produce nothing, hence it is the consequences more of.


Please excuse the untidy nature of my work, I have developed it in this way due to a need to work counteracting to a process where leadership may have been deployed to make the world a more difficult place to live in one person onto the other and some still may have deployed employment as a tool of discipline another human being usually for the sake of personal greed.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.







They claim everything that made them uncomfortable came from and can be tracked back to my person and my work – it is utter nonsense naturally but then again, it should be that way because they were always showing up here to start the day by attacking the Police and tackling me for possessing something they envied, finished off with intrusive nonsense that their idiots who spend money fighting others, would want to buy into, where I built a bookshop and they showed up to scare off clients while turning it into a profile that will make me victim of their bullying, same as my Books now providing their stupidities means to run off publicity for me but none about what I am actually doing on the ground. The Politicians have suggested I should take charge of the matter but I am in charge, it’s the same story of a bunch of dress well twats who found a way to experience some aspects of the work that Public enforcement officers did and never gave it a rest about being better in the position of Royalty than those who actually were Royalty and like to shoot off the big mouth alongside their wealthy business men who did not consider themselves traders anymore because they were better off being Royalty, about what consequences they would like to dish out on me once they got their hands on me properly with a big mouth, never thus will it produce an outcome where that gimmick of showing up here to say I am a pipsqueak people claim had won battles and once done making a complete mess of everything in this place, needed my personal life to build restaurants, will not turn me into something that was the cause of its death as it were. This is all happening as people had been warning me about i.e. that they were running around shooting off stupid statements about money that was to be made by handling my Office and Estate, so it is said these kinds of matters were directives at the Office of the Head of State but nothing I have said has detracted from that either, it needs to stop running it off on me when I am at work, stay away from my Books and keep to providing me publicity that adheres to what I am actually doing on the ground or I will stop their stupidities where one part was not rich business idiot anymore, building sales armies to get into the neighbourhoods and retrieve profits from household incomes endlessly, whilst the other was a famous idiot, very badly. So what happens is that it does, I end up with publicity and interests in me that had nothing to do with what I am doing, whilst complaining that those who have faced the long arm of the law tackling me affected them and gave them entitlement to my earnings, telling people there was money to be made by handling my concerns, thereafter suggests that somebody else was in control, will not keep it simple and will not yet stop lip flap threatening me. We have not even started dealing with details of its need to get Military business involved with mainstream living because it knew where my Books and public image was applicable and wanted to build its famous stupidities profile with it, we are only here doing their complains as a matter of abusive gold digger gimmicks that have not stopped and facts on the idea that I am complacent in going about the problem. 

There are really only two sides to the characters of these idiots especially the Celebrities, no embellishments in the middle like that of Politicians or Royalty, it is the bad side and the good side, both riddled with unnerving naivety - when having to deal with the bad side one never takes their behaviour lightly, except when I ignored it because other public figures helped with the lies. They believe people hated me if I followed their social Media profile when people thought I ought to replace them, issuing the stupid threats if it was just a bunch of House proud dress well twats that always think they were more important than they really are and their insults had arrived at a point where they cannot keep their imagination fingers off my private parts.

I am told that mine was a wasted opportunity but it is not, just a new challenge that had showed up in terms of Celebrities causing a situation where Clients waited years to read the Books while they filled my personal and social life with popularity abuses that made me responsible for social issues, if I can make the environment safe and quiet enough for the Clients to read and go home safely thereafter, the career will work and I have a feeling that the famous gimmicks will stop very badly when I pursue an applicable course of action, beyond a process of wrecking my public work to complain about issues they ensured were out of my control, unto crisis point, then build me a profile to do sex work because sex workers were set to take advantage of their inability to deal with the blow back of their abuses.

