Of course we hear I am a very weak individual that is very fond of fighting but I am not a weak individual and I am not fond of fighting either; it’s a matter of spending 15 years of other peoples time chasing their anus and penis knowing it will make them very disconcerted and embarrassed on a daily basis while you have your fun but I am actually not a me that is separated from me and if I were because another person is an evil fan of my personality, I might be for 15 minutes and then when the 15 minutes is over I am me again, so I fail to see the point but that was never the problem as the problem was that I had written a Book and had a State provided security therefore there will be world war three if some idiots shared the same skin tone as me and these are the results of grabbing a few socialists, detaching them from Russians and Chinese and kicking them seriously for it too as it were, so that we can have a history and lots of their big mouth for it between us all over the place; so it’s that kind of claims about being a weak individual that likes to fight a lot. It’s not the 90s and 80s and they will stay outside of my concerns and keep their insults and filth out of it too or they will find themselves doing so the way I want them to instead.

They love the democracy if they can peddle a faith and get rich and famous by gaining access to peoples personal lives claiming the government promised a freedom and has to let them do it thereby delivering that freedom and in such ways they like the capitalism but are cynical about it in every single aspect of live and their cynicism gets violent as well all the time with a big mouth; so it’s not the 80s and 90s and they are not peddling any faith around here – I say it enough times and it would be nice if they took it on as a warning; the UK is not a Country where people are set aside because they are that stupid but it does not necessarily mean there aren’t other methods for a problem like this; I mean I cannot earn from my Books because its the same cynicism but in my case, doing what I do and spending time with the female community to keep them informed simply has to cost me everything and yet if the problems blew up in the female side they would be engulfed as well and it is the same collection of nonsense that beset everything in the last three decades creating a sense they can screw with anybody they bloody well wish and if they do not have sex with me the world will burn, somewhere in their stupid heads as usual and we shall see what the result of all that nonsense they build up chasing my private parts and showing up at the Monarchy will become as well, not hurting badly enough yet as it were.

So there is this talk of Poppy paranoia when there is actually no such thing; only people coming to a realisation of facts they were not previously aware of and those facts concern the reality of how it is not metal and machines that are placed between them and the bullets of the enemy as it is persons that stand between them and the bullets of their enemies; all they have to defend themselves with of which is a bullet too – so whether or not it happens to them is a matter of calculated probability. Something they need to bear in mind - bear it in mind while being busy in love with their homosexuality. In my case they say I am against the operations of fund raisers who work for the charitable sector, the reality of course is rather that if I were to wow a crowd it would have to do with standing on a pulpit on account of my religious faith, if they were to wow a crowd it will have to do with ripping up my public life to spread evil and lewdness and lawlessness and vice and pretend nobody is aware their very jobs are evil in nature all together, however which it is the part where they cannot do it without destroying my public life which is the real problem and if that does not happen there will be no problems with Celebrities and Television Personalities and all those who employ them and set up the environment for them to operate in such ways as a result.

