Now we have been heartily furnished with information about what the Government wants to set out as plans to deal with the proliferation of the benefits system, the one about those who pay the taxes to fund it getting justice as it were – the reality of which there are two tiers of taxes in this Country and one of them is your National Insurance that ensure the NHS is working for you which is actually larger than the taxes people pay and so the question has now shifted to that of Politicians accounting for how much taxes they pay exactly in this Country. I mean I have always maintained it is a dirty word to play the benefits card anyway since it is more a case of setting up a shelter for homeless people and then deciding they are a parasite at the same time which nobody asked you to do in the first place if we think about it correct it and the only thing that rivals this kind of rhetoric in vileness is the insatiable desire of Politicians to pillage other people’s property in the first place and when done we hear them enjoy targeting people on one hand and as the case applies here being the Tories they do because they are first of all a Party of Political power and then a party of everything else and it is only when they are done thinking that targeting people is funny that we end up with stories about those who are abusing the fact others are working and paying taxes to keep them going. In my case since they have no wish to leave me alone it’s always a matter of the facts about how we will eventually come to a point where they will need to live with the facts and realities of what they have done here and to that effect I issued a warning earlier some days ago about the fact that one more need to extricate response from me because they like to target me on account it gives them satisfaction of narcissism, will result in a condition where this whole game of doing things about them and dealing with them at random comes to an end and gets replaced by the process of setting out a clear plan for dealing with them and now it seems we are here again because they have decided to continue with that plans of theirs by the back door.  First of all which people complain touching anything that belongs to me means getting into trouble all the time but the fact the only group of people allowed to make use of me and my possessions is the Royal family does not seem to have been a fact that has gone through their thick skull yet – we hear them complain endlessly about how the Royal family comes from everywhere and no where whenever people touch anything I own or do but they will not be caught dead staying away from it – and as for the African ones, now that they have seen what I am made of their big mouth is still blowing off all over the place from that point as well I guess. The way this matter works varies but the example I like to use here is when we ask what the damage of love and hate games idiots play all the time could possibly be when we know there is nothing to it except the complete destruction of your markets and profits and therefore income because it is always most likely that love and hate idiots are from the prostitution Industry one way or another but we also know these idiots who speak of people abusing the benefits system think these love and hate idiots are the bees knees and that is because they are perpetually after a sense of feeling that where they live is a locality and a village where their useless behaviour can make sense to them and be profitable and this fraternity of localism and nation is what they offer as prerogative to Politicians which is why they enjoy targeting me so much all the time and yes we also hear considering my intolerance of that stupid culture and society which I have become famous and notorious for in equal measure is something they do because they have got me in a corner and I must have heard such things for my part from a thousand bastards because we all know love and hate games do nothing but pillage your life and possessions and there is no real reasons human beings should live in that way 24/7 and that in like manner the same applies to popular culture that is completely harmless except that it will pillage every other thing that exists in the form of history and intellectual property that you have got left besides the markets and the profits. My question now is how much taxes politicians are paying in this country considering they have no wish to leave me alone and it is coming to a head because there is really no justification for paying attention to love and hate idiots or indeed popular culture but the reason for it has always been that your job and your finances are not going well for you and they are the reason because of course there is method in a process of being targeted by Politicians every single second while celebrities target you as well and these idiots who work their own Political version of fraternity of locality and nation profit from it and get everything – hence having had me in a corner, what if I decided that I was going to come up with a plan to handle this matter from the point that it is not as if they are going to beat me up and grab my patriotism and traditions and deploy it to their own ends either since I am not necessarily a small man, regardless of the next thing I am going to do with that stupid society and culture and then this argument therefore had roots and branches as well. I mean we all know that my literary empire is not worth benefits but it gets better because I have the same relations with Russians and with Americans and with everybody else where I am good at making some use of their hospitality and they rely on me to get their facts right on disillusionment when government decisions are to be made while what I get out of it is a clear settlement of the provision of state provided security via law and order as a matter of contract between the Government and the people but apparently we are dealing with a condition where their activities mean The Company Court cannot get anything done and that means I have no facts and no publicity to work with and unless they are doing government work for me I will want to know very soon enough how much taxes they are paying in this country so they can either leave me alone their way or leave me alone my way. Obama in the US however is another such goon – he is full of himself currently with his twisted and flawed version of who his enemies are, done nothing about the incredibly vile behaviour of black people towards others if he can be more concerned about wealth distribution instead when we never see him share his salary and people pay thousands of dollars to get invites for functions where he is to speak while he is still in Government office and the result will be that republicans will get elected on a complain and after them the democrats will be again on a complain and then it will keep going round and round and building up to a point and we are not talking about Labour here in the UK that are the party of wealth distribution so that targeting people is fun because the Public cannot have enough of their tales of it which they will go along with until it burn as well.