It never stopped making the stupid announcements about growing hatred for me – I fail to understand these sorts of nonsense all of the time. I mean it does show how little these goons know about somebody who is aware that the professional bodies that allow them keep their Celebrity and Media licenses would not permit the behaviour I have tolerated for 19 years here but it is the part where I am working my academic pursuits and I get caught up with the activities of people who held public office and met some female journalists, building up to a sense the female journalists thought I had a social life and career publicity that they wanted to associate with, not just because of the successful public mobility processes but also because of aesthetics applicable to the fact they had growing children watching them work back at home, hence those that have moved on since has been a matter of their Children becoming teenagers or having finished University. So it is an environment where everybody is trying to be the best of what they can be and those who do it on their own seek out a certain public appearance when getting involved with Government, apart from the male population that is; the understanding of my career that their famous idiots had, was to get close enough to be me and run off an involvement with my products which suggests there were things I needed to do lest somebody else took up my career and no other group of person get involved with my concerns in such a destructive manner as meant nothing I did with the career meant anything to anybody, no matter what I did, only to hang about issuing threats at me because I want them to desist. Then there are the media men who had to earn more than their female colleagues, so they made sense of what I am doing as per a process where they could do it to be worthy of such earning parameters, they trashed my public work and got in league with the society gits who made trouble for everybody, whilst the trouble was never resolved, they were passed off as the people that got it under control, it is now starting to lip flap about violent contact with me because it will not take a warning seriously, the one I would really love to get into a fight with for my part being the idiots who keep sharing my privacy with hoodlums and linking my organs and body parts with low lives that show up here to bang away ideas about things they could not do for themselves, about which I believe there will be no career benefit. The need to tell me I am supposed to move to their left hand side in itself is bound to produce a choice between being an Arch Prince whose public duties were fit for purpose or a result where they were memories. I am told I have not actually given up on the matter even as I speak but I have not – Clients pick up on me when I get out on the streets and when they gather information from people who have been filming me; it was never a problem for them originally as people used CCTV for purpose at the time that they began, so they only needed to ask somebody about what I got up to and ask to see it. Since then, there has been German influence gimmicks at the security industry which ensured that CCTV was being used for unfathomable nonsense these days and I am also having to pick up the mess, alongside their famous fools converting my career and product publicity into something which serves them, as abusively as possible. So it is all set here as part of market effect, considering that failure to do so, increases the risk of falling short when required to perform tasks associated with intellectual property administration, suffices to say they were incredibly good at looking for trouble and we are simply assessing the probability that they will find some.

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It is suggested then that I never took seriously the threat from the USA but there is none really just a bunch of idiots who say that whilst you worked with their government as an ally, they will get into American neighbourhoods to build a crowd that will award them some money to make them wealthy, then they will keep the deal by showing up in the UK to put up a behaviour which suggests if they had what the British Monarchy had, only then will they become important – it is not a prime concern at this stage, usually develops into reasons they complained about hating the British later on, the concern now is that of the Media offering to help anybody who gained access to my career, to make good of it with publicity and they were backed by German influence twats, by which they corrupted my wealth equity public image into both a tool by which to suggest criminals were better people willing to take a chance, make money and buy show business and that I am also a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy. I have provided them with an exit at this stage, being so stupid they cannot stop doing it of their own accord, once done with this process of sorting neighbourhoods that exist to decide what my financial well being was on the basis of their own private possession, should I return to find the perverted interest in my concerns continued by the Media, I will get down to it and likely begin where I left off i.e. women on media were probably the most profitable victims of sexual harassment and bothering me meant they picked up some extremists who then got them complaining everyday for reasons of following them to work endlessly as well, to which effect I will try to solve permanently the stupid problem associated with losing money because I cannot be free from being a victim of narcissism, associated with well dressed hoodlums running me down on media all day long.