What constitutes the biggest financial problem for me is still the people who are likely to give me a Book sale Contract which celebrities and fame idiots know personally, so they might make it impossible and grab the income but we all know that it is actually possible, it’s just how seriously I take the means by which I can and this is another fact that they have become conversant with too; the one where there was a massive party between 2004 and 2008 in which the UK became the world’s 4th richest economy and that party is over now as it was taken over by a recession due to the intensity of enjoyment; so the only way to prevent the outcome of people ripping up my public life to stand on public places and lead astray throngs of people to make fame and fortune popular culture wealth with which they buy expensive cars that I must be made to fancy because if I don’t they will still not have the satisfaction of having the money or behaving in the way that they do, is to make war on celebrities i.e. there is a cure for a process where I have an empire but cannot spend time on it because I am abused into paying attention to other people’s property and this is what that cure is (they do claim I make people feel shamed and disconcerted all the time but this is not their own lives its mine, its not their prerogative its mine; when I shut down that left hand side and maintain a system of socially controlling them to force them to make complicate and difficult decisions and choices while I make convenient ones each time they turn up around my concerns or are found on my space threatening me in order to stay there permanently but set out to blow out steam from the whole thing considering there is nothing good about communities they live in save the fact women live in it as well, my purpose would be defeated if those insolent good feelings led to a process where they made money and they can stay on my space until it blows up as if if they wanted: I mean I can see the system of control I have placed has created a result where on one hand every means of making moral choices and doing right by others in their lives and where they live had been destroyed so they can grow on me and they are now unable to do so while I shut down the left hand side, unable to persecute women and unable to handle me, some of them are becoming mentally disturbed and more predatory but I have no idea what else they expected me to do anyway, why ever on earth I wouldn't enforce the conveniences madness issue because I was afraid of them. I have not left it too late to act like some have claimed; the reality today is that when people do celebrity they have to declare if it is my public life or not and if they are fed up of making me famous on account they want to be important they ought to realise it is too convenient and shut it down as I do not want the Celebrity either for my part or they can continue to issue threats about their needs being met and I can continue to explore what it is exactly they can do if it is not.). The Politicians do claim the impediment to my success is a lack of co-operation with them but it does not make sense to me in anyway when they do; people get involved with a writer to buy and read his Books not use it and then destroy it and call him names and make up their own ideas about what the Book really does and so on, to enjoy abuse that is also profitable - if I went into University to do my Legal studies they would have destroyed that, so that job has now been done but in a different way and there is no way they will make use of those Books and destroy them as well at the same time - I am stronger than they are and they know it too. They do all say it is a matter of how my Books make people feel and the fact they have to vent those feelings but what my Books make people feel are always a matter of how much time they all spend blowing off their big mouth about what it is when there is no truth to their claims whatsoever, only the idea I am supposed to write a Book in a certain way that improves peoples quality of life otherwise I will never sell it, since it is up to them to decide; the real problem here is that they want to make me into an Artist that created works that went for millions after I lived and died in penury but they never will, I am stronger than they are and they know it and nobody knows at what stage they decided I had given them a go ahead to make me into a talented tortured soul in the first place with those their insults and abuses anyway: they do say I have no control of it but I do - there is me and there is the way I manage the facts and then there is the reality around my work and what it is really worth and every time they try to get involved with any of three especially when they share the same skin colour and it turns out when I do not want their involved their insulting involvement becomes a major preoccupation, it will be met with a shocking response on my part as well and this is what they are actually complaining about; television personality and celebrities and Politicians are very conversant with the impacts of little incivilities such as somebody interrupting them when they are at work for instance but at the same time make use of my Books and set out to destroy it because it creates the sense the society is not progressing in a modern way and is not the kind of literature that should be spread and the big question now is whether they actually paid for the usage in the first place never mind telling me how to write my Books before I can earn; its impossible to actually locate the point at which I got from writing my packaged equities which are a process of releasing funds from very valuable property and asset, reality of which is that if somebody wanted to create a brand new automobile system with every single paragraph in the Books they actually could successfully, only to end up having conversations about why I am unable to sell them because I have not created them in a manner that is modern enough while these idiots tell me how to write them but it is an example of how far they go to look for trouble and why the fact I am the one making convenient choices and decisions these days while they are becoming more psychotic should be placed alongside these facts. They do say I have no respect for those that are more successful than I am but its an old story with suited up block heads - I know where they begin and I know where they end - they say I have no means of dealing with them but the means will involve rounding them up at the Banks and the industries and the Media but I have maintained a showdown with Politicians is a cure for everything and that this fact and reality is such a forbidden fruit as it were; this is what I have to deal with endlessly around here - they rip up my Books and finances and get about making friends with the criminals in other peoples families and extremists in other peoples communities claiming it is a problem that befits their wealth and position when we all know it is the Army that they will ask their Political friends to deploy on the problem at the end of the day but then again, when push comes to shove, are they actually Royalty and its not the one about their idiots especially when female and African or black make me out to be the Royalty they play their insulting games with either, I am talking about when push comes to shove, extremist friends that ensure people do not get involved with their business without buying things or else they will have to deal with a problem, if they are actually Royalty (when I run a business I am aware people come into it from all kind of background which is different from that of my main customer base who were the first to spot me for obvious reasons. so the difficulty is not something that will encourage me to make friends with extremist groups so as to ensure people do not get involved without buying things or sending out a black girl and or an African idiot to finger the bum of a Royal Prince with a Book sale business I want to pillage to get around financially, so the last thing that will then happened would have been a statement made that I am more successful than he is and that he does not have the means to deal with me considering that I am unable to be successful whenever I face some nostalgia, therefore I am incredibly lazy and always scared of it and think I am Royalty).