The other part of the story were the varying issues arisen from the fact nobody knew what I thought of the Sussexes and whether I can be relied on to assist the New Monarch. Of which there are no opinions about the Sussexes in a political sense as their activities were originally supported by the current Monarch when he was Prince of Wales, the Sussexes had a reason to agitate if they were abandoned because it got tough, that said, nobody will get a thing done and then tell you it was ready to let you rule at the Monarchy, you had to work it out, the problem with the Sussexes being that when they fall, they do not get up like everybody else, they abandon family, the whole clash with the Queen story was due to the fact the Queen required them to work their concerns and achieve a disposition of competence on a schedule because they simply refused to get anything done. They have now suggested it was a matter of structural racism in the Monarchy which is actually a place where publicly displayed activities were passed from parents to children and parents could not actually say that they were able to control all the actions and activities of their own children as such, so people had to invent something incredibly clever to get away with such things, which placed a limit on how far they could practice it. Then there is the question of what I thought of the new monarch of which there is nothing to think, the trust issues I raised can only create an outcome where I made so many demands, so I believed that I simply needed to get down to it and bury the Trust issues – people have suggested it is just me saving my skin which it is not, the trust issues were a function of the King supporting gits who wrecked peoples lives to such an extent they ended up fighting peoples wars, so I needed to draw up publicity that created an obviously contrasting difference between the rest of us and the people who did that, so that it might be clear they were sociopaths who never stopped fermenting crime in the neighbourhoods or bothering people who worked in the armed services, directly linked to Celebrities of which we have seen evidences in my case that it was the Celebrities I invited into my concerns, that were more likely to trash my finances and employ a private army that will prevent me from recovering it because they did not wish to give up a feeling that their famous stupidities had become more important than I am, hence it was clear that those I had not invited should be kept at arms-length and the gits that fight my wars needed to solve their problems and make more sacrifices.

So there is ideas out there that my work and person is always shrouded in great and messy mystery of which there is none, just media gits supporting any who gained access to my career and using their media presence to allow such persons get away with it, outcome is that a bunch of male ageist idiots have been working hard to become Arch Prince’s so it was a fiasco at this stage, while the Political mess that has also affected their well dressed media presence stupidities is the way these men decided that a little bit of assistance from the bank of mum and dad added to it, would allow teenager to enter into a public disposition where it is said that they knew what I knew, I was infantile and disrespectful, in a situation where they had hundred times as much money, therefore I am a bum and a social write off, which continues to trash my finances at the Bookshop and beckons me to find a way that I can stop it badly. Currently I have done a quarter of the work on that, especially concerning the way they take over what happens at the fashion Industry, to which effect women who usually worked with designers backstage, decided that was taken from them and they were entitled to walk the run way, which the narcissists did not agree with – I need to finish the other three mystery items that will ensure they understood clearly that the only thing worth tolerating about their interest in my concerns was a part played, where they got to say thy were fighting extremism and deserved financial reward from either Parliament or Washington on account of having done so. Answering the matter of power directly, none knows why they think that is what they had if most of their time was spent picking up the abilities that civil rule afforded them, to run people down everyday, starting from 6.00am daily like it was a job – I mean I have been told that my compassionate leadership had huge disadvantages but we can see that there is only one i.e. time wasting of which any time it occurred, evidence is that the government has been working for them instead of the public – I had no idea why it is assumed people smaller than I can could successfully tackle me on account that I had not picked up my own civil rule to make sense of my position if there was government function in my neighbourhood and say my perspective of other people was a violent one, we know from evidence that if I started picking up mine as well this nonsense will likely end the way that I wanted it to. They do claim that they read the star signs, it is therefore not clear how I become the least performing on matters of power, whilst what they are really complaining about is that Aries cannot do without sex and Scorpio would lot lose a fight to a Libra who drops down to living off values when the chips are down, as easily as an Aries would because Aries cares about other people; the backdrop at this stage is that on the whole, the single cause of all my financial problems was the perversions they have built into my values social life and Books with their abusive publicity and we are now talking about decades spent living the way a bunch of idiots wanted me to exist, whilst the other gits who claim I am the one doing the wrong things complained of consequences associated with the fact they had not a foggiest clue what they were talking about.

Hence as a matter of what Politicians think of it, I had no idea what power they were talking about, we know if they are not blabbing such nonsense they would claim I suggested I was doing the right thing but am actually not, the conditions for this being that it was okay to say that your assessment of another person’s personality whenever they stepped outside of their door should allow you to work a process where you adopted a public place disposition to move into their right hand and finger their bum on account you suggested they were weak and you understand that the right way to exist was to stay away from the strong lest the law had to tidy up something on the streets. I was rather of the opinion that the correct way to handle weak people was not to teach them such nonsense but to help them feel stronger, my point therefore being the assumption run on that we had all gotten accustomed to me, so they clash with a brick wall on finding out that some of us had not. I could never tell anyway, perhaps they take advantage of the way people behaved when there was distance in the relationship to perform this nonsense, but I have no idea when we agreed as human beings, that were going to live in a world where they could do it. On the power bits we hear them blab about endlessly, they really are a group of twats so twisted that the single interest in me is the way the Royal public image is set out to allow me access public problems and get down to the aspects that really affect me wherever I may be, the interest in question involved building communities that finger my bum to make money and acquire a good life and we know what the obscenities of what they are trying to do looked like in colloquial language, it really does need to stop getting on my nerves, especially when its entire existence is built around this nonsense as there is a sense that only others were meant to put up with it. The Politicians have also raised the idea that it is incredibly difficult to succeed at the Monarchy hence the fear it does not have a future but this is not the case – mine is mostly now a matter of some ageist idiots who want to be an Arch Prince as well, sharing my privacy with criminals and hoodlums and having fun with it when they are not yet complaining about there not being enough civil rights to go around, currently, I am preaching the warnings about the stupidities being performed with social activities concerning which both victims and perpetrators of crime had paid a price for it, there was a time the Police got involved, finished their investigation and moved it to the Law Courts which was also completed too, we are not yet talking about what will become of those of them that are close to retirement period, I am certain they will invent other fabulous ideas. The Point is that I for instance take my chastity very seriously and had developed from there into somebody that is allowed to support armed forces work – if I were to perform a series of actions that pushed these gits towards homosexuality the way that they pushed me, it would have been obvious that I was doing something else but in their case, even if that was obvious, they would be consumed by it, never mind that their understanding of what is the wrong or right thing to do is flawed, like Media presence helping them make the most of access to my career, with regards to which a little help from bank of mum and dad meant teenagers knew what I know with 100 times the financial success, therefore I was a bum and social write off which crashes my finances everyday. The rest of it was largely a matter of saying they did not wish to live in a world where they were expected to carry out a series of actions which showed they recognised their lords and masters and government and lived a life of financial limitations for it but we know that if an activity damages the general economy and somebody performed those actions to get rich in the past, those who want to perform it at the expense of government operatives whom they do not expect to enjoy a long life, on claims that they deserved a break because their lives were too difficult, about which they got off teaching others to do the same and built a crowd to facilitate the idea they were public leaders too, were looking for trouble, there are no lords at Masters at Government buildings, they had responsibilities that none will perform on their behalf.

They do speak of corruption which Libras perform as well and so am I aware of it, thus the position taken about the idea that when industry property owners assessed a sense that their industrial wealth was to be managed on the basis of a partnership with their Clients and customer communities, people could teach members of the public how to get free of a grinding life of poverty by showing them how to access some of that wealth in a legitimate manner, the gimmick where it is being done in a way that affects government interest or damages the economy or a gimmick where somebody says that they needed to find out if they had enough money for several lifetimes and spend some on such activities, thereby create government operatives life expectancy issues, will mean they will looking for trouble too. Much like they say I run a campaign to draw attention to Celebrity corruption but worked with Celebrities mysteriously never the less – of which in terms of the Celebrities, it was a matter of public enforcement workers doing their job, to which effect there was a blow back and if there was a celebrity campaigning against bullying for years in the area, they would likely try to get in touch, if I am offered terms, I take the terms unless I did not like their terms, even so the complications being that a risk of looking presumptuous existed, where I would end up making a celebrity more important than they really are which they would never give up when I wanted them to, so a bunch of idiots got off building their own gimmicks that relied on the idea that I had been presumptuous, to make money running off some fake news perceptions on public media, hence this need to eliminate the popular culture inflicted barriers on my finances, implying that I can only solve the problem of being tackled by well dressed hoodlums especially when I am at work, by attacking the producers directly until it stops. So it is usually to do with the way it was more complicated to get around to the way these idiots got off fighting law enforcement on behalf of their bitch libra with a big mouth, so we decided that since industry wealth owners were likely to manage the wealth on the basis of partnership with their client communities, it was the best way to make them pay for unwanted interest in our lives and the fact it was always so incredibly and life changingly insulting (does it became it had problems, need to solve those problems asap each time I am in discomfort, so I could demand more or another cluster of what its stupidities will take up to the top end up government to complain and shoot off its big mouth on Media for,  will be carried through pretty soon).

The theory we now see peddled is that infidelity was something all men thought about and all men did which is utter nonsense as infidelity was a habit, we know that it is usually a consequence of somebody seeing that the habit was taking root and doing nothing about it until it became part of their main daily concern. To which effect we will hear that the infidelity people felt was my fault and yes it was, as it shows up here to fool around with my concerns for a decade and a half so far, wrecked the University but never paid the fees then, now wrecks the career but does not pay the bills, I try to run a Bookshop everyday and end up with a situation in which the product of each campaign was a result where what people were made to think of the Bookshop had nothing to do with it, after which it decided that it married a wife and needed to go back home and possess it too. Even as we speak there is a sense that I ought to stop, whilst they have not yet decided how they want to keep their girlfriends off my asset maintenance processes and career publicity, have not decided how they want to keep the fingers of their foolish community off my private parts. So the point is quite clear that it is not true that all men cheat. The whole cheating thing is just one of many issues which take such a form – overall, none knows how many evidence they require to settle up on the fact they are not in charge and do not control anybody around here; as we can see that they are always complaining of women because only those in charge were able to walk into both communities for leadership purposes, but that is usually after the idea that I let their stupidities get the better of men and to end up attacking women whilst I am not a woman and they needed to stop handling career and product publicity if they were getting the authorities interested in their feelings on my account. The details of other issues of this kind involved the way that its community had power over me after years of insults, associated with a need to build a crowd that will abuse me in sexual context, whilst another group of idiots whose only skill involved pursuing the big salaries in other peoples companies will show up here to ensure the way that products after years of expense and development, were presented, were set out to affect my earnings in order to appeal to the public on the basis of equality, such that they became the character that will not show up here with their six figure salaries to buy and read a Book as much as they were interested in doing something about a community of idiots that were fingering my bum, which outcome is the point being raised that I did nothing about it, whereby I did nothing about it because the Politicians never stopped trashing my career to make me fight them again and again and again whilst keeping salaries that made them bullies, from a safe distance where they did not have to pay my Bills as well, total result being that the methods I deploy to keep the trouble makers off my concerns were now being used by the trouble makers to control them whilst they were in charge. These matters really are at its core something to do with an expression of what these idiots really thought of women i.e. that women were things and people were supposed to get pleasure from women but the way that bodies were made in shapes and sizes and those bodies reacted to pleasure ruined the pleasure for them, so majority of women were completely useless, shows up here to wreck University with it and did not pay the bills, fooling around with German influence gimmicks until it had to catch its breath at my expense and is now complaining about the need to cheat whilst it is working the same nonsense on my career and Bookshop products every day. The women on the other hand were good at ideas I am a coward and a man they could do with as they please, so stepping outside of my door was a license to shower me with enough insult that left me feeling exhausted, the entire time the lip flapping continued to suggest their stupid communities were made of men I needed to be afraid of whilst none really requested from them an opinion about my existence – having offered an exit for a bunch of idiots that are always good at starting such nonsense, where it gets to keep its mouth shut and show up here to read a Book, it continued to defy me with it and progressed to run short insulting videos it suggests is the way advertisement should be made, claiming to be backed by some German diplomacy influence. The Community it claims got the better of me were a bunch of fools who always loved to push up my stress levels by trying to live in a time when I did not respond to their stupidities, which is clearly not the history of their lives – it is now set to push towards a result where I wanted to wreck the stupid capital that shows up here to make me a character that people bullied to befriend the wealthy, set a stage for a reckoning with that stupid community as well which will convert it from something that is said to be their civil rights into something people officially got off the lies to accept was a threat to me and finish off with some response that will build up to a fight with the male population in a condition where I will be unwilling to listen to other people, due to a need to cause me illness by showing up here with a backup crowd to beat me down with distant violence and make me do what they want with my career and finances. The Politicians on the other hand were in charge naturally, it does seem that running off those gimmicks where information supplied the authorities about me by criminals was claimed to be fact was not being done from their well off neighbourhoods in which their interest in my Bookshop was more to do with rumours and lasciviousness which suggested they were more important and what was happening in my mind was their property, because they were too much a bunch of cowards to do it there. 

It does raise the point that I had an unusual relationship with women, as we can see that they raised a conversation about the Doxy, having failed to work the Doxology as well but could not do it better than me on either side but I am not a woman and it needs to keep off my product and career publicity, if quite done with the insults, chances are when they had not stopped, I will considering their careers were so disobediently closely tied to what the prison service did, especially if they suggest that it was a behaviour born out of being provoked by my level of self care.


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 They do say I am always in a perpetual state of serenity but I would never know anyway, all I know is that they like to speak of things they know nothing about with a sense attached to their stupidities concerning whom they want to discipline recently, so that it becomes imperative to react to it – speak of things about which they have not got the foggiest clue as it were but like to pretend they are kind of an authority on it as such. No idea if the idiots have checked what serenity means in their dictionary recently anyway, its just something they have seen and wish to latch onto in order to bully those that have curbed their insulting criminality. They do claim its obviously a problem for me which it really isn’t; I mean if I decided their civil and criminal and media and popular culture and culture and society and school children disobedience has reached a stage where they must understand the consequences behind why we may want to act to ensure Industries with their own brand of disobedience do not get to fund it and therefore create terrorism and war in this realm, they would claim they are being oppressed – as it stands I am the coward they used to be afraid of but are not anymore currently. They are very well aware that their disobedience can only get funded by Industry which will leave us with terrorism to grapple with but we all know they don’t care anyway, the main problem being that they want to conduct criminal activities and quasi criminal activities that is basically beyond the reach of the law and I am being punished by them when they get other jobs as it were with a big mouth – so I had always wanted to be a writer too and it will be the Royal writer writing the Books of their lives too; they know as well as I do that their stupid media has gone too far for its own good at this stage as well and it is much the same story with popular culture too, I would like it if they had stopped pushing me but then again it is possible I am bluffing too.


 This is the British Arch Prince's Live Journal work Court which is comprising of Female Journalists. Government at the Office of which they aid in curating to the effect of a settlement with those who chase frivolities and force them on others with any means they can at the beginning of every week for the Royal Estate and the people that are tied to it. The outcome therefore are two matters developed around the Arch Prince of leadership for the needs of the Court and Leadership of One's Family. This is how everyday at the Royal Estate belonging to one nicknamed the Morning Sun is facilitated.  

I understand it is said I never do anything properly and it will as such cost me everything, which has no basis on reality since the truth is rather that the stupidities of theirs with their government organised integration and social equality can easily mean that what an idiot wants to do around you every single moment is find out how much history she has with you; she thinks her evil and wickedness now exists in a bubble where the world is convinced there is neither God nor the devil and I am stuck as her plaything and it is a behaviour they all want to cash into, based on some great plan to punish me for ruining the evils they practice but cannot control because they think it always comes out on top otherwise bad things will happen.

That said, the part I have done very well however is rip up their side of society and assimilate it with the rest and that means that they claim they become more dangerous and it is utter nonsense since it will only produce a system that we here in the UK being the British can export i.e. whether or not tyrant is surrounded by rich murderers, when you kill somebody in the capacity of National service of some sort, it will always result in a dispute that is in the interest of the guy in charge to resolve and hence one way or the other you will answer for your actions whenever they are a bad thing; so in the interest of this if I see their culture and or society around here I will cut it up again as it were. It is not the only part I did very well anyway - there is the other about their persuasive nonsense targeting the Armed Forces and the Police, which they are not anymore as it were, now that their society is broken up and assimilated and they can persuade from there.


I understand they say I am getting out of hand while people are being friendly to me; but that will be if entrapment and squander which does not exclude violence by civil rights is friendly, if financial bullying is friendly, if a need to get up on media and look towards a time when I will be all spent while that carries on everyday is friendly and then there is my personal favourite and a need to watch me every day and find some counter evil to build from my Christian activities that the twisted wickedness I may have avoided in my teens can recover with and thereby have power over my personal life again and all over again so to speak and they say they are hoping to sell it on as trappings of power to wicked and rich people who have money they can spend and they call it integration and friendliness; we are not mates and even if they do think it is friendly I am sure they are not deaf when I say I don’t want it, especially so when it is because they have needs. They do say its about the effrontery to try and get around in their league that causes the problem but this is just a mention of a few vital items in the list of friendliness from them, the one about getting around with them will have to do with how they need to build a public perception concerning the way you look just in case they need some public humiliation to be laid out for you when you refuse to co-operate with their needs, which is all about money and that they think money is all about going off to grab peoples possessions before they get a look in which creates a two teir understanding that in their minds you are less than human and for you especially for those of them that already have money to spare, in your mind they are less their human too but I am content with making it clear I do not want their friendship. Of course they say all I say and do mean nothing as it largely ends up with society low lives but the purpose is that whilst the Politicians can whip them up to pillage my work and finances by corruptions of involvement they claim is democracy and accountability, they will need to blow up their ear drums to avoid knowing things that will ensure they are doing something to pay off the National budget deficit they created - I have a problem and they have a problem too, they get involved with me, they lose the society and culture which evils I cannot stand, so we are even and the benefit is that successful people are not longer exclusively our outlook as a society, these fools have things others do not have as well.


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and serious business: I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies for whom I purchase time during difficult economic periods and broker my creative equities and securities during trading times that are good, from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office, in order to sell my books and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be. Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

We do hear tales told of how much trouble I will or I am to get into anyway but it is difficult to see or envisage how that will come about or apply - when considering the nature of homosexual culture and the operation of homosexual abuse and attacks and violence designed to ensure that those that are specifically protected by female friends from homosexuality are institutionally prevented from spreading such ideas, rather interesting that they do so once done with their intrusion in search for power before hand but it is even more remarkable that the basis on which they do is civil rights - some right that they have of a civility. Much the same with the claim the free for all attitude towards my person and public life and possessions is largely a matter of how I speak of facts concerning peoples culture and society that creates a condition where they have to deal with unforeseen problems which then makes no sense whatsoever and keeps going around in circles and the Politicians really love to claim that I sit around at the most vantage points imaginable, points where I gain the first benefits of hindsight from other peoples government work in order to dispatch stinging and insulting criticisms but it has always been the same issue always - in terms of their media fools the reality around that is the same as the need to get me stuck in a cause from which I am being forced to make a living so they can get on public places and glorify themselves with everything I come up with, this means certainty of clash with authorities for each small margin that exists where they know more than those in power who will then take steps to rout them and drag them to prison for being a source of instability but for those of them that become Politicians their insults develops into a whole new level and is largely concerned with an absence of Local or International Policy that is not an Us v Them affair, so that when you do take steps to eliminate the part where people die due to the optional extra of you destroy one I destroy three that they love to play with criminals they seem to know very well, then it gets really personal and we start to see them seek some ways of placing obvious sanctions on peoples income. For me I find it really difficult to ascertain what this vantage point I have adopted seems to have been when I am targeted because of my faith and the claim there is glory to be had from corrupting it - even their media idiots are in on the act so I might never get decorum of their Government Office from them.